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Why You Should Bet on the Jets to Beat the Chiefs in NFL Week 8

| October 30, 2020 1:12 am PDT
Jets to Beat the Chiefs in Week 8, 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL. Heck, maybe they are literally the best team.

Their offense is stacked, and last week the defense and special teams showed they’re not too shabby, either.

Sitting across from them in week eight is basically the exact opposite.

The New York Jets are winless at 0-7. The “fire Adam Gase” chants have been alive and well since before the season even started. I even predicted that this would be the team to get the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

New York seriously could go 0-16 this year. They’re that bad.

But temptation is a heck of a thing.

No, I’m not really here advocating you to bet all of your money on the Jets in week eight. I’m not saying it’s a good bet at all. But I am here to give you 6 reasons why betting on the Jets to win in week 8 isn’t crazy.

Well, it is crazy, but it just might be worth your time (and a tiny bit of money). Here’s why.

The Odds Are Beyond Alluring

The number one reason to bet on the Jets to beat the Chiefs this week is without a doubt the pricing. No matter where you look, New York is a massive underdog.

The opening line was +21.5 for this game at its worst, and +20.5 most everywhere else.

Depending on where you bet on football, it could be somewhere around there, but a lot of NFL betting websites have seen it drop to around +19.5.

That’s still plenty thick, and if any of this post convinces you to bet on the Jets, the safer play is obviously betting on New York to beat the spread.

But more impressive than the thick point spread, is their crazy +1200 odds to win.

That is one heck of a moneyline, and I’m not even sure most sports bettors need more of a reason than those alluring odds. You don’t even need to risk much cash to make this worth your while, either. A $10 bet could bring back $122.50 at MyBookie.

The moneyline is so nuts, in fact, that some sites have pulled it from their betting options. For the moment, the best place to attack this wager is MyBookie.

Any Given Sunday

The Jets vs. Chiefs week 8 odds are out of this world. The price alone should have your interest, but variance in sports should get you to take your shoes off and stay awhile, too.

Seriously, especially with the NFL, there is just never such a thing as a sure thing.

Heck, maybe Adam Gase will deliver a riveting speech like this iconic scene from Al Pacino.

I mean, I doubt it, but still.

I remember years ago when the Green Bay Packers lost to the 0-10 Indianapolis Colts. Or look back to week one, when the Washington Football Team beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

They don’t call them upsets for nothing, folks.

There are NFL underdogs that come through every single week. They’re not usually of historic fashion like the Jets could be, but it is far from unheard of.

Any team can beat any team at any time in the NFL. If you think even for a second this could be where the Jets get lucky and nab an improbable victory, it could be worth placing a bet.

Kansas City Has Played Down to Their Competition

One big reason why major upsets happen is that teams don’t take their opponent seriously. Maybe they’re tired, get bored, or just think the game is so easy and that it’ll come to them naturally.

Whatever the case, the Chiefs have been guilty of some form of that in 2020.

Kansas City easily disposed of the Houston Texans in week one, but they’ve since flirted with disaster, and even gave into it.

In week two the Chiefs had to rally to beat a Chargers team operating with a rookie quarterback under center. They needed overtime to pull it off.

A couple of weeks later, the Chiefs let a Cam Newton-less Patriots team hang around until late in the game. Their final score looked decisive, but KC really did not play very well.

The week after that, the Chiefs played around too much, gave up 40 points to the Raiders, and lost. In their next game, they weren’t quite themselves, either, as they only beat the Bills by nine.

Kansas City crushed Denver last week, so it’s possible they’ve learned from this mistake. But what if they haven’t?

The Jets Hung With the Bills

Speaking of the Bills, Buffalo played Kansas City pretty well, and just last week, the Jets almost beat them.

New York’s offense was about as bad as ever in scoring just 10 points, but Gang Green didn’t allow the Bills to score a single touchdown.

Buffalo walked all over them in the sense that they still managed six field goals, but New York sacked Josh Allen twice, forced a fumble, and contained a pretty explosive offense.

This is worth noting because Allen is a different version of Patrick Mahomes. He’s less accurate and not as consistent, but if the Jets could corral him, it’s worth wondering if they could find a way to slow down Mahomes.

New York would still need quite a bit of luck just to even hang in this game, but playing a good Bills team tightly last week offers some optimism for how they can compete.

New York is Getting Healthy on Offense

Don’t look now, but this isn’t exactly the same Jets offense that scored 75 total points through their first six losses.

This is an offense that can definitely score 10 points on you now.

I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness, New York is the healthiest on offense they’ve been all year. Wide receivers Denzel Mims and Breshad Perriman are on the field, and that gives Sam Darnold weapons like he simply hasn’t had in 2020.

The chemistry is going to take some time, but both of these guys are burners who could bust this game wide open if KC allows them to.

New York Has Nothing to Lose

Lastly, and potentially as dangerous as anything else mentioned in this post, the Jets have literally nothing to lose.

In fact, the only thing they might risk here is the chance to draft Trevor Lawrence first overall, and that’d be from winning this game. Then again, he seems wishy-washy on his future, so maybe they don’t want to put all of their eggs in one basket.

New York probably has no pride, they lack talent, and they’re facing the mighty Chiefs. But there are zero expectations here, folks.

That tends to be the case with a 19.5-point spread and +1200 moneyline, after all.

Everyone expects the Chiefs to win, and to do so easily. If the Jets execute and come out with intent to stage the mother of all NFL upsets, it’s not impossible for them to do exactly that.


I think these are solid reasons why the Jets can beat the Chiefs. And yeah, betting on the Jets to win in week 8 isn’t crazy. I mean, not that crazy.

This is pro football we’re talking about, so truly anything can happen. Patrick Mahomes could get hurt, the Jets could magically have their best game of the year, or Kansas City could get burned by bad officiating or a costly turnover.

So many different things can happen in the NFL, which makes betting on the improbable a lot of fun, and potentially financially rewarding.

I wouldn’t go hard here, of course. For the most part, I’d honestly just ignore this game. But if I’m betting on the Jets vs. Chiefs, I’d lightly tab the Jets to win (mostly for fun), or bet on them to beat this disgusting spread.

It’s just too thick of a spread to ask the Chiefs to cover, and KC is giving you nothing back on their moneyline. Avoid it, or bet on the Jets in some fashion.

Of course, for a more detailed breakdown of the game as a whole, you can lean on the insight found in our week 8 Jets vs. Chiefs betting preview.

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