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Las Vegas 3 Card Blitz Games

3 Card Blitz is a new table game in Las Vegas. Its only installation is at Sahara, formerly SLS Las Vegas.

This game starts with an ante and blind bet, like Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The minimum bet for the game at Sahara is $5. A player will need to post $5 on both the ante and blind.

You will also need $5 left behind in case you want to raise or else you will be forced to fold. That makes the minimum bet for this game at Sahara essentially $15. The maximum bet is $50, which requires $150 to play.

Where to Play 3 Card Blitz in Las Vegas

The only casino currently offering 3 Card Blitz in Las Vegas is the Sahara.

Min Bet
Max Bet
# of Tables

How to Play 3 Card Blitz

3 Card Blitz combines components of several games. The blind and ante work like Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The raise works like Three Card Poker. The play of the game is closer to High Card Flush.

The player makes an equal ante and blind bet. There is an optional side bet that pays when the player makes four or more suited cards. It is called ‘Flush Bonus’.

Once players have made an ante and blind, seven cards are dealt to each player and the dealer. The player looks at the cards and determines the highest count for each suit in the hand, using at most, three cards. The player determines whether to raise or fold based on the amount of this number. A raise is equal to the ante.

A fold relinquishes the ante and blind bets. Side bets stay alive.

Aces count as 11. Face cards are worth ten points. Number cards are worth face value.

The dealer determines the value of the house hand, taking the highest flush count, using no more than three cards. If the dealer beats the player, the house wins the ante, blind and raise. If the house and player have the same point value, these bets push.

If the player beats the dealer, the ante and raise are paid even money. The blind is paid even with bonuses on hands of 26 and higher, as well as flushed runs.

Las Vegas Table Game Survey

The details provided about 3 Card Blitz come from our annual Las Vegas Table Game Survey. Each year we visit every casino in Las Vegas and note all the table games available, along with their rules and conditions.

Data from our survey is compiled by Vegas gambling expert John Mehaffey, and then published on our site. You can find more details on the following page.

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