Bills Have Best Odds to End 2022 With Most Points in the NFL

By Anthony Haage in Sports
| July 29, 2022 10:56 am PDT

The Buffalo Bills are being favored for all the important categories for 2022. They are the Super Bowl favorites, but they also are favored to be the highest scoring NFL team this year. Everyone’s expecting big things from Buffalo and rightfully so.

Behind Josh Allen and an incredible roster, there aren’t many teams in the league that you can confidently say can beat them. Allen could be in for yet another MVP-caliber season, while he has top tier playmakers and a great offensive line to help him out.

The odds are also out for the lowest scoring team this year. Let’s take a look at both props for the upcoming NFL season.

Highest Scoring NFL Team Odds (2022)

Here are the odds for the highest scoring NFL team in 2022. These are just the top 15 options, while you can find the rest of the teams on BetOnline.

As I said, the Buffalo Bills are leading the charge right now at +600 odds. That said, there are a lot of different teams who can be in the discussion as well.

Buffalo also lost their offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, in the offseason to the Giants. If they can’t repeat the success they had with Daboll running the offense, maybe the Bills won’t finish at the top.

The Buccaneers may have lost Rob Gronkowski to retirement, but they just signed Julio Jones to a 1-year deal. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, and more could be a nightmare to defend, in addition to Tom Brady running the show.

Kansas City did lose one of the biggest playmakers in the league over the offseason in Tyreek Hill, but do you really want to doubt Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Travis Kelce? That hasn’t really worked out to anyone’s benefit in the last couple of years.

The Chargers have a quarterback that you can see is at or near Josh Allen’s level. Justin Herbert is a superstar and the Chargers have a ton of great offensive weapons as well. Not making the playoffs last year could be the motivation they needed to take the next step.

Rounding out the top 5 in the highest scoring NFL team odds for 2022 is the reigning Super Bowl champs in the Los Angeles Rams. Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford is a dream match made in heaven while adding Allen Robinson to the mix could be a very underrated move as well.

Odds for the Lowest Scoring NFL Team in 2022

As for the lowest scoring NFL team odds for 2022, these 15 teams could be in trouble. You do not want to be high on the list for this prop, so Texans, Falcons, Bears, and Seahawks fans beware.

These teams have players here and there that can help out, but there are some glaring issues that need to be addressed. Houston fell off a cliff after the Deshaun Watson problems and are now in a complete rebuild.

Brandin Cooks always seems to reach 1,000 receiving yards and Davis Mills could be an underrated second-year quarterback, but there’s not much else beyond that.

Atlanta traded away veteran franchise quarterback Matt Ryan to Indianapolis over the offseason, so they are in a complete rebuild as well. Marcus Mariota appears to have the starting job, while Desmond Ridder, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts will be the long-term options.

Chicago has a brand new coaching staff that is hoping to give Justin Fields what he needs to take that next step. It appeared that Matt Nagy liked Andy Dalton more than Fields last year, while Fields was often left with little to no help from a terrible offensive line.

Seattle is going to miss Russell Wilson this year, as they now have Drew Lock running the show. They handed D.K Metcalf a lucrative extension, so maybe they are trying to stay afloat.

Carolina added Baker Mayfield to their QB room recently. He’s up for a revenge game in Week 1 against Cleveland, but Sam Darnold thinks they are both the starting quarterback somehow.

At the end of the day, you could make the case for a lot of different teams to score the fewest points in 2022.



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