Odds for the Texas Longhorns Starting QB in 2023 – Ewers or Manning?

By Anthony Haage in Sports
| July 18, 2022 2:46 pm PDT

The Texas Longhorns have quite the QB class setup for 2023, consisting of top-end prospects in Quinn Ewers and Arch Manning. Ewers is coming over from Ohio State, opting to play now rather than sit another year behind C.J Stroud.

The competition won’t be easy though, as Arch Manning could be one of the most enticing quarterback prospects in some time. Texas can only play one quarterback at a time, so all eyes will be on them for 2023.

That’s prompted some of the top betting sites in BetUS to offer odds on who wins the job. So let’s see what the odds are for the Texas Longhorns’ starting quarterback for 2023.

Texas Longhorns’ 2023 Starting Quarterback Odds

Quinn Ewers-200
Arch Manning+150

As you can see from the odds, Quinn Ewers is expected to have the upper hand in the quarterback competition for 2023 in Texas. Ewers is a former No. 1 recruit looking to show the world what he’s capable of.

There are a couple of different variables that you can take into consideration here. Possibly the most significant factor is that Ewers has a year at the collegiate level, even though he didn’t really play. He took just two meaningless snaps at Ohio State before transferring to Texas for 2022.

Manning also committed to Texas, but he hasn’t graduated from high school just yet. He’s expected to be in contention for the quarterback spot in 2023, so the Longhorns won’t have him for this upcoming season.

Going from high school to college football can take some time to get used to. Manning might already have an incredible set of tools to work with, but actual game experience is going to play a vital role here.

Is that going to be enough for Ewers to keep the job though? If Manning shows unlimited potential, the Longhorns might not have any chance but to play him over Ewers.

Texas could also get the best of both worlds here. They could use Ewers for the 2022 season and have a great year while preparing Manning to take over in 2023 or even 2024. If Ewers doesn’t shine as bright as they hoped, they can move onto Manning in 2023, which would likely lead Ewers to another transfer.

On the other hand, Ewers could do very well as the starter and stay on the roster for another year. In turn, that would likely lead to Manning being the one who transfers.

Ewers has the upper hand at the end of the day, but he will have to live up to the hype if he wants to beat out Manning for the starting spot in 2023.

Ewers and Manning Prospect Notes

Before deciding who you think wins the Texas Longhorns’ QB starting job for 2023, you should take an in-depth look at both prospects. You should know what they do well, what they don’t do well, what important quarterback traits they possess and more.

For starters, let’s take a look at Quinn Ewers. Ewers has been one of the most sought-after athletes in terms of college football programs and sponsorships. He signed a very lucrative $1 million deal with the NIL to sign autographs for 3 years.

He’s 6’3, 206 pounds, which is an ideal frame for a quarterback of his age. A natural thrower who is willing to take a shot in order to deliver the pass, Ewers makes for a strong quarterback prospect at any level.

Add in some mobility and you have yourself an all-around quarterback who can do lots of things for you.

As for Manning, who can ask for a better family tree? It doesn’t get better than Peyton and Eli Manning, two legendary NFL quarterbacks who will try to pass on their knowledge to their nephew.

Arch is a natural thrower as you can imagine, with a plus ability to scramble. However, he still has a lot to iron out and will be fresh out of high school by the time 2023 rolls around. That said, he should have a ton of talent and be able to grow his skill set very quickly.

It’s a tough call considering the bet is for 2023 and not 2022, so make sure you bet on the quarterback you think will win the job following this season.



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