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Green Valley Ranch Poker Room

Green Valley Ranch is located in Henderson. It is owned by Station Casinos. Green Valley Ranch is a high-end locals casino.

The Green Valley Ranch poker room hosts 22 tables. Many are only used for tournaments. Most of the cash games at Green Valley Ranch are low limit ones. There is a mix of no limit and fixed limit games. There are two daily tournaments.

Kathy Raymond is the poker room manager at Green Valley Ranch. She was the person behind the Venetian poker room’s success during the boom years. Her resume also includes managing the Foxwoods poker room in Connecticut. Green Valley Ranch has an excellent level of management because of this. This shows in every employee’s performance.

Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas

Best and Worst Green Valley Ranch Poker Room Features

Our favorite aspect of Green Valley Ranch is the ability to play in a friendly low-limit game. The room is well managed and offers luxury amenities like USB chargers at the table, wireless internet, and massages. Parking is always free at Green Valley Ranch.

The Green Valley Ranch poker room may go dark during late night and early morning hours due to lack of action. The games may be too low-limit for the most serious players.

Green Valley Ranch Cash Games

There are three standard cash games at Green Valley Ranch. There is 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. It has a buy-in range of $100 to $300. Fixed-limit Hold’em is available in 2/4 and 4/8 during most hours of the day. The buy-in minimum is five big bets. Players may find a 3/6 fixed-limit Hold’em or 4/8 Omaha Hi/Lo game from time to time.

Green Valley Ranch spreads a 2/5 no-limit Hold’em game on weekends. The buy-in range is $200 to $500. There is an occasional mixed game that involves Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and draw games. The limits are usually 4/8.

Green Valley Ranch Poker Rake and Hourly Rate

Green Valley Ranch rakes 10% up to $4 as well as a $1 jackpot drop. The jackpot dollar funds the promotions described below.

Cash game players earn $1 an hour in comps when clocked in with a Boarding Pass card. That is the players card used by Station Casinos. Comps may be used for anything on the property, including food, sundries, and massages. Points earned in the Green Valley Ranch poker room may be used at any Station Casinos property.

Green Valley Ranch Poker Tournaments

Green Valley Ranch spreads a variety of poker tournaments. There are two every day. Most qualify for a tournament leaderboard. This is funded with $5 from each player’s entry from tournaments that earn points towards the promotion.

Sundays at noon and Thursdays at 6:15 pm offer a no-limit Hold’em tournament with a turbo structure. The buy-in is $60. Of that, $43 goes to the prize pool, $5 goes to the bad beat jackpot, $10 goes to the house, and $80 to the staff. Players start with 10,000 chips. Levels are 15 minutes.

A $120 pot-limit Omaha tournament takes place on Sundays at 6 pm. Of that buy-in, $85 goes to the prize pool, $20 to the house, $10 to the staff, and $5 to the jackpot fund. Players start with 15,000 chips. Levels are 20 minutes.

There is an $80 no-limit Hold’em tournament at 10:15 am on Mondays and Fridays. The prize pool receives $52 of the buy-in. The house takes $13. The staff gets $10 of it, while $5 goes towards the jackpot fund. Players start with 10,000 chips. Levels go up every 20 minutes.

A fixed-limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament happens at noon on Tuesdays. The buy-in is $60. Of that, $37 goes to the prize pool. The house gets $10. The staff receives $8 of it, while $5 goes to the jackpot fund. Players start with 10,000 in chips. Blinds go up every 20 minutes.

Casino employees have a private tournament on Tuesday night. It is no-limit Hold’em. Players must show a photo ID from a casino license to enter. The buy-in is $40. The house gets $10 of that. The staff gets $5. Players may re-buy an unlimited number of times for $20. Players start with 5,000 in chips. Re-buys are 5,000. Blinds go up every 15 minutes.

There is a seniors event at noon on Wednesdays. Entrants must be at least 50 years old with a photo ID. This coincides with Seniors Day at Green Valley Ranch where there are specials on bowling, movies and dining, as well as a private slot tournament. The buy-in is $60, of which $42 goes to the prize pool. The house keeps $10 of it. The staff gets $5. Players start with 8,000 chips. Blinds increase every 20 minutes.

There’s a $120 no-limit Hold’em tournament at 6:15 pm on Wednesdays. The house takes $20 of that. The staff gets $10. The jackpot fund gets $5. Players start with 12,500 in chips. Blinds go up every 20 minutes.

A ladies-only no-limit Hold’em tournament is played at 11:15 am on Thursdays. It uses the same structure as the seniors event on Wednesdays with one difference. Players that lose with pocket queens in the ladies’ tournament receive a $25 gift card.

There is a $120 HORSE tournament on Fridays at 4 pm. The house takes $15 for an admin fee. The staff gets $10 of the prize pool, while $5 goes towards the leaderboard. Players start with 15,000 chips. Blinds go up every 20 minutes.

The 10:15 am tournament on Saturdays is a $50 no-limit Hold’em event. The house takes $10 for an admin fee, while the dealers get $7, and the jackpot fund gets $5. Players start with 5,000 chips. Blinds go up every 20 minutes.

Finally, there’s a $120 “Steep Stack” on Saturdays at 3 pm. The house takes $20 of it, with the dealers getting $10 and the jackpot fund receiving $5. Players start with 25,000 chips. Levels go up every 20 minutes.

Green Valley Ranch Poker Promotions

Green Valley Ranch offers several promotions. There is a royal flush progressive for Texas Hold’em players. Each possible start hand starts at $250. It goes up $100 a week if it is not hit.

There is a $5,000 bad beat jackpot. To qualify, aces full of tens or better must lose to four of a kind or better. The winning hand receives 40% of the bad beat jackpot. The losing hand gets 20%. The rest of the table splits 40%.

There is a field goal promotion during some nationally televised football games. Any player that makes a full house using both hole cards receives an entry.

A raffle is held with every field goal. The winners receive $100 for most field goals. It is $200 if it is a game-winning field goal. One is drawn for the winning team at the end of the game.

There is a mystery envelope for quads that pay between $425 and $1,000. A random seat wins $100 in casino chips on every Vegas Golden Knights goal. A player that flops quads deuces wins $2,222. Every player at the table receives $22.

A player that makes quad twos on the turn wins $250. If it happens on the river, it wins $100. The player must have pocket deuces to qualify.

Things to Do at Green Valley Ranch Besides Poker

Green Valley Ranch is a typical higher-end locals casino. It has several lounges.

There is a bowling alley on the property. The sportsbook is a short walk from the poker room at Green Valley Ranch. Green Valley Ranch offers a variety of restaurants. Hank’s Fine Steaks is the upscale option.

There is a buffet, oyster bar, Pizza Rock, and snack bar by the sportsbook. There is also a food court.

Green Valley Ranch has great gaming. There are a dozen video poker machines that return over 100%. Options include full-pay Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker, and Double Double Bonus Poker.

Blackjack players will find 3:2 blackjack for $10. This includes double deck with double down before and after splitting.

Poker Rooms Near Green Valley Ranch

There are not any poker rooms close to Green Valley Ranch. The closest is at South Point. That poker room spreads fixed-limit and no-limit Hold’em games, as well as two daily tournaments.

Otherwise, players will need to drive to Boulder Highway. Poker rooms in that area include Boulder Station, Sam’s Town, Skyline Casino, and Club Fortune.

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