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Blackjack at Off Strip Las Vegas Casinos

Players looking for great lower limit blackjack games may want to look in the locals market. There are dozens of casinos that spread blackjack away from the Las Vegas Strip.

These casinos usually have a $5 minimum bet on good 3:2 games. Many are double decks with good rules. It is also much easier to earn comps at these casinos when giving smaller action than Strip resorts.

Here’s our full off strip Las Vegas blackjack survey for 2020. Find out where the locals play blackjack in Vegas.

Best Las Vegas Locals Blackjack

The best game in the Las Vegas locals market is at M Resort.

This is where its high limit double deck stands on all 17s and allows double down before and after splitting. Re-split aces is also allowed.

A six-deck game has the same rules and adds surrender. These games have a $50 minimum bet.

Blackjack at Bighorn and Longhorn Casinos

Another great game in the locals market is at Bighorn and Longhorn Casinos.

The minimum bet is $5 at these blackjack tables. Players may double down on two or three cards before and after splitting. Surrender and re-split aces are allowed. The dealer hits soft 17.

Silverton Blackjack

The only 3:2 single-deck blackjack game in the locals market is at Silverton. Players can only double down on 10 or 11 and not after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17.

Silverton also has double deck with double down before and after splitting plus re-split aces. The single and double deck blackjack games have a $10 minimum bet. A $5 six-deck table adds surrender to the double deck rules.

Blackjack Games at Station Casinos

Station Casinos properties tend to offer the same games. Double-deck games have a $5 or $10 minimum and allow double down before and after splitting. A six-deck game adds surrender

Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Red Rock, and Palms have high limit salons. Each spread double deck games that add re-split aces. The minimum is anywhere from $50 to $100.

Six-deck games where the dealer stands on all 17’s is offered with $50 to $100 minimums in Station high limit salons. Players may double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender and re-split aces.

Boyd Gaming Blackjack

Boyd Gaming locals casinos spreads double deck and six-deck games that pay 3:2. The minimum bet is usually $5.

Players may double down before and after spitting at all, including Aliante, Cannery, Eastside Cannery, Gold Coast, The Orleans, Sam’s Town and Suncoast.

Club Fortune, Jerry’s Nugget, Jokers Wild, M Resort, Railroad Pass, Rampart and South Point are among the other locals casinos with this game.

All Blackjack Games at Off the Strip Vegas Casinos

Check this table out for details of all off strip Las Vegas blackjack games available in 2020.

# of Decks
Min Bet
Max Bet
H/S 17
# of Tables
6/5 BJ
House Hold %
Aliante Casino15500HYesNoNoNo1YesNo1.70%
Aliante Casino25500HYesNoNoNo11NoNo0.46%
Aliante Casino65500HYesYesNoYes3NoNo0.55%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur25500HYesYesNoNo3NoNo0.46%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur65500HYesYesNoNo2NoNo0.64%
Bighorn65100HYes – 2/3 CardsYesYesYes3NoNo0.26%
Boulder Station15500HYesNoNoNo1YesNo1.70%
Boulder Station2101000HYesYesNoNo9NoNo0.46%
Boulder Station652000H1YesFree Bet2.40%
Boulder Station651000HYesYesNoYes1NoNo0.55%
Boulder Station65500HYesYesNoYes1YesNo1.91%
Club Fortune25100HYesYesNoNo1NoNo0.46%
Club Fortune65100HYesYesNoNo1NoNo0.64%
Eastside Cannery25500HYesYesNoNo4NoNo0.46%
Eastside Cannery65500HYesYesNoNo1NoNo0.64%
Ellis Island65300HYesYesNoNo6NoNo0.64%
Fiesta Henderson151000HYesNoNoNo2YesNo1.70%
Fiesta Henderson251000HYesYesNoNo6NoNo0.46%
Fiesta Henderson651000HYesYesNoNo1YesNo2.00%
Fiesta Henderson651000HYesYesNoYes2YesNo1.91%
Fiesta Rancho15500HYesNoNoNo1YesNo1.70%
Fiesta Rancho25500HYesYesNoNo7NoNo0.46%
Fiesta Rancho65500HYesYesNoNo2NoNo0.64%
Gold Coast151000H2Super Fun 211.16%
Gold Coast251000HYesYesNoNo12NoNo0.46%
Gold Coast65500HYesYesNoNo1YesNo0.64%
Green Valley Ranch2101000HYesYesNoNo10NoNo0.46%
Green Valley Ranch2505000HYesYesYesNo3NoNo0.40%
Green Valley Ranch65500H2YesFree Bet2.40%
Green Valley Ranch6101000HYesYesNoYes6NoNo0.55%
Green Valley Ranch6505000SYesYesYesYes1NoNo0.29%
Green Valley Ranch65500HYesYesNoNo6YesNo2.00%
Jerry’s Nugget25300HYesYesNoNo2NoNo0.46%
Jerry’s Nugget65200HYesYesNoNo2NoNo0.64%
Joker’s Wild25300HYesYesNoNo3NoNo0.46%
Joker’s Wild63300HYesNoNoNo1NoNo0.78%
Longhorn65100HYes – 2/3 CardsYesYesYes3NoNo0.26%
Lucky Club61HHYesYesNoNo4NoNo0.64%
M Resort25500HYesYesNoNo6YesNo0.46%
M Resort2505000SYesYesYesNo2NoNo0.19%
M Resort6102000H1NoFree Bet1.02%
M Resort651000HYesYesNoNo6NoNo0.64%
M Resort6505000SYesYesYesYes2NoNo0.29%
Orleans251000H1NoSuper Fun 211.30%
Palace Station1101000HYesNoNoNo1YesNo1.70%
Palace Station252000HYesYesNoNo9NoNo0.46%
Palace Station210010000HYesYesYesNo2NoNo</td0.40%
Palace Station651000H2YesFree Bet2.40%
Palace Station651000HYesYesNoYes1NoNo0.55%
Palace Station65010000SYesYesYesYes2NoNo0.29%
Palms6101000H1NoBJ Switch0.58%
Poker Palace2150HYesNoNoNo1EvenNo2.79%
Poker Palace6250HYes – 2/3 CardsYesNoNo2NoNo0.41%
Railroad Pass210200HYesYesNoNo1NoNo0.46%
Railroad Pass65100HYesYesNoNo2NoNo0.64%
Red Rock2102000HYesYesNoNo8NoNo0.46%
Red Rock2505000HYesYesYesNo3NoNo0.40%
Red Rock25500HYesYesNoNo5YesNo1.83%
Red Rock65500H3YesFree Bet2.40%
Red Rock6102000HYesYesNoYes5NoNo0.55%
Red Rock610010000SYesYesYesYes4NoNo0.29%
Red Rock65500HYesYesNoYes11YesNo1.91%
Rio6102000H2YesFree Bet2.40%
Sam’s Town25500HYesYesNoNo14NoNo0.46%
Sam’s Town25500H1Super Fun 211.30%
Sam’s Town63500HYesNoNoNo3NoNo0.78%
Santa Fe Station151000HYesNoNoNo4YesNo1.70%
Santa Fe Station251000HYesYesNoNo16NoNo0.46%
Santa Fe Station651000HYesYesNoYes4NoNo0.55%
Silver 7’s210300HYesYesNoNo1NoNo0.46%
Silver 7’s85300H1YesFree Bet2.42%
Silver 7’s810300HYesYesYesYes2NoNo0.50%
Silver 7’s85300HYesYesNoNo1YesNo2.02%
Silver Nugget65100HYesYesNoNo2NoNo0.64%
Silverton6101000H1NoFree Bet1.02%
South Point2102000HYesYesNoNo25NoNo0.46%
South Point652000HYesYesNoNo8NoNo0.64%
Suncoast210500H1Super Fun 211.30%
Sunset Station151000HYesNoNoNo3YesNo1.70%
Sunset Station2101000HYesYesNoNo11NoNo0.46%
Sunset Station6101000H1YesFree Bet2.40%
Sunset Station6101000HYesYesNoYes2NoNo0.55%
Sunset Station65500HYesYesNoNo1YesNo2.00%
Texas Station25500HYesYesNoNo12YesNo0.46%
Texas Station65500HYesYesNoNo4NoNo0.55%
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