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Las Vegas Jackpot Hold’em Games

Jackpot Hold’em is a new game in our Las Vegas survey. It is another table game like Heads Up Hold’em. Both are going for the popularity of Ultimate Texas Hold’em and its players.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Jackpot Hold’em play almost identically with two exceptions. The player may only raise three times before the flop in Jackpot Hold’em. A player may raise four times in Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

In Jackpot Hold’em, one of the flop cards is exposed before the player must make this decision. This changes the strategy on how to act before the flop from what players are used to doing in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. No cards are exposed before the flop raising round in Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

See below for more on the rules, along with details of which casinos offer Jackpot Hold’em in Las Vegas.

Where to Play Jackpot Hold’em in Las Vegas

There is only one option for Jackpot Hold’em in Las Vegas. It is at Sahara, previously known as SLS Las Vegas. It is on the far north end of the Las Vegas Strip and its monorail line. The bet limits are $5 to $50.

This game did not replace Ultimate Texas Hold’em. There is a table for that game directly next to this one. Both tables have the same limits.

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables

How to Play Jackpot Hold’em

A player posts two bets to start a hand. Optional side bets are also available. One mandatory bet covers the ante. The other is the jackpot blind that comes with some bonus pays on winning hands.

The player and dealer each receive two cards. Five cards are placed in the center of the table. One is exposed. The player may combine these five community cards with the two dealt at the end of the hand to make the best hand.

The player’s first action is to either check or raise three times the ante. If the player raises at any time, the action ends. After the first round, the dealer shows two cards. A player that did not act on the previous round may bet two times the ante or check. The last two community cards are then exposed. Any player that has not acted must match the ante or fold. A folding player loses all bets.

The dealer’s hand is exposed. If the house makes a hand of at least a pair, even if that pair is on the board, it qualifies. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante pushes and the rest of the hand plays as normal.

The dealer’s hand is compared to the player’s hand. If the dealer wins, the house takes the ante, raise and blind bets. If the player wins, the ante and raise are paid. The blind bet pushes unless the player’s hand made a straight or higher. There are bonus payouts for those hands. If the dealer and player have the same hand, these bets all push. Side bets play regardless of whether the player won or lost the hand.

Our Annual Survey of Las Vegas Casinos

We carry out an annual survey of Las Vegas casinos. During this, we record every table game available at each casino. We note the relevant rules and conditions and then publish all the information on our website.

You can find details of this survey, and all the games, on the following page.

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