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Tips for Betting on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl betting tips on this page serve two purposes, both of which should help lead you toward having a satisfying experience when betting on the Super Bowl.

We provide guidance and direction that will help to improve your chance of making money from your Super Bowl betting. The tips we offer should ensure you take a good approach to betting the big game.

On top of our betting tips, we also keep this page updated with our best Super Bowl 2020 picks.

Super Bowl 2020 Betting Picks

Along with our machine-assisted expert, two of our top NFL writers have revealed their Super Bowl 54 picks. However, we’ve organized a few pages that should assist you in formulating your own opinions.

Super Bowl Tips and Picks

Don’t Get Carried Away When Betting the Super Bowl

If you check out our Super Bowl prop bets guide, you’ll quickly see that it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the massive selection at your disposal. All of the top online betting sites release loads of propositions to try and suck in as large of an audience as they can, but you need to be careful.

There are tons of other betting options besides props, too. While it’s nice to open your eyes to everything that’s out there, it’s all too easy to get carried away. That rarely ends well.

The best approach is to focus on a smaller number of wagers that pique your interest and attack them fiercely.

Risking your entire bankroll on a multitude of wagers them isn’t the way to go. Target the bets that present value and upside, and leave the rest for the frivolous fans.

Stay Away From Shady Betting Sites

As fun and enthralling as it is to immerse yourself into Super Bowl betting, you need to be careful about where you’re placing bets. A top tip for betting the Super Bowl is to avoid the untrusted sportsbooks altogether.

Seriously, you won’t want to deal with the headache that will undoubtedly ensue.

Fortunately, there are enough safe Super Bowl betting sites out there, and choosing the right ones is easy. All you have to do is check out our best Super Bowl betting sites page and stick to the online sportsbooks and bookmakers we’ve endorsed.

From the dependability of their software and customer service, to being furnished with easy navigation and fast payouts, do yourself a favor and only place wagers at the top online Super Bowl sportsbooks.

Follow Reliable Sources for Super Bowl Information

Check out the following quote from respected professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody.

“In general, if someone will not produce evidence or details to substantiate a claim they make, they are trying to mislead you.”

The moral of this quote as it pertains to handing out useful Super Bowl betting tips is that you need to take what the so-called “touts” say with a grain of salt. A lot of the time, there’s a hidden agenda behind what’s being preached, so assuming what you read or what you hear is automatically factual could potentially be a mistake.

The idea of trying to backcheck every piece of information you absorb would be a restless process, so here’s our advice regarding this topic… 

You are much better off listening to reliable sources who can be counted on to deliver accurate information. Examples of these accounts would be the beat writers who specifically cover the teams participating in the Super Bowl.

Look to take your Super Bowl betting advice from those who are engrossed in the situation, not from high-profile names speaking their mind just to get some attention.    

Sift Through Your Betting Options First

Due to the number of Super Bowl bets that are going to be readily available, it’s easy to become captivated. But, as already stated, haphazardly going around placing as many wagers as you can most likely won’t translate into a return on your investment.

By sifting through your options BEFORE you start placing bets, you can accomplish a couple of things.

Track Down the Best Odds

Shopping your lines is critical to make sure you don’t leave equity on the table. Why back a team laying 4 points at -115 if you can back them at -4 laying just -110? Or better yet, you might be able to find that same team at -3.5 all while still laying just -110.

Rather than place a wager only to find out better odds are available after the fact, browse through the pricing beforehand.

Place the Bets that Offer Real Value

At the first Super Bowl sportsbook you go to, you might see some bets that catch your eye. But if you continue surfing at other sites, you’ll probably encounter bets you fancy even more.

In the event that you are capping your limit at how much you are willing to bet on the Super Bowl, there’s no reason to settle for second best. Fire away on the bets that offer real betting value.

Stack Correlated Super Bowl Bets

One way of our top tips for betting on the Super Bowl is actually really simple when you think about it.

To really capitalize on your Super Bowl wagers, you should look to parlay additional wagers that “make sense” in terms of game flow. For example, if you think one of the QBs is going to have a monster game, there’s a good chance one or more of his pass-catchers also produces big numbers.

Let’s say you have a hunch that one team is going to win the game in a landslide. Rather than just back that team to cover, parlay it with other bets that are correlated.

  • Bet on that team’s starting running back to go over his projected number of carries.
  • Bet on the over for the opposing quarterback’s number of pass attempts.

In other words, look for other scenarios that would also be likely to play out.

Study the ATS Numbers

Studying how the Super Bowl teams have performed against the spread in the current season can’t hurt. In fact, it can really help you formulate opinions on how the game will play out.

  • If Team A is favored, how has Team A performed against the spread as a favorite?
  • If Team B is the underdog, how has Team B performed against the spread as an underdog?

If you plan on betting the total, wouldn’t you want to know if the “over” hits 65% of the time when Team A is playing? Likewise, what if the under has cashed 65% of the time when Team B is playing?

There’s no reason not to take advantage of this resource.

The data won’t always tell the entire story, so looking back and examining box scores and scoring drives can help you understand how and why things are as they are.

Don’t Be Late to the Party

We’re not referring to showing up late to whatever Super Bowl party you plan on attending, although that would also be a no-no. Snagging a comfortable seat with beverages and snacks nearby is a must, and you won’t want to miss the pregame festivities.

The last of our Super Bowl betting tips alludes to being aware of line movement.

Sustaining success while betting on football is about betting the number, which is why this topic is so crucial to comprehend. If the total of the Super Bowl opens at 43 and the sharps start pounding the over, that doesn’t mean betting the over if the total soars to 45 is necessarily the smart play.

To be truthful, those same sharps who pounced on the “over at 43” might be equally intrigued to bet the under at 45.

In other words, one can ill afford to continually “get the worst of it” and expect to net a profit in the long run. The bookmakers have gotten so precise setting lines in the NFL, and overcoming the juice isn’t getting any easier.

The lesson here is, if you see a Super Bowl line trending hard in one direction, you may want to think twice before you hop onboard.

A Quick Review of Our Super Bowl Betting Tips

When you’re ready to bet on the Super Bowl, we want you to feel at ease. We provided these Super Bowl betting tips so that you can gain an edge, and we organized them onto one page in order to keep things simple.

The Super Bowl is the single most exhilarating sporting event in the world, especially for those who have a few bucks riding on the outcome. Throwing some money on the big game will certainly keep things entertaining, but you should also be viewing it as an opportunity to pad your wallet.   

Perhaps that’s by stacking correlated prop bets, or maybe it’s because you found the optimal number when scoping the top Super Bowl betting sites. In any case, following these betting tips for the Super Bowl could be the difference between winning and losing money on game day.