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Las Vegas Deuces Wild Hold’em Games

Deuces Wild Hold’em is sometimes referred to as Deuces Wild Stud. The game has been around for nearly 20 years, though it comes and goes.

The D on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas has spread Deuces Wild Hold’em for years. The limits there are $5 to $50. Sam’s Town on Boulder Highway spreads Deuces Wild Stud, which is essentially the same game with different side bets. The limits at Sam’s Town are $5 to $25.

There are currently no other casinos offering Deuces Wild Hold’em in Las Vegas.

Which Las Vegas Casino is Best for Deuces Wild Hold’em?

The D and Sam’s Town are the only two Las Vegas casinos with this game. The two casinos could not be any different. The D is in the middle of the downtown Las Vegas party on Fremont Street. The casino has scantily clad party pit girls dealing the games. The music is loud, and the party is always happening.

On the other hand, Sam’s Town is a quiet locals casino on the east side of Las Vegas. It is on the Boulder Strip. Both have a $5 minimum bet. It just depends on which environment that you prefer.

All Deuces Wild Hold’em Games in Las Vegas

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables
The D5501
Sam’s Town5251

How to Play Deuces Wild Hold’em

Deuces Wild Hold’em plays like Let It Ride.

All four deuces are wild. There is no dealer hand. The player is dealt three cards after making an ante.

If the player would like to stay in the hand, the ante is matched. A card is placed in the center. If the player would like to stay in the hand, double the ante must be bet. A second community card is then dealt.

The player wins by making at least a pair of aces.

There are also side bets. These are optional.

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