Assessing the Bills Coaching Staff for the 2021 NFL Season

By Dan Vasta in Sports
| August 19, 2021 1:21 pm PDT

The Buffalo Bills were one of the most exciting teams in the NFL last year with the improvement made by Josh Allen.

The jump he made from his rookie campaign to his second year was tremendous. The jump to his third season was storybook written.

Allen nearly won the NFL MVP last season, and the offense went crazy in the process. They were unstoppable in games against the AFC East, and the future is bright.

The amount of success that Sean McDermott has had thus far, in the early stages of his head coaching career, is remarkable.

Living up to the expectations of becoming a Super Bowl contender is never a walk in the park, but McDermott has the coaches and weapons on offense to expose any defense.

Here is your guide to the Buffalo Bills coaching staff for the upcoming 2021-22 NFL season.

Sean McDermott – Head Coach

McDermott is a young enough coach to stockpile victories, division titles, playoff appearances, and wins. He is the perfect winner that the Bills have needed over the years.

The success that the franchise has achieved since he has taken over has been a dream. Most were hopeful they would be more competitive and challenge for a few postseason berths.

New England had won 16 of 17 East crowns from 2003-19. The AFC East was dominated by McDermott last season, and they have the goods to continue their winning ways.

Just look at the state of the Bills before McDermott, and since he arrived in Buffalo.

Period Playoff Appearances (Wins) Division Titles
Pre-McDermott from 2000-16 Zero Zero
McDermott Era Three (Two) One

McDermott is a defensive guru and has been known for his experiences with the Eagles under Andy Reid. He also was the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers (2011-16) under Ron Rivera.

McDermott led the defense to three straight playoff appearances, including a 2015 Super Bowl appearance.

The Bills have a top 10 coach in McDermott and will be realistically dreaming of future Super Bowls for many years to come.

Top Buffalo Assistants

The Bills have an elite coaching staff in the league. It led them to their most successful season since 1995, and the future looks as bright as ever.

The two coordinators were quite the tandem last season, and the experience this entire team brings should allow them to challenge for a future Super Bowl.

Brian Daboll – Offensive Coordinator

Another former assistant of Nick Saban got another crack at the NFL. Daboll had success turning Josh Allen into a superstar in 2020, and the Bills rewarded him with a contract extension.

The addition to Stefon Diggs was vital to reach the status that they achieved last season, but Daboll was calling the shots. He drew up the plays and put the confidence in Allen to become a star.

The numbers and growth from 2019 to 2020 are staggering.

Josh Allen Stats from 2020 and 2019
Stat 2020 Season 2019 Season
Passing Yards 4,544 3,089
Passing TD/INT 37/10 20/9
Completion Percentage 69.2% 58.8%

Daboll’s time with Saban was helpful, but he also spent time with Bill Belichick for 11 seasons, and it included five Super Bowls as an assistant.

The experiences and success have helped Daboll reach new heights with the Bills. The division and conference will have issues slowing their passing attack down, and the Bills OC could hear his name mentioned as a future NFL coach.

Leslie Frazier – Defensive Coordinator

Leslie Frazier’s experience as a defensive coordinator goes all the way back to the 1985 Bears defense when he was a cornerback/safety. The years of experience he has matches any coordinator in the NFL.

Looking strictly at the defensive coordinator and head coaching opportunities, here are his job titles.

  • Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Coordinator (2003-04)
  • Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator, Interim/Assistant/Head Coach (2007-13)

Frazier has coached for over 30 years and is on his seventh NFL team. He has experience as a head coach, though it only included one playoff appearance in three full seasons with the Vikings (2011-13).

Other Bills Assistants for 2021

  • Heath Farwell: Special Teams Coordinator
  • Bob Babich: Linebackers
  • Bobby Babich: Safety Coach
  • Rob Boras: Tight End
  • John Butler: Defensive Backs
  • Ken Dorsey: Passing Game Coordinator/QB
  • Jacques Cesaire: Assistant DL
  • Chad Hall: Wide Receivers
  • Bobby Johnson: Offensive Line
  • Leonard Johnson: Coaching Assistant
  • Kelly Skipper: Running Back
  • Jim Salgado: Nickel Coach
  • Marc Lubick: Assistant WR/Game Management
  • Matthew Smiley: Assistant Special Teams
  • Shea Tierney: Assistant QB
  • Eric Washington: Defensive Line
  • Ryan Wendell: Assistant Offensive Line
  • Matt Worswick: Assistant to The Head Coach
  • Eric Ciano: Head Coach & Conditioning
  • Jason Oszvart: Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Hal Luther: Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Will Greenberg: Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

These assistants have the perfect leader in charge. McDermott will use them well, and develop and groom the young coaches for their future positions.

Growth and change occur when teams win. The overhauls with coaches are an offseason challenge every year, but those that have experience with a winning culture will adapt well.

Looking Ahead to 2021 for Buffalo

The Bills have everything in front of them to be the team to prevent the Chiefs from reaching their third straight Super Bowl. McDermott can turn their defense into the upper-echelon, but he already has an offense averaging well over 30 points a game.

Many are picking them to win the AFC East and earn home-field advantage for at least the first round of the postseason.

Double-digit victories are the new norm for Buffalo, and there may be nothing preventing them from getting to their first Super Bowl since the 1994 postseason.

Those lofty expectations are a testament to Buffalo’s talent, but also to their amazing coaches.

The coaching staff will keep opposing teams off guard and in the dark on what to expect. Nobody has recently circled the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, and the Bills mafia are in for quite the ride.



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