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Where to Bet on the 2022 Breeder’s Cup

You can make some big profits on the Breeders’ Cup betting sites if you do your homework, but it’s important to place your real money wagers with a racebook that you can trust.

Our researchers have done the legwork for you, and we have rated the best sites for betting on the Breeders’ Cup online.

Rank Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
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Our list of the best Breeders’ Cup betting sites has been carefully prepared. When we are ranking online gambling sites of any kind, we take the process very seriously.

You can be sure that you will receive an excellent service at any of the top betting sites we’ve recommended here. Go right ahead and join one if you’re ready.

Alternatively, please see below to find out how we choose our recommendations for where to bet on the Breeders’ Cup online.

Ranking the Best Breeders’ Cup Betting Sites

GamblingSites.com team members are all seasoned race and sports bettors, so we have been using online betting websites for years. When we rank our sites, we apply our personal experiences along with our knowledge of industry best practices.

All of the important facets are taken into consideration, and we won’t approve any site that doesn’t score well in each and every area.

Here are few of the factors we look at when ranking the best Breeders’ Cup betting sites.

Licensing and Oversight

Reputable websites that take bets on the Breeders’ Cup and other sporting events do not operate in the shadows. This industry has been around for a long time, and some licensing jurisdictions have distinguished themselves for their integrity. Others make it much too easy for sites to get permits.

In order to rank real money betting sites accurately, we have to move forward with a thorough understanding of the gambling website licensing requirements around the world. When you take the time to do the research, the thorough nature of some of these jurisdictions is quite impressive.

They require the submission of detailed business plans, and the regulatory bodies will review the qualifications of the applicants. A certain amount of working capital must be available, and the companies have to outline the protections that they will provide for their players.

These online gambling site operators must pay hefty licensing fees, so they’re making a significant financial commitment from the outset. Simply put, they cannot afford to break the rules in any way, and they have to satisfy their customers to stay in business.

Reputation Among Players and Industry Observers

Word travels fast when it comes to online betting sites, or any other internet-based business for that matter. When a player has a negative experience, you can rest assured that it will be broadcast on relevant forums, and others will chime in to provide corroboration if the complaint is valid.

On the other side of the equation, you also hear about sites that treat their players well. Plus, as gambling industry professionals, we are part of a tightly knit network of insiders. As a result, we communicate with peers that are privy to information that is not always available to the general public.

When we evaluated the top Breeders’ Cup betting sites, we placed an emphasis on the reputation that the sites have established.


An online racebook or betting sites that has been up and running for an extended period of time must be doing something right. This is not to say that a startup entity cannot be effective and reliable, but there is an element of trust that goes along with longevity.

We took this factor into consideration as well.

Deposit Options

Establishing the legitimacy and trustworthiness of a given betting site is job one, and the next step is to examine the policies that are relevant to players.

Depositing funds into your account is a large part of the equation, so we looked into the deposit methods that are typically offered.

Visa and Mastercard
The top-rated Breeders’ Cup betting sites we recommend routinely accept Visa and Mastercard for making deposits. It can be a bank issued credit card, and you can also use debit cards and gift cards.
American Express
Visa and Mastercard are much more widely accepted within the online gambling arena, but there are sites that allow you to use your American Express card to make deposits.
ACH Deposits
An Automated Clearing House (ACH) facilitates electronic payments from one bank to another. Many online sporrtsbooks offer this deposit option.
With the person-to-person approach, you can transfer funds from your bank account to your online betting account without the use of a third-party service. This method is available at a lot of the top horse racing betting sites.
Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is making a major difference in the way that people fund their sports betting accounts. Deposits can be ready for use almost immediately when this method is utilized.


Bitcoin is also a very friendly option when it comes to fast withdrawals. As it is with deposits, the exact methods that are offered on each site vary.

Person-to-person, bank wire transfers, and checks by mail are some of the commonly used forms of payment at the Breeders’ Cup betting websites we recommend.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the great things about placing wagers at online horse racing betting sites is the fact that they actually give you something for nothing at the outset. The best sites for betting on the Breeder’s Cup online all offer generous sign-up bonuses that will bolster your bankroll.

Plus, even after you make your initial deposit, they offer promotions from time to time.

Getting back to the bonuses, there’s no law that says you can only make a deposit at one online racebook or sportsbook. You may want to consider opening multiple accounts so you can receive more than one signup bonus, and there’s another benefit that we will highlight in the next section.

Best Betting Odds

We point our readers toward sites that provide favorable odds and low vigorish, so our preferred betting websites offer good value for your wagering dollar. And if you make a deposit at a few different books, you can shop for odds at the different sites.

This is a major advantage, because margins are tight, and any edges that you can find will add to your profitability over time.

Functionality and Mobile Adaptability

When you bet real money on time sensitive events like horse races or sporting events, you have to be able to navigate your betting site quickly and effectively. There are websites that have too many bells and whistles that can be distracting and confusing.

The classy sites that understand the needs of punters make it easy for you to get around intuitively, and this is the environment that you will find at all of our recommended betting websites.

They also adapt well to any mobile environment, so you can have a reliable race and sportsbook in your pocket at all times.

Customer Service

It’s natural to feel a bit of apprehension when you’re engaging in financial transactions with a company that only exists in a virtual space. When you’re dealing with a betting website, easy access to competent customer service is an absolute must.

This is a dynamic that we weighed heavily when we were creating our list of approved Breeders’ Cup betting websites. The sites that have made the grade all offer outstanding customer service over the phone and through email and live chat.

Best Breeders Cup Betting Sites

Benefits of Betting the Breeders’ Cup Online

There’s really no reason to wager at any brick-and-mortar facility when you consider the benefits of betting online. As we have stated, you can get free money in the form of bonuses, and they certainly aren’t going to hand you any cash if you walk into an off-track betting facility.

You can place your bets anywhere that you may be, and you can surround yourself with your friends instead of the grizzled denizens of the betting parlor or local racetrack that has simulcasting.

For big events like the Breeders’ Cup, the physical betting locations will be packed to the brim, and there are long lines at the betting windows. You also have to settle for mediocre refreshments at unfair prices, and you have to wait forever to get them.

All of these hassles are avoided when you bet the big event online at one of our highly-regarded Breeders’ Cup betting sites.

Key Facts About the Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup races are held over the first weekend in November every year, on Friday and Saturday. Five juvenile races for two-year-old horses are run on the first day of the event, and there are nine races for older horses on Saturday, culminating in the Breeders’ Cup Classic.

Each race carries a purse of $1 million or more, and the Classic is a $6 million race at the time of this writing. Races taking place on both days are nationally televised in the United States on a major network.


In closing, we will sum up the key takeaways. All of the best Breeders’ Cup betting sites that we approved have the appropriate licenses, and they have developed strong reputations over an extended period of time.

They can be relied upon for readily available customer service, and the sites offer effective and efficient deposit and withdrawal methods. The interfaces are intuitive, and they are mobile friendly.

You can find enticing odds at these websites, and they offer generous signup bonuses and promotions.

Betting on the Breeders’ Cup online is completely safe and convenient, and you can keep your account funded throughout the year to bet on all of your favorite sports from anywhere. And if you need some handicapping help, explore this site, especially our blog.

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