Analyzing the MLB Postseason Schedule for 2021

| October 4, 2021 9:50 am PDT

The conclusion of the 2021 MLB regular season marks the beginning of the MLB Postseason schedule.

We have huge Wild Card matchups coming up first, which includes some of the best teams in the league. After that, it could start to get crazy.

Let’s look at how the MLB Postseason is planned for 2021.

Wild Card Round

  • Tuesday, October 5th (8 PM ET) AL Wild Card Game – New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

Another historical game in the league’s most coveted rivalry. In their head-to-head history, the Yankees have the upper hand with a record of 1,232-1,033-14.

Could the Yankees give the Red Sox another knockout punch in 2021? Or will the Red Sox get back at them this year?

The Red Sox were on top of the AL East for a portion of this season, but the Rays ultimately claimed back the crown. Nathan Eovaldi is the likely starter for the Red Sox, while the Yankees will likely go with their ace, Gerrit Cole.

  • Wednesday, October 6th (8 PM ET) NL Wild Card Game – St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers

The National League Wild Card Game is going to be a good one as well. The Cardinals have been one of the league’s hottest teams, while the Dodgers have an insane amount of firepower.

The Cardinals went on an incredible winning streak that was snapped at the very end of the season. They went on a 17-game winning streak before losing to the Brewers September 29th.

They will likely be sending out ace Jack Flaherty, while the Dodgers should be sending out Max Scherzer.

The Dodgers, who are looking to win their second World Series, have had some issues with health to end the season, but they are still the heavy favorites coming into the postseason.

Max Muncy is likely to be out through the divisional round (if they can make it there), while Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Bauer are also absent from the starting pitcher rotation.

Even with those players gone, they are still a powerhouse. Although, the injuries could make them the most vulnerable right now.

The Wild Card matchups are always entertaining. In your typical regular season game, the starting pitcher is going to last around 4-7 innings, but in the postseason, that is not the case.

If a pitcher has a shaky first inning, they can be pulled immediately. These games are must-see TV and they feature some of the best teams in the league despite being the lowest seeds in the MLB postseason.

Divisional Round

With the Tampa Bay Rays and the San Francisco Giants earning the first seed in their leagues, they will play the winner of each of the Wild Card games. That leaves the 2nd and 3rd seeds to face off against each other in both leagues.

These series will be a best of 5, with the following dates below.

Thursday, October 7th

  • ALDS (A) Game 1
  • ALDS (B) Game 1

The Rays await the result of the AL Wild Card game, while the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox are set to face off, being the second and third AL seeds respectively.

Friday, October 8th

  • ALDS (A) Game 2
  • ALDS (B) Game 2
  • NLDS (A) Game 1
  • NLDS (B) Game 1

Game 2 in the American League is the very next day, while the National League series openers start as well.

The first seed Giants, will be waiting for either the Dodgers or the Cardinals, while the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves face off.

Here is the rest of the Divisional Round schedule.

Day Game
Saturday, October 9th NLDS (A) Game 2
NLDS (B) Game 2
Sunday, October 10th ALDS (A) Game 3
ALDS (B) Game 3
Monday, October 11th ALDS (A) Game 4*
ALDS (B) Game 4*
NLDS (A) Game 3
NLDS (B) Game 3
Tuesday, October 12th NLDS (A) Game 4*
NLDS (B) Game 4*
Wednesday, October 13th ALDS (A) Game 5*
ALDS (B) Game 5*
Thursday, October 14th NLDS (A) Game 5*
NLDS (B) Game 5*

*if needed

American League and National League Championship Series (Best of Seven)
Day Game
Friday, October 15th ALCS Game 1
Saturday, October 16th ALCS Game 2
NLCS Game 1
Sunday, October 17th NLCS Game 2
Monday, October 18th ALCS Game 3
Tuesday, October 19th ALCS Game 4
NLCS Game 3
Wednesday, October 20th ALCS Game 5*
NLCS Game 4
Thursday, October 21st NLCS Game 5*
Friday, October 22nd ALCS Game 6*
Saturday, October 23rd NLCS Game 6*
ALCS Game 7*
Sunday, October 24th NLCS Game 7*

2021 MLB World Series

Now for the good part.

The 2021 World Series will be remembered forever as the first one after the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Series is such an amazing time for baseball fans and this one is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet.

Playoff baseball with full stands is electric and one of the best things to watch in the sports world. Let’s look at the dates for the 2021 MLB World Series.

Day Game
Tuesday, October 26th 1
Wednesday, October 27th 2
Friday, October 29th 3
Saturday, October 30th 4
Sunday, October 31st 5*
Tuesday, November 2nd 6*
Wednesday, November 3rd 7*

Sure, these dates and game numbers seem boring to look at now, but when the time comes, they will be very exciting. I personally cannot wait for postseason baseball.

If you are wanting to place your bets on the MLB World Series, make sure you make your way over to my Betting Guide for this postseason.

We will also have picks for the postseason games as well, so make sure you check those out too!

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