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Las Vegas Criss Cross Poker Games

Criss Cross Poker is a table game that works like an old home poker game with a few differences.

While the game is popular in East Coast markets, it is only spread at Linq in Las Vegas. It appeared there this year after being absent from the market for a few years. Its previous Las Vegas installation was Planet Hollywood.

Where to Play Criss Cross Poker in Las Vegas

Linq is the only Las Vegas casino where you can play Criss Cross poker in 2022.

The minimum bet for Criss Cross Poker at Linq is $5. That is a bit deceiving as you will need 11 times that to make all the raises if you get a good hand. Do not start a hand of this game with less than $55 or else you may get locked out of a winner.

The maximum bet for Criss Cross Poker at Linq is $100. There is one table there.

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables

How to Play Criss Cross Poker

A hand of Criss Cross Poker starts with the player making an ante across and ante down bet. There is also an optional side bet based on the community cards.

The player receives two cards and five cards are placed in the center in a cross shape. Players use their two cards with the three across and/or three down to make the best possible hands.

There are three additional betting rounds as cards are exposed. Players will need to bet an amount equal to the ante and up to three time on these bets that back up the original antes.

There is no dealer hand. The player is paid based on the hand strength both across and down.

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