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Las Vegas Casino War Games

Casino War is a luck-based game that is spread in some Las Vegas Strip casinos. Its popularity is waning.

 In our last survey, there were 12 Casino War tables in Las Vegas. This year, there are only 8. With only one card dealt to each player, and little player action, the game moves quickly with little in the way of variance.

Below we detail where to play Casino War in Las Vegas, and highlight the best casinos for this game.

Best Las Vegas Casinos for Casino War

The best place to play Casino War in Las Vegas is Planet Hollywood. That is because it is the only casino in our survey that offered it with a $5 minimum bet.

For $10, you can find the game at Aria, Excalibur, New York New York, Paris and Wynn. Cosmopolitan requires $15 to play Casino War.

The maximum bet ranges from $200 at Paris Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood to $2,000 at Wynn.

Where You Can Play Casino War in Las Vegas

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables
Planet Hollywood52001

How to Play Casino War

Make an ante bet to play Casino War. There may also be a tie bet.

If the player’s card beats the dealer’s card, the player wins. If the dealer’s card is higher, the house wins. If the player and dealer get the same card, there is a war.

 In a war, the player must either fold or double the bet to rescue the first one. Another hand is dealt, and the cards are compared. If the dealer wins, both bets lose. If the player wins, one bet is paid and the other pushes. If the hands tie again, the player wins a bonus equal to one bet.

All numbers are face value in rank. Ace is high.

More Las Vegas Table Games

Casino War is one of many table games you can play in Las Vegas.

Each year, we conduct an annual survey detailing all the games available in every casino in Vegas. You can use this to find the best casinos for any game you wish to play.

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