Bookies Favor 74th Emmys to Be Hostless in 2022

By Anthony Haage in Entertainment
| August 3, 2022 9:00 am PDT

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards are right around the corner, but we don’t have any news of a host just yet. That’s prompted the 2022 Emmy Awards host odds to become available on the best entertainment betting sites.

There are a number of different options here with valuable odds. If you predict the correct host, you could have a huge payday by the time the Emmys roll around.

Hosting the Emmys is an honor held by some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. There are some familiar names on the odds list that we’ve seen before, but there could be some first-time hosts as well.

Let’s get right into the 2022 Emmy Awards host odds to see who could be up for the job.

Odds to Host the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards

Taking a look at the odds to host the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards from Bovada, you’ll see that we have an option that’s favored more than others. Too bad that the option is “no host,” which means there might not be one this year.

You could still bet on the option if that’s what you think will happen, but you won’t have as big of a payout as others. Kate McKinnon is the next favored option on the list, followed by Chris Rock. After those three, the betting odds are implying a lot of risk for the rest of the options.

This year will be hosted by the network NBC, whose last time hosting the Emmys was in 2018. That was when Michael Che and Colin Jost hosted, so it might make them an appealing longshot bet at (+3000).
Jimmy Kimmel has hosted the Emmys three times in his career, but they were all with ABC.

Seth Meyers (2014) and Jimmy Fallon (2010) have also hosted the show. They both hosted for NBC before Che and Jost, so they make sense as well.

Betting on the Emmy Awards goes further than just the host. Our Emmy Awards betting guide has everything you need to know for this year.

Why Kate McKinnon is Favored After No Host

Following the “no host” option is Kate McKinnon. McKinnon is famous for her Saturday Night Live sketches and would probably do a very good job. She hasn’t hosted the Emmys before, but she did co-host the 31st Independent Spirit Awards.

With Michael Che and Colin Jost also being from SNL, it makes sense that McKinnon would be up for the job as well.

As for Chris Rock, the last time he hosted an awards show was theatrical. Will Smith tried to publicly apologize to him, but it just seems like the Smith family loves to be in the spotlight every couple of months.

The slap should be in the past, but making a public apology video several months later isn’t going to make it any better. Smith claimed he reached out to Chris personally, but Chris wasn’t ready to talk. That said, why would a public video be necessary?

Either way, I doubt Chris Rock is willing to host another awards show for some time.

You could make a strong case for the hosts who have done it before, but McKinnon seems to have the better chance here. Our 2022 Emmy Awards odds and predictions are also in for this year, so be sure to check those out if you’re interested in the potential awards winners.



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