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Betting on Let’s Dance

Odds are you already know that you can bet on shows like Dancing with the Stars. But did you know that there are other dancing reality shows you can bet on?

One example is Let’s Dance, Germany’s and Sweden’s version of Britain’s Strictly Come Dancing. You can bet on both shows. Just make sure you join the best Let’s Dance betting sites for the largest selection of markets and odds.

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Joining a high-quality betting site is half the battle. The right site will ensure that you get the fairest odds and that your money is safe. But it won’t automatically make your bets profitable.

That’s why we’re not only going to show you the types of Let’s Dance bets you can make, but we’ll also share a few strategies you can use to increase your win rate.

Following that, we’ll explain our methodology behind choosing our recommended Let’s Dance betting sites and answer the most common questions we get about betting on reality dance shows online.

If that sounds good to you, then let’s jump into the types of bets you can make on Let’s Dance.

Let’s Dance Betting Markets and Odds

Let’s Dance may be a niche dance reality show, but that doesn’t mean you should expect any fewer betting opportunities from the bookmaker you join.

Join one of our top-rated Let’s Dance betting sites and you can expect to find the following types of bets and markets.


Bet on the celebrity (or dance couple) you think will win the Let’s Dance competition. Here’s an example of the odds you can find from one of our recommended sportsbooks.

  • John Lundvik | 2.25
  • Anders Svensson | 8.00
  • Sussie Eriksson | 3.50
  • Jan Björklund | 15.00
  • Penny Parnevik | 6.00
  • Alice Stenlöf | 6.50

Straight or Moneyline Bets

Straight and moneyline bets come in many flavors. For example, you might bet on the celebrity you think will move on to the next round or will leave the competition next.

Here’s an example of the odds that you can find online.

  • Jan Björklund | -105
  • Alice Stenlöf | +325
  • Anders Svensson | +375
  • Penny Parnevik | +550
  • Sussie Eriksson | +1300
  • John Lundvik | +1400


Bet on the celebrity or dance duo you think will win Let’s Dance several months in advance.

Futures are often available once bookmakers know who the competitors are.


Prop bets come in many favors, too. What makes these unique is that you’re betting on outcomes that have no impact on the Let’s Dance competition i.e. who will win, be eliminated next, move on to the next round, etc.

Instead, you’re betting on random outcomes such as the gender of the winner of Let’s Dance, the song a competitor might dance to, or what someone might wear.

You can’t plan for props in advance because they’re often determined based on the competitors and their backgrounds, personalities, and any of their nuances that bookmakers pick up on during the show.

Prop bets and futures are less common than outrights and moneyline bets. You might need to shop around before you find a betting site that offers them.

That’s okay, though. You should have multiple betting accounts anyway, so that you can compare and take the best odds.

Our Let’s Dance betting sites are a good place to start.

Let’s Dance Betting Tips

It’s not easy to bet on entertainment markets like dance competitions because you don’t have much data to work with.

That doesn’t mean you have to bet in the dark, though, or that it’s impossible to gain an edge. It’s not. Try our tips below and we’re confident that you’ll increase your win rate when betting on Let’s Dance online.

Look for Celebrities With Dance Backgrounds

The first thing we recommend you research is whether any of the celebrity competitors have dance backgrounds. You might be surprised to find that some of them were part of a band or pop group, or they were involved in an activity that involved choreography.

This experience gives them a huge edge because they’ll pick up new dance routines easier, faster, and better than competitors with zero dance experience.

Look for Celebrities With Athletic Backgrounds

Dancing is a strenuous activity, so being fit and well-conditioned is a huge advantage. That’s why you need to figure out which celebrities have an athletic background.

Athletes are more in tune with their body. They have good kinetic sense. They have good coordination. This will allow them to pick up routines faster and practice them longer since they have more stamina.

Just look across the pond at the Dancing with the Stars winners. Of all the winners, 11 of them (nearly 41%) came from professional sports backgrounds.

Look at the Dance Pro’s Win/Loss Record

You should also research the dance pro. If they have competed on previous seasons of Let’s Dance, you can look up their win/loss record to see how well they’ve done. The best dance pros have won more than once.

Here are some examples from Germany’s Let’s Dance.

  • Isabel Edvardsson – 2x winner
  • Ekaterina Leonova – 3x (consecutive) winner
  • Erich Klann – 2x winner
  • Christian Polanc – 2x winner

Here are a couple more examples from Sweden’s Let’s Dance.

  • Cecilia Ehrling – 4x winner
  • Sigrid Bernson – 2x winner

If these pros are competing again, you should strongly consider betting on them (or the celebrities they’re paired with) if you can find bets with good value.

Oh, and forget about betting on new dance professionals. For one reason or another, they never win the first season they’re on the show.

Who Wants to Stick Around?

Some celebrities go on these shows because they’re paid to. Between that and their competitive drive, you’ll see them give it their all.

And there are celebrities who care more about the exposure they’re getting or their perceived reputation than winning.

You want to figure out which camp each contestant belongs in. The competitors in the former camp will almost always stick around longer than those in the latter camp.

You should also check to see who CAN stick around until the very end. For example, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was on Dancing with the Stars for one season. He had a fight schedule before the season finale, so it was obvious that there was no way he was going to win the show.

Do your research and the obvious lowers (like Mayweather) will float to the top. In fact, you could say the same thing about choosing a Let’s Dance betting site.

Best Let’s Dance Betting Sites

More than one betting site offers action on Let’s Dance, but they’re not all worth your time. But how do you know which sites are and which ones aren’t?

Here’s how we do it. We review and test every online betting site, then we compare the notes we take for each one. The cruddy betting sites sink, and the best Let’s Dance betting sites float to the top.

Here are the things we look for, test, and compare.

  • License – We only recommend betting sites that have a legit gambling license from a trustworthy gambling commission or authority.
  • Banking – We look for a variety of banking options with reasonable deposit limits and (preferably zero) fees.
  • Promotions – We look for a variety of promotions (bonuses, free bets, etc.) as well as ongoing deals like VIP programs or rebates.
  • Customer Support – We prefer to recommend betting sites that offer more than one way to reach them. Our team also test their email support to see how quickly the bookmaker responds to our support ticket.
  • Mobile – Our team tests each sportsbook on our smartphones and tablets. We want to see how easy it is to use the site and whether all the desktop features are available to mobile users.
  • Odds – We look for a couple of things, including how early each site posts their Let’s Dance odds and how their odds compare to other bookmakers.
  • Markets/Betting Options – We check to see what types of bets you can make. The more options, the better.
  • Limits – Most betting sites have relatively small limits for their entertainment or novelty betting markets. We prefer to recommend the sites with the widest range of betting limits.

We include all the information we find in our betting site reviews. This is where we recommend you start if there is anything specific (types of bets, promotions, banking options, etc.) you’re looking for.

We use the information we find to sort out the top betting sites. All our recommendations are sorted in order starting with the betting sites we suggest you join first. If you’ve never gambled online before or aren’t looking for anything specific, this is where we recommend you start.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It probably doesn’t look or sound like much when we summarize our process like this, but it takes us several days to complete this process per site.

It’s worth knowing that, so long as you join one of the sites we recommend, you’re going to have a safe, excellent, and quite possibly profitable experience betting on Let’s Dance online.

Best Let's Dance Betting Sites

Let’s Dance FAQ

Is betting on Let’s Dance legal?

We can’t speak for every country or jurisdiction but if you can bet on sports, play poker or casino games, chances are you can bet on Let’s Dance with no problem.

What types of bets can I make?

Most betting sites will have outrights and moneylines. But some bookmakers also offer futures and prop bets, too.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a betting site with an over/under on the points a competitor earns each week.

How do I find value?

Finding value is a matter of finding a discrepancy between how well sportsbooks think a competitor will do (reflected in the odds they’re laying) and how well you think that competitor will do.

For example, if a competitor is getting +150 odds from the betting site, the bookmaker is saying that the competitor has a 40% chance of winning. But if you think their odds of winning are higher, then that bet has value. The higher the odds you think the competitor has, the more value that bet has.

Ultimately, finding value is a matter of experience, both in betting online and whatever it is you’re betting on.

How do I choose the best betting site?

You can’t go wrong joining any one of the top Let’s Dance betting sites we recommend. As we said in the last section, we only recommend the top-rated sites out of every betting site we’ve reviewed and tested.

So, start there and, if you’re unsure of which one to join, just start with the sites listed at the top.


That’s all you need to know about betting on Let’s Dance online. It’s a smaller dance reality show, so there’s not a lot to it.

Still, you’ll want to be careful when choosing a betting site. Join the wrong one and everything from the promotions to the betting opportunities will be average at best.

But this is a non-issue if you join one of the betting sites we endorse. We’ve done the research and tested every site we recommend, so you rest assured knowing that these are the best Let’s Dance betting sites online.

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