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A Guide to Las Vegas Poker Rooms

There are 31 poker rooms in the Las Vegas area. These range from destination poker rooms like Aria, Bellagio, and Venetian down to ones only open on weekend nights. We have them all covered here.

The Las Vegas Strip is not the only place to find poker in the area. There are poker rooms in Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder Highway, and other areas away from the Strip. Each has its own identity. Some have 24-hour action. Others are lucky to get any game off the ground.

At GamblingSites.com, our goal is to provide you with the best information when hitting Las Vegas poker rooms. We tell you where to find each type of game. We list every daily tournament and seasonal series. Our poker room reviews also state what we feel are the best and worst features of each poker room.

Here’s the full list of all the Vegas poker room reviews we currently have to offer. Follow the links to find out more about each venue.

Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of each of the Las Vegas poker rooms in the list above, along with details of some of the smaller rooms we don’t feel warrant a full review at this time. We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions about playing poker in LV.

Las Vegas’ Top Poker Rooms


Aria is home to some of the highest-limit poker games in Las Vegas.

Its 24 tables spread live no-limit Hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, and mixed games. Aria poker room’s no-limit and pot-limit games run with 1/3, 2/5, and 5/10 blinds. The mixed games tend to be 4/8 and 9/18.

The Aria poker room also has two daily no-limit Hold’em tournaments.


Bally’s hosts 1/2 and 2/5 no-limit Hold’em cash games. There is a 3/6 fixed-limit game during promotional periods.

Cash game players that give any level of serious action receive an invite into a monthly freeroll with a prize pool of tens of thousands of dollars.

The Bally’s poker room also offers six daily no-limit Hold’em tournaments. The buy-ins range from $60 to $100.

Las Vegas Bally's Poker Room


Bellagio is the largest poker room in Las Vegas. It hosts 37 poker tables. It is home to low-, mid-, and high-limit games. There are three separate sections of the Bellagio poker room that offer some privacy to high rollers.

Cash games include 4/8 and 10/20 fixed-limit Hold’em. No-limit blinds are 1/3, 2/5, 5/10, and 10/20. Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo and Omaha Hi/Lo are spread in the 20/40 or 30/60 limits.

Mixed games can run from 9/18 up to 100/200. There may also be a pot-limit Omaha game from time to time. Bellagio spreads one daily tournament, as well as some series that travel through Las Vegas.


Binion’s was once home to the World Series of Poker. That made it the center of the poker universe. That has since changed, as Binion’s is no longer quite so relevant in the poker scene.

Its poker room is now just an area at the rear of the table games pit. The main cash game at Binion’s is 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. It only runs a few hours most days. There are two daily tournaments and a summer tournament series.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace remodeled and moved its poker room in 2014. It was well-received. Caesars Palace spreads mostly no-limit Hold’em games. The blinds are usually 1/2 and 2/5.

The Caesars Palace poker room offers players a good value with a $4 rake and no jackpot drop. Players receive $2 an hour in comps at cash games. There are six daily tournaments at Caesars Palace. The latest is midnight. Buy-ins range from $100 to $150.


The poker room at Excalibur spreads two typical cash games. One is 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. The other is 2-6 Spread Limit Hold’em.

It hosts four no-limit Hold’em tournaments daily. The buy-in for Excalibur poker tournaments is $40 or $45, depending on the time of day.


Flamingo hosts 11 poker tables. The main games are 2/4 fixed-limit and 1/2 no-limit Hold’em tables. There may be a 4/8 fixed-limit game during the busiest hours.

The Flamingo poker room also spreads six daily tournaments. Buy-ins range from $55 to $80. The first starts at 10 am. The latest goes at midnight. Regular cash game players enter a monthly freeroll.

Flamingo Poker Room - Las Vegas

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is one of just two poker rooms still active in Downtown Las Vegas. It is by far the busier one.

The Golden Nugget poker room spreads an un-capped 1/2 no-limit Hold’em game and a 2/4 fixed-limit one.

There are four daily no-limit Hold’em tournaments each day. The buy-ins range from $50 to $70. Golden Nugget hosts a summer poker tournament called the Grand Series of Poker.

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch is a Station Casinos property in Henderson. Its poker room offers 1/2 and 2/5 no-limit Hold’em, as well as some lower fixed-limit games and an occasional Omaha or mixed game table.

There are two daily poker tournaments at Green Valley Ranch. At least one is no-limit Hold’em. The poker room also spreads a weekly pot-limit Omaha tournament and a fixed-limit Hold’em one.


The poker room at Harrah’s specializes in 1/2 no-limit Hold’em cash games. It may get a 2/5 one from time to time.

It also has five daily tournaments. All are no-limit Hold’em. The buy-in is $65 for each.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay offers a poker room by its sportsbook.

Players will find 1/2 no-limit Hold’em cash games there. Mandalay Bay spreads three daily no-limit Hold’em tournaments. The buy-in for each is $65.

MGM Grand

The main cash game at MGM Grand is 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. There is an occasional 2/5 no-limit Hold’em game. There may also be a small fixed-limit Hold’em or mixed game at busier times.

The MGM Grand poker room hosts four daily tournaments. The buy-ins range from $65 to $100.


Mirage is one of the few on the Las Vegas Strip where there is regular fixed-limit action.

There’s a 3/6 fixed-limit Hold’em game as well as 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. Mirage is also happy to host mixed games when groups request it.

Mirage hosts four daily poker tournaments. The buy-in is $65 for the morning one. The afternoon and evening ones have a $100 buy-in. The late-night poker tournament at Mirage has a $40 buy-in.

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood deals 1/2 and 2/5 no-limit Hold’em in its poker room. It is in the party pit by the table games.

This gives Planet Hollywood’s poker room energy few rooms can match. There are five daily no-limit Hold’em tournaments. The buy-in for each is $80.

Planet Hollywood Poker Room - Las Vegas

Red Rock Resort

Red Rock Resort is in Summerlin. It has a wide variety of cash game action, including 1/2, 2/5, and 5/10 no-limit Hold’em, 2/4 and 4/8 fixed-limit Hold’em, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, and Omaha Hi/Lo.

The Stud Hi/Lo games moved there after Suncoast closed its poker room in April 2018.

There are one or two daily tournaments, depending on the day. All are no-limit Hold’em.

South Point

South Point’s poker room offers 2/4 fixed-limit and 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. Mixed games have hit the rotation in 2018.

There are three or four poker tournaments daily. Most are no-limit Hold’em. There are a few Omaha Hi/Lo and mixed game tournaments at the South Point poker room.

The Orleans

The Orleans spreads the largest number of unique low-limit cash games in Las Vegas. The list includes 2/4, 4/8, and 8/16 fixed-limit Hold’em, 1/3 and 2/5 no-limit Hold’em, 4/8, 8/16, and 15/30 Omaha Hi/Lo, and mixed games.

There are two daily tournaments, which include no-limit Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, and mixed games.


Most of the cash games at Venetian are 1/2 no-limit Hold’em with an occasional 2/5 table. Promotional periods will see a 2/4 fixed-limit Hold’em game.

Venetian spreads two daily tournaments. Buy-ins start at $200. Venetian and its sister casino, Palazzo, host the Deep Stack Extravaganza poker series four times a year.


The Wynn poker room is now at Encore. The room specializes in 1/3, 2/5, and 5/10 no-limit Hold’em. It also has some pot-limit Omaha and mixed game action.

There is one daily tournament at noon. It is no-limit Hold’em. The Wynn Classic is a poker series that is spread several times a year.

Wynn Poker Room - Las Vegas

Smaller Las Vegas Poker Rooms

Boulder Station

Boulder Station is located on Boulder Highway near US 95. It spreads 11 poker tables.

The main games here are 2/4 fixed-limit Hold’em and 4/8 Omaha Hi. Players may find a 1/2 no-limit Hold’em or 4/8 fixed-limit Hold’em game during busy hours.

Boulder Station does not deal poker tournaments.

The 4/8 Omaha Hi game is unique to Boulder Station. It plays much larger than a typical 4/8 limit game. The action in this game can be wild.


Cannery is located on Craig Road in North Las Vegas. Boyd Gaming operates the casino. The Cannery has a three-table poker pit. The only game it offers is 2-6 spread limit Hold’em. Tournaments are not available at Cannery.

Cannery is one of two poker rooms in North Las Vegas. The other, Poker Palace, is only open on weekend nights. This leaves Cannery as the only poker option in the area most times of the week.

Club Fortune

Club Fortune is located just east of downtown Henderson. It has a small poker room. The main game is a 0.50/1 no-limit Hold’em game. It runs most hours that the poker room is open.

There is an occasional low-limit game with 1-6 or 2-6 spread betting. Club Fortune offers a 2 pm tournament on Saturdays with a $28+$12 buy-in.

Palace Station

Palace Station is a Station Casinos property. It is located just west of the Las Vegas Strip on Sahara Avenue. There are nine poker tables at Palace Station.

The poker games available at Palace Station are 2-6 spread limit and 2/4 fixed-limit Hold’em. The fixed-limit game has a half-kill. After its remodel, Palace Station started a 1/3 no-limit Hold’em.

Palace Station does not have any tournaments.

Poker Palace

Poker Palace is a small locals casino on Las Vegas Boulevard in North Las Vegas. It is only open on Friday and Saturday nights.

The action kicks off with a $10+$10 no-limit Hold’em poker tournament. It has $5 add-ons and $10 re-buys. This tournament is often followed by a 1/2 no-limit Hold’em game.


Rio is a nine-table poker room most of the year. It gets little action until the World Series of Poker hits the resort from late May until mid-July.

Players will find the largest poker menu imaginable at Rio during the World Series. It includes more than 100 tournaments and cash games where the blinds can run as high as hundreds of dollars throughout the Rio Convention Center.

Outside of the World Series of Poker, Rio has an occasional 2/3 no-limit Hold’em game with a buy-in range of $200 to $1,000. A 1/2 game has started popping up in 2018. The buy-in there is $100 to $300. It also spreads several small multi-table tournaments daily.

Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town is a locals’ casino on Boulder Highway. Its poker room offers Hold’em, mostly in spread limit, and a 3/6 fixed-limit Omaha Hi/Lo game.

These tables do not generally run 24 hours a day. There are three low-limit NLHE tournaments each day. The buy-ins range from $25 to $40.

Sam's Town Poker Room - Las Vegas

Silver Sevens

Silver Sevens is just east of the Las Vegas Strip on Flamingo Road. It has two poker tables in its pit.

There is a regular 2/4 fixed-limit Hold’em game. A 1/2 no-limit Hold’em table opens on busier nights and weekends. Silver Sevens does not spread poker tournaments.

Skyline Casino

Skyline Casino, located on Boulder Highway in Henderson, spreads a two-table poker room. The only game available is 2/4 limit Hold’em.

There are no tournaments at the Skyline Casino poker room. It opens at 5 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Westgate is on the property once known as the Las Vegas Hilton, and later, LVH. It spreads six tables. The level of action often depends on convention business.

The Westgate poker room can often be dark or with only one table running. The main game is 1/2 no-limit Hold’em. Something else may pop up at peak hours or if a partner vlogger is hosting a game. It opens at 10 am daily. Westgate does not spread any poker tournaments.

Westgate Poker Room - Las Vegas

Las Vegas Poker Room FAQ

Where can I find no-limit Texas Hold’em in Las Vegas?
ANearly all poker rooms in Las Vegas offer no-limit Hold’em.

The Cannery in North Las Vegas and Skyline Casino on Boulder Highway are the exceptions.
Where can I play Omaha Hi/Lo in Las Vegas?
AThe Orleans is home to the most Omaha Hi/Lo games.

Other options include Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock Resort, Bellagio, and Santa Fe Station.
Where can I play Seven Card Stud in Las Vegas?
ABellagio spreads high-limit stud games. Sam’s Town offers a smaller weekly one. Red Rock Resort has 4/8 and 2 to 10 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo.
Where will I find mixed games in Las Vegas?
AAria and Encore are home to mixed games in Las Vegas.

You may also find one at Green Valley Ranch, South Point, or Mirage.
Which poker rooms still have a $3 max rake?
AThe Orleans, Sam’s Town, Club Fortune, and Skyline Casino still cap cash game rake at $3.
Which Las Vegas poker rooms do not take jackpot drops?
AAria, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and Wynn do not take a jackpot drop. Out of that group, only Caesars Palace caps rake at $4.
Which Las Vegas poker rooms closed in 2018?
ASuncoast and Treasure Island closed their poker rooms in 2018.
What is Bravo Poker?
ABravo Poker is an app that displays all of the live cash games available in your area. It also shows current promotions and tournament schedules. Most Las Vegas poker rooms that get regular action are in Bravo.
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