ESL Mobile to Catapult Competitive Mobile Esports

| March 26, 2021 8:07 am PDT

Mobile gaming has been mostly casual since its inception, but that’s about to change very soon.

The biggest organizer of competitive esports events, ESL, has announced the launch of a new ecosystem for mobile gaming. The ELS Mobile platform spreads over 80 countries split into four different regions.

ESL’s goal is to take a leading position in the growing market of mobile esports gaming and the company is going to invest millions in the upcoming years.

New Mobile Esports Ecosystem from ESL

ESL announced that the new mobile platform for esports is here and the first season of competitive gaming will start on April 12.

What we know so far is that the first season ESL mobile includes $650,000 in prize pools that will be spread across some of the most popular mobile games.

Here’s the full list of titles that will be part of it.

  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Brawl Stars
  • Clash of Clans
  • Clash Royale
  • PUBG Mobile
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Legends of Runeter

Players from three regions can participate, including North America, Europe/MENA, and Asia Pacific. The schedule for the Spring events includes ladders that lead to the regular season and finals later on. Here are the dates for each stage.

Stage Dates
Mobile Open Play (Ladder #1) April 12 – May 6
Mobile Open Play-In Weekend (Ladder #1) May 7 – May 8
Mobile Open Play (Ladder #2) May 10 – June 3
Mobile Open Play-In Weekend (Ladder #2) June 4 – June 5
Mobile Challenge Regular Season June 15 – July 7
Mobile Challenge Finals July 17 – 18 and July 22 – 23

That’s only the first of many seasons according to the company and there will be an Autumn Challenge in 2021 too.

Here’s what the co-managing Director of ESL North America and GM of ESL Mobile Kevin Rosenblatt had to say about the project.

“ESL has made a name for itself building competitive ecosystems across a wide variety of games and genres in the esports landscape. We’re incredibly excited to continue this trailblazing and innovative approach in the mobile esports space.”

What ESL Mobile Means for the Future of Esports

ESL has been the main driving force behind esports for years now and it’s only natural that it pioneers the mobile market too. The company has the resources, infrastructure, and know-how to lead the industry forward.

The timing is no coincidence either. Most esports events in 2020 and at the start of 2021 have been online because of the global health crisis.

The rise of mobile gaming has progressed even further under the circumstances, so developing competitive esports on phones and tablets is the logical next step.

I expect heavy investments from ESL Mobile in the near future and the prize pools will only grow bigger.

The company has partnership deals with many big players in the industry, so there will be a coordinated effort to push competitive mobile esports further.

It’s likely to see more and more games added to the pool, as well as more regions, and more competitive events. In other words, the future of mobile esports looks brighter by the minute.

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