EGBA Set to Launch European Safer Gambling Week on November 1

By Adam Haynes in Laws and Regulation
| October 21, 2021 12:44 pm PDT

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is seeking support from the gambling industry ahead of its very first European Safer Gambling Week (ESGW).

The inaugural ESGW runs from November 1 to November 7 and aims to promote a culture of safer practices and wider protection for players. 

Here’s what to know.

Who Are the European Gaming and Betting Association?

The EGBA is a trade association based in Brussels, Belgium that represents top online gaming and betting operators licensed and regulated in the European Union.

The organization works alongside these companies, as well as national and EU regulatory institutions, for safer betting and tighter regulations for all.

According to its industry standards, the EGBA’s key aims are to promote a safe and fun culture of online gambling that is open to competition whilst being regulated to an acceptable level.

To achieve this, the organization is looking for all EGBA members to comply and ensure the following.

  • Stay ahead of a fast-changing technological environment.
  • Promote safer gambling and maintain a consistent and high level of consumer protection for all their customers in Europe.
  • Offer binding and independent dispute settlement for their consumers.

EGBA members are, in turn, part of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) which is an anti-corruption body against match-fixing.

The association is working toward promoting a fairer experience for bettors.

What is the European Safer Gambling Week (ESGW)?

The first week will provide a series of helpful online workshops, webinars, and educational content that is free to attend.

It is hoped that by sharing knowledge of successful, safer practices, the wider gambling community will have a better sense of what is working, and what isn’t, across Europe.

“The aim of ESGW is to raise awareness of safer gambling between customers, gambling companies, regulatory authorities, and the wider public and to share knowledge and information about the existing regulations for safer gambling, the tools available to promote safer gambling, tips on how to gamble more safely, latest research, and much more.”

The ESGW is going with “Fostering a Stronger Culture of Safer Gambling in Europe” as its headline for the first event of its kind.

The initiative will run alongside the established Safer Gambling Week campaign in UK and Ireland.

A United Approach

It appears likely that a combined effort by gaming operators is on the cards. 

Rather than continuing to compete against one another, operators will look to foster universal ethics and promote regulatory processes that make gambling safer for all in Europe. 

France recently posted record Q2 takings, despite a conjoined effort in the republic to curtail widespread advertising of betting firms.

Britain is looking at an overhaul of its Gambling Act, with its Gambling Commission cracking down on the reach of gambling companies in sports.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Parisian-based platform Sorare is under investigation by the commission.

A widespread cooperative effort to control safer gambling practices across Europe is something that might be on the agenda over the next few years. The EGBA appears to feel strongly about the potential for such measures.



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