Betting Odds for Biden’s Approval Rating on February 1, 2022 – Will Things Get Worse?

| January 7, 2022 11:27 am PDT
  • Odds for Joe Biden’s approval rating available to bet on.
  • Biden’s approval rating is second worst in modern history.
  • Betting odds favor Biden’s rating to fall under 42.5% by Feb. 1.

If you’re planning to bet on Joe Biden’s approval rating heading north by February 1, the signs don’t look good.

The incumbent United States president saw his approval rating hit an all-time low in December, with only one in three Americans satisfied with his leadership.

The POTUS started 2022 with approval of just 40% in a poll conducted at the end of the year. This puts the president just behind Donald Trump’s 38% registered at the end of 2017 in terms of the worst scores registered in modern times.

Some online political betting sites are offering odds on Biden’s approval rating increasing or decreasing by the first day of February. 

Betting Odds for Biden’s Approval Rating on Feb. 1

I have taken the odds for Biden’s approval rating from the BetOnline sportsbook. 

Biden Approval on Feb 1st

Under 42.5%-140
Over 42.5%+100

The betting line for Biden’s approval rating on February 1, 2022, is set at 42.5% with the under bet paying out at odds of -140.

This means that a $140 bet will return a profit of $100 should his rating fall below this mark. It’s important to point out that BetOnline uses statistics from to validate approval ratings for the president. No other publication’s figures will apply, should you choose to wager on this market.

If you’re feeling more optimistic than most, a $100 bet on Biden’s approval rating to fall over the 42.5% mark by February 1 will make you a potential profit of $100. 

At the time of writing, Biden’s approval rating is 42.9% where this bet is concerned. 

Why Is Biden’s Approval Rating Poor?

Biden’s response to the omicron variant and the fallout of his withdrawal from Afghanistan are major reasons for his poor ratings.

A poll taken by USA Today/Suffolk University between December 27th and 30th demonstrated that just 40% of American voters approved of Biden’s presidency. A significant 54% disapproved of his leadership, which is pretty dire.

What’s worse for the Democrat Party is that vice-president Kamala Harris scored just 32% approval, which shows that it’s not just Biden that is coming in for scrutiny.

Both Biden and Harris scored mildly better than they did in November, however, with the holiday spirit likely to have led to those polled being a little more lenient.

What Could Change Biden’s Approval Rating in February?

Putting any unforeseen circumstances to one side, the most influential factors in Biden’s approval ratings will likely be the handling of the coronavirus and the economy.

With the midterm elections approaching, voters will be more politically conscious and thus more inclined to give their opinion on Biden’s first term in office. This could work both for him and against him, making it difficult to predict Biden’s approval rating in February 2022.

If you’re looking to bet on Biden’s approval rating on February 1, consider the president’s annual address. This is when he will speak in a joint session of Congress to millions of Americans. Although expected in February, it could be moved forward to late January. 

Biden’s approval ratings are averaging out at 40% which, at least at this point, could suggest that betting under 42.5% (-140) makes sense. A lot can change in politics in a very short time, of course, so it pays to be on the ball before you part with your cash.

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