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Las Vegas Prosperity 3 Pictures Games

Prosperity 3 Pictures is a game that originated in Macau.

This is a baccarat variant that uses the same point values as baccarat but has a slightly different scoring system. The game has five different bets. One is mandatory. The other four are optional side bets.

Find out where to play Prosperity 3 Pictures in Las Vegas below.

Where to Play Prosperity 3 Pictures in Las Vegas

Prosperity 3 Pictures is only available at Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip. The bet limits are $10 to $2,000. There is only one table.

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables

How to Play Prosperity 3 Pictures

The rules of this game are simple. The player and banker receive three cards. The hand with the most face cards wins the main game of the bet. If the player and banker tie with the same number of face cards, the face value of the other cards is used to break the tie.

As with baccarat, the number scores can only be a single digit. A player with an 8 and an 18 have the same hand. If the player and banker tie on both the number of face cards and points, the hand is a push.

Wins are paid even money. However, a winning hand of six only receives half of the bet. This is where the house edge lies. Side bets pay according to the type of hand. Payouts are listed on the table.

Finding Other Table Games at Vegas Casinos

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