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Las Vegas Mississippi Stud Poker Games

Mississippi Stud Poker is an older Las Vegas table game. It grew some since last year. The game now has 25 installs in Las Vegas across 20 casinos. Last year, it had 18 installs across 14 casinos.

The increase in tables can be attributed to the game getting picked up by several casinos that operate under MGM Resorts.

The minimum bet for Mississippi Stud in Las Vegas is either $5 or $10 during slow periods of time. Players must multiply that by three as a hand of the game requires three equal bets. The player is only risking one in the end but all three must be posted to play.

Where to Play Mississippi Stud in Las Vegas

Most major Las Vegas casinos spread Mississippi Stud. This means that you may be able to play it at your favorite one. If you cannot, it is still close by.

All Las Vegas casinos with Mississippi Stud have a base minimum bet of $5 or $10. All you must do is pick the one that best suits your location and level of play from the list below.

All Las Vegas Casinos With Mississippi Stud Poker

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables
4 Queens51001
Caesars Palace102001
Circus Circus5251
Golden Nugget5501
Park MGM51001
Planet Hollywood102001
Red Rock55002
South Point5251

How to Play Mississippi Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud is a poker table game. Players try to make the best hand and get paid based on its strength. There is no dealer hand to compete with.

Players start with getting dealt two cards after making an ante bet. Three community cards are placed in the center. The player has the option of folding or betting one to three times the bet.

If the player folds, the hand ends. If the player stayed in the hand, one of the community cards is shown. The player again has the option of folding or raising one to three times the ante.

After that, the second community card is shown, and the player has the same options. If the player is still in the hand, the third community card is turned over.

The player hopes to make at least a pair of sixes or better. This hand pushes. A player wins with a pair of jacks or better.

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