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Las Vegas Heart Attack Games

Heart Attack is a new game at Palms. It has never appeared in our annual Las Vegas surveys before.

The game is like no other. A player tries to discard matches with the dealer’s hand, hoping to run out of the three cards dealt, matching suits or numbers.

All hearts are wild. If the dealer plays a heart, the player may match with any card. If the player has a heart, it may be played on any dealer card.

Where to Play Heart Attack in Las Vegas

You will find heart Attack in the main table game pit at Palms. It has a minimum bet of $5 and a maximum bet of $300.

Palms has one table of Heart Attack. It is the only installation of the game in Las Vegas.

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables

How to Play Heart Attack

A player antes and makes a Hearts bet to receive a hand. These bets must be equal. There is also an Attack side bet that is optional. Three cards are dealt. The player’s cards are face up. The dealer also receives three cards. These are face down.

The dealer flips one card over. If it is a heart, the player can play any card. If it is not, the player may play a card of equal suit or rank or a heart because all hearts are wild.

For example, if the card is the nine of diamonds, the player may play any nine or diamond because those cards match, or a heart because those are wild. The player loses both bets if no matches are available.

The same scenario occurs when the dealer reveals the second card. If the player can play all three cards, the ante wins even money.

The Hearts bet pays based on the number of hearts in the hand. The Attack side bet wins based on the strength of the original three cards dealt to the player.

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