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History of Giga Media

Giga Media is a reputable provider of online entertainment software and services. The company operates out of Taiwan and Hong Kong and supplies a number of online gambling companies.

As well as being active in the casino and poker areas, it also deals in casual games and social networking. Funtown and T2CN, two large Asian gaming enterprises, are both under its umbrella.

We have provided a brief history of Giga Media below, from its start back in the 1990s up until today.

The Early Years of Giga Media

In 1998 Giga Media was established as a corporation in Taiwan. It moved base a year later to get reincorporated in Singapore.

The company grew steadily until 2000, although it wasn’t making any huge strides in the online gaming industry.

In that year the company went public, with an initial offering of shares on NASDAQ.

The company came under new management in 2004 and began to restructure. A number of acquisitions followed, the first being Grand Virtual, another gaming software provider.

At this point the company sought to expand its presence in the online gaming market and sold off other interests to focus on this area. Having previously been involved in the music industry, it sold its ownership stake in Rose Records and Tachung Records.

Further Acquisitions

In 2006, Giga Media agreed to the purchases of Funtown and T2CN. Funtown is a leading Asian games portal, and the largest Mahjong site in the world. T2CN is a sports game site in China. These two acquisitions were key moves in the history of Giga Media and are still operational today.

In the same year a strategic partnership was agreed with Wretch, a community blog site with very high traffic.

A number of other acquisitions and partnerships followed and Giga Media gained a strong foothold in the online gaming industry.

Growth continued until 2009 when company stock began to fall, partly due to the recession.

Things got back on track following a deal with European online gaming operator: Mangas Gaming. This helped Giga Media establish itself in Europe.

Giga Media Today

Today Giga Media is a strong operator in a number of regions. Its products include a range of gaming platforms that are used by gambling sites and other platforms for social games such as Mahjong and Tetris.

Additionally, the company owns the major online poker site, Everest Poker and is involved in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs).

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