Big European Soccer Clubs Announce the Super League

| April 19, 2021 7:47 am PDT

The concept of a soccer tournament that features the most popular clubs in Europe has been circulating for a while and it suddenly became reality on Sunday, April 18.

Twelve of the most popular soccer clubs on the continent announced a new Super League tournament that is supposed to rival UEFA’s Champions League and Europa League.

This caused a strong reaction from fans, UEFA and FIFA, local associations, pundits, and pretty much everyone involved with the sport.

Many believe that the project would ruin the game as we know it, but let’s explore all the details first.

What We Know about the European Super League

A lot of details about the potential Super League are yet to be announced, but there was an official statement on Sunday that showcased some of the facts around the competition.

The concept would be for the European Super League to replace UEFA competitions in midweek, with the matches scheduled for Wednesday.

20 clubs will take part, including 15 founding teams with a guaranteed place and 5 other clubs based on achievements in the previous season.

Here are the confirmed founding members we know so far.

Club Country
AC Milan Italy
Arsenal England
Atletico Madrid Spain
Barcelona Spain
Inter Italy
Juventus Italy
Liverpool England
Manchester City England
Manchester United England
Real Madrid Spain
Tottenham England

The rumors suggest that the likes of Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig might join soon, but we have no confirmation at this point.

The Super League format includes two main stages. The first one would see the clubs split into two groups of ten each, playing against the rest of the group twice, home and away.

The top three from each group then proceed to the quarterfinals, while the teams finishing fourth and fifth will face each other in playoffs for the last two spots.

The quarterfinals and semifinals will be two-legged ties, while the European Super League Final will take place in May on a neutral venue.

We don’t have a starting date for the Super League, but the expectations are that the clubs will be aiming at next season. All of the founding members will receive €3.5 billion as an initial investment.

Their next immediate goal would be to negotiate with UEFA and the other traditional governing bodies of soccer, but the initial reaction suggests that might be an issue.

What’s Next for Soccer?

The announcement for a European Super League was met with a lot of criticism from pretty much everyone, including fans, governing bodies, and journalists.

UEFA went as far as saying that it will ban any club that joins the Super League, but is that really possible?

The overall impression is that this might be a power play designed to get better conditions when negotiating with the teams.

It’s a weird situation in which UEFA is claiming that the new competition would kill the spirit of the sport when we’ve seen so many scandals and problems with the association in the past.

It’s also somewhat understandable for the clubs to want more money from the insane revenue generated and the most popular ones might have a claim at a higher stake.

UEFA has been a corrupt organization with a lot of problems, so I don’t think anyone cares too much about the best scenario from the governing body’s perspective.

What’s more important is to understand what the fans want and it looks like most of them are strongly against the Super League.

The fact that big clubs won’t be under the threat of relegation and the smaller clubs would find it close to impossible to qualify is a huge issue.

It takes something from the sport and it certainly could crush the dreams of millions of fans in the entire world.

Not to mention that the Super League would make it close to impossible to compete against the members in domestic leagues too because of their financial power which is already a problem in soccer.

The big question here is UEFA and the big clubs could find a way to meet in the middle when it comes to negotiations.

It doesn’t look like it right now, but they might be able to do it with so much money on the line.

Sadly, it would probably come at the expense of the very people who pay the big bucks to watch their beloved game.

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