Why The Sopranos Needs to Return to TV

| March 26, 2022 7:00 am PDT
Sopranos logo in center. Tony Soprano to left Meadow Soprano to right.

What are the odds for a reboot of The Sopranos announced in 2022? 

Although that might appear as a rhetorical question, I can answer it. And in this piece covering nine reasons why The Sopranos revival should happen, I’ll be exploring if there is any point in betting on those odds.

Now, the sheer idea of recreating arguably the best TV series ever made is probably enough for someone to sanction a move on me. But let me tell you a couple of three things — there are reasons why a Sopranos comeback could work. And these particular factors suggest that it might not stink.

As a huge fan of the iconic HBO series, I feel just about qualified enough to give my takes on why a reboot of The Sopranos could work. I’m sure my love of this show won’t blind me from giving an honest and balanced assessment of both sides of the coin. Or will it?

Before we get down to business, there is one thing to note about this piece — it is full of spoilers. Also, if you are not familiar with the series, many of these references will fly over your head like that cyclist Pussy Bonpensiero hit in Season 1.

Let’s start slow before we pick up the pace. How’s about a look at the odds I was telling you about?

Odds for The Sopranos Reboot to be Announced in 2022


Among the numerous betting specials, Bovada is the market for betting on The Sopranos reboot being announced in 2022.

If the odds above could talk, they would answer any questions about when The Sopranos comeback will be announced faster than you can say “gabagool.”

Furthermore, they would expand on the said question by claiming that the odds for a Sopranos reboot hitting the headlines in 2022 are almost as heavy as the mole removed from Ginny Sack’s behind. But are we stopping there? Nah.

I mean, stranger things have happened. Not as strange as seeing a flying saucer over East Rutherford, of course. But few fans were prepared to announce the show’s prequel, “The Many Saints of Newark,” back in 2019.

Not even the Quasimodo could have predicted that.

Anyway, I’m saying that while the chances of The Sopranos return being made official in 2022 are weak, they’re not entirely out of the question. 

So, it’s time to sit down and talk about why a reboot of The Sopranos could work. If you’re convinced The Sopranos will return to television – or even if you’re not – feel free to visit Bovada and place a bet now.

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1. The Recent Surge in Popularity of The Sopranos

The Sopranos merged image season 4 and 5

It’s hard to believe that the final episode of The Sopranos aired on June 10, 2007.

The revolutionary show wrapped things up just seven years after the turn of the century, seemingly set to fade into irrelevance with the younger generation. Instead, it made a comeback with more ferocity than Richie Aprile behind the wheel of an SUV.

Much of this had to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, not COVID itself. But the rise in streaming of The Sopranos during the lockdown.

Furthermore, the 20th anniversary of the show — in addition to podcasts and articles looking back on the seismic impact David Chase’s creation had on television — saw stats for streaming The Sopranos online jump by almost 180%. Marone a mi.

Those numbers were only beaten by Game of Thrones and Westworld, which both first hit the air in the 2010s. It’s also worth pointing out that “The Many Saints of Newark” had a hand in revitalizing the brand.

While it has been strange to see the late James Gandolfini heralded as one of the breakout TV stars of the early 2020s, The Sopranos revival is not surprising. This classic series stands next to The Wire as the greatest television shows ever made. Its quality speaks for itself.

If you think the executives didn’t notice this, you’re wrong. Could capitalizing on the show’s success be something that has been run more than Pie-o-My? Could this mean that betting on The Sopranos comeback could be something to consider?

2. We’d Find Out What Really Happened to Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano

Was Tony Soprano whacked in “Made in America?” Or was the allegorical nature of the final episode imply something else?

Chase has skirted around that question ever since the final episode sent viewers into a collective state of hysteria. And while he has alluded to Tony meeting his maker as “Don’t Stop Believing” plays before the now-famous cut-to-black scene, he has yet to explicitly state the New Jersey crew ended up morte.

In discussing why a reboot of The Sopranos should happen, you have to consider some of the angles the show’s writers would need to approach a new series. The most obvious is how to give fans closure on arguably the most controversial ending of, well, anything. Ever. 

Regardless of whether the top entertainment betting sites are offering odds on The Sopranos revival or not, this should be the first question to ponder. After all, a reboot of the show that had the same name as the HBO masterpiece would imply that a member of that family was the lead character. 

Tony Soprano at Holsten's in Made in America episode

James Gandolfini’s death in Italy in 2013 means that recreating the role is off the cards. Casting another character in his role is highly unlikely and would cause a major uproar.

They would only get around it would be to cast his son, Michael. But he is nowhere near the actor his father was, and the chronology is so far off-kilter, you might as well resurrect “that animal, Blundetto,” and announce him as the new boss.

Kinda like “Cleaver” or something. But where Saw meets Godfather 2 meets, erm, Airheads.

No reboots of The Sopranos, if set after the scene in Holsten’s, could skip over the question of whether Tony Soprano is dead, went into witness protection, or just had a panic attack looking at the restaurant’s prices for a basket of wings. 

3. The Sopranos Reboot Would be Well Crafted

David Chase

If you’re looking for reasons why a reboot of The Sopranos should happen, here’s a good one.

If Chase and his team of handpicked writers are on the case, it’s not going to suck. It might not be as great as the original — correction, it will not be as great as the original — but it would be watchable.

One of the reasons why reviving The Sopranos is considered ridiculous is that most of the series’ main characters met their ends. Some, unfortunately, also passed away in the real world.

This would be difficult, but not impossible, to work around in the event of The Sopranos return to TV.

Sopranos Actors That Died in Real Life
Character Actor
Tony Soprano James Galdofini
Ginny Sacrimone Denise Borino-Quinn
Phil Leotardo Frank Vincent
Butch di Concini Greg Antonacci
Carmine Lupertazzi Sr. Tony Lip
Albie Cianfalone John “Cha Cha” Ciarcia
Hugh DeAngelis Tom Aldredge

Unfortunately, the list of Sopranos actors who died in real life is much, much longer.

Alongside fan-favorites such as Frank Vincent and Tony Lip, the actors who played small parts such as “Johnny Cakes,” “Mustang Sally,” and Angelo Gareppe also passed away.

Of course, the question of the deceased actors is one thing. But when you combine these with actors who died in The Sopranos, there would be little left of that world that still remains.

This means that Chase could create an entirely new realm if he chooses to put the wheels in motion for The Sopranos reboot in 2022. 

4. It Could Explore the Modern State of Organized Crime

FBI symbol and guns

You bet a reboot of The Sopranos would do a great job highlighting the world of organized crime in the United States.

After all, the epic series that follows the head of the “glorified crew” of New Jersey was exceptional at shining a light over things as they were when it was on the air.

From the perspective of a modern mob boss — one trying to spin the plates of life in organized crime while maintaining the existence of an upper-middle-class family lifestyle — we witnessed the intersectional hazards and hiccups that were just not there with “the old-timers.”

The introduction of guys such as Philly, “The Shah of Iran,” Leotardo, and “Feech” La Manna helped emphasize how ‘soft’ the new generation was compared to the older guard.

A perceived disrespect for the Omerta, as well as a lackadaisical approach to the hardline ethics of pre-RICO La Cosa Nostra/Cammora attitudes, led to more division between both friendly and overtly hostile, rival players.

Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti in center with Phil Leotardo and Feech La Manna to left and right

These days, former capos and underbosses openly talk about their experiences on YouTube. Guys like Michael Franzese and Sammy “The Bull” Gravano have YouTube channels where they regale experiences that would make some viewers recoil in horror.

But not Philly. He wouldn’t have done that. Although he never mentioned it, he did twenty frickin’ years in the can. And for what? To eat grilled cheese off the radiator, instead of manicotti. Don’t even ask him about the tissues.

Should The Sopranos be revived, there would be plenty of legroom to look at this elemental change in attitudes to how modern Mafiosi operate. And wouldn’t that be something? It could be phenomenal if the best writers and actors were on board.

5. Modern TV Is Turgid – Revival Would be Exciting

Someone shooting a tv

I will die on this hill. Modern TV stinks worse than Chris’ “smelly valentine.”

It’s about as robust as little Cosette under scrutiny and would fold quicker than Adriana La Cerva under questioning. It’s lifeless, dull, completely boring, and just so…turgid. And look, I have tried to watch the dragon show thingy and the rest of the stuff people like these days. But it sucks.

Other than the first four seasons of the Italian classic Gomorrah — which I implore you to watch as it is phenomenal — there is little that I have enjoyed streaming/watching in years. Other than Better Call Saul, which is a spin-off of Breaking Bad. Throw in South Park, and there is little more I would watch if it came on the box.

Now, I’m not hitting out at you for liking ‘Lord of the Thrones’ or ‘Korean Fishy Game Killers,’ but they are not for me. That latest thing with DiCaprio? Nah. And don’t even get me started on some of the thrash involving those tiger people who come with more issues than Time Magazine.

Just like that, right there. That’s how I feel watching other people swallow this immediately unforgettable garbage up like one of Barone Sanitation’s trucks.

Want to know the last series I watched on TV? I’ll tell you. It begins with a capital ‘S’ and ends in ‘opranos.’ Why? Cos, it rules. That’s why. It’s a masterpiece from the plotlines and character development to the soundtrack and cinematography.

That soundtrack, man. That soundtrack…

Admittedly, this was probably the fifth time I have watched the thing from front to back. And you wanna know something? I still picked up new things.

Is the idea of a Sopranos revival series that bad with all that in mind? I don’t think it is. If the concept is right, Chase and the company can take my money right now.

Junior Soprano once said, “my father told me to never get old. I should have listened to him.”

More Reasons Why a Reboot of The Sopranos Must Happen

Paulie Walnuts shooting a gun

While there are more reasons than candy bars in Ginny Sack’s secret stash box, I can’t take up all of your time. 

So, how about a few reasons why a reboot of The Sopranos is not the ridiculous idea in the world. Standing next to the best quotes from Little Carmine, they might not be as…inspiring. But hey, they are “very allegorical.”

The Sopranos Reboot Would Make Tons of Cash

Money doesn’t talk. It sings. 

And what sings louder and higher as a Soprano? You just knew that was coming. And no. I will not apologize. Especially when discussing the possibility of a return of The Sopranos to TV.

Putting the cheesy puns aside for a moment, if Chase were to consider reviving The Sopranos series in 2022, or even later, he could expect to have a cash injection the size of a small country’s GDP fall into his lap. The financial incentive is there. 

While I don’t want to mention this, or at least not expand too much and appear crass, a Sopranos reboot without Chase could happen.

There are scenarios where that could be the case. But any idea of a revival without the creator would not be the same.

It Could Be Good to See Some of the Old Characters

Almost everyone from Chrissy to Silvio got whacked or “went away.” 

Some were even buried “on a hill… overlooking a little river… with pine cones all around.” Others weren’t as fortunate as Richie (of course, I’m joking) and instead were shipped off in bowling ball bags or other means of transportation. 

Still, the left cast members would surely make for some of the best Sopranos characters in a reboot. Or, some that the viewer could have loved in the original series’ only to, for whatever happened (whatever happened there?), be anything but likable in the new run.

Just Imagine the Quotes and Malapropisms

Part of what makes a Sopranos revival so exciting is the prospect of having more extremely hilarious scriptwriting to get through.

To be more specific, some of the greatest malapropisms of all time. And while Little Carmine was responsible for many of them, such as “the sacred and the propane,” there were other hilariously twisted quotations and idioms thrown around like flat footballs.

Here are a few of my favorites.

  • “This alteration you had with him. You’re at the precipice, Tony, of an enormous crossroads.”Little Carmine
  • “You know, Sun Ta-zoo? The Chinese Prince Matchavelli.”Paulie Gualtieri
  • “Quasimodo predicted all of this.”Bobby Baccalieri

Add this to the hilarious quips, such as Paulie’s “Interior decorator” one and Adriana telling Chris her uterus was pierced during surgery, to which he replies, “both of them?” and you’re still only scratching the surface of this genius scriptwriting.

The Sopranos Family Could be Revived

Let’s say Tony got whacked. The rest of the immediate “glorified crew” were either whacked, flipped, or passed away. 

It would be hard for this crew not to be chewed up and have their businesses cut and doled out to the New York families. Thus, leaving Carmela AJ, Meadow, Janice, and the kids up the proverbial creek without as much as a little smoked turkey. 

Revenge? You thought it; I wrote it. 

While the idea of AJ building a crew up with Patsy Parisi’s son is an obvious go-to, it’s a little too predictable for this show. However, if things “transpired” that Patsy did indeed have Tony whacked, it could be a workable angle.

Either that or the ghost of Christopher possesses a Canadian goose and goes full Scarface, final scene, on New York…

Will The Sopranos TV Series Reboot Actually Happen?

The Sopranos logo

You can bet on The Sopranos reboot being announced in 2022, but I would pass.

There are plenty more viable markets to wager on in our betting blog that make more sense and have a better chance of winning you money.

Although I wouldn’t completely rule it out, it doesn’t seem likely that we will see arguably the greatest TV show of all time coming back any time soon.

Although I have listed nine reasons why The Sopranos should revive the series, there is one overarching argument against it. That is, well, that is was perfect.

Everything that could have been done, was done. Furthermore, this is a different world on both sides of the camera. And what would the HBO classic be without most of the characters and the absence of those actors that made something that should be left alone.

The surge in popularity of the show has been nice to see. Does it warrant bringing back The Sopranos for another series? No. Neither makes money, new potential plotlines, or the fact that most modern TV shows are unwatchable.

The fact is, sometimes art needs to be left alone to speak for itself. Furthermore, whether it’s via the paintbrush of Caravaggio or the musical compositions of Radiohead, masterpieces must be wrapped up at some point. And then left for further generations to admire, unravel, and critique to their heart’s content.

Or you could play The Sopranos slot machine and get on with life.

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