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Why Nick Bosa Can Win the Super Bowl 54 MVP Award

| January 31, 2020 4:01 am PDT
Why Nick Bosa Will Win Super Bowl 54 MVP

If Nick Bosa wanted to stop right now, his first NFL season would be crowned as an amazing success.

Nine sacks during the regular season was arguably enough to lock down the 2019 Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Three more during the playoffs showcased his clutch ability when the meaningful games show up.

And no game has more meaning than Super Bowl 54, where Bosa will hope his pass rushing prowess helps his San Francisco 49ers win the league title.

Depending on how much of an impact he can make, Bosa can potentially tack on a Super Bowl MVP win, as well. Here’s a quick look at 5 reasons to bet on Nick Bosa to win Super Bowl 54 MVP.

He Has the Best Odds of Any Defensive Player

Reason number one to consider betting on Nick Bosa to win Super Bowl 54 MVP? The best sites to bet on the Super Bowl have him coming in with the best odds of any defensive player in the game.

Bosa trumps the likes of Richard Sherman, Tyrann Mathieu, Dee Ford, and Frank Clark, all because he’s been highly productive and is a flat-out physical specimen.

The sensational rookie comes in with a solid +1800 price tag at BetOnline and could have a better shot at nabbing the award than most bettors realize.

Defensive Players Have Won More Than You Think

It is true that defensive players don’t often win the Super Bowl MVP award, but it’s not as if they never do.

Von Miller and Malcolm Smith make two defensive Super Bowl MVP winners in the last six seasons alone, while a defensive player has won four times since 2001.

That isn’t a lot, but throughout history, if you total all defensive Super Bowl MVPs and combine them into one position, it’d rank second behind the quarterback position in terms of MVP trophies won.

Looking back, it’s actually statistically probable that a game MVP will (likely) be either a quarterback or a defensive player. For a wide receiver or running back to win, they either need the game script to favor them in an unbelievable sense, or they pretty much need to have the game of their lives.

Super Bowl 54 admittedly doesn’t project the way you’d like if you’re betting on a defensive player to win game MVP. But Bosa could be in line for some big plays here, and the Niners defense stifling a potent Chiefs offense would shift the focus to Bosa and this defense.

The 49ers Are a Bad Matchup for the Chiefs

That brings me to another huge point; the 49ers are a bad matchup for the Chiefs.

Kansas City’s offense isn’t easy to defend, but they’re facing a defense that does two things at an elite level: put pressure on the quarterback and prevent big plays down the field.

San Francisco is aggressive, they’re physical, and they know how to adapt on the fly. Bosa is part of that nasty pass rush, which understandably plays into the secondary being able to hold it together.

Is it still possible that Patrick Mahomes can stay alive, roll out, and find Tyreek Hill deep for a big play or three? Sure, but his tendency to try to create something out of nothing could also go horribly wrong against a defense built as well as the 49ers.

He’s Getting Some Help From His Brother

Take it with a grain of salt, but Nick Bosa has a little inside information, as his brother, Joey Bosa, plays in the same division as Patrick Mahomes.

With the younger Bosa never facing Mahomes to this point, it’s safe to say he wouldn’t mind any kind of clues as to how to handle perhaps the best quarterback in pro football.

Joey Bosa has only gone 1-5 against the Chiefs through six career games, but he has two sacks, seven quarterback hits, and 17 tackles in those games. More importantly, though, he knows how Patrick Mahomes plays after facing him over the last two years.

Any extra advice Nick Bosa can absorb ahead of Super Bowl can’t be a bad thing.

Nick Bosa Simply Will Not Be Denied

You could argue that Nick Bosa needs the perfect path to nab the 2020 Super Bowl MVP trophy. I’d agree, but it’s honestly the path I think Super Bowl 54 takes.

That’d be one where the 49ers jump out early, just like both teams Kansas City has faced in the playoffs have done. Chiefs fans will hang their hat on Mahomes and co. being able to dig their way out of those holes, but in Super Bowl 2020, it won’t be as easy.

This game script works to Nick Bosa’s advantage. He’ll be coming with everything he’s got from the first snap, but the second the Niners are in a favorable position, he can really bring the heat.

Bosa has had a truly magic run during his first year. He’s got the stats, that ROY award is on its way, and he could play a huge hand in helping the 49ers get their sixth ever Lombardi Trophy.

If the 49ers shut the Chiefs down and get the win, I won’t be shocked at all if he’s a huge reason why. Should that be the case, he’ll certainly be in the mix to win the 2020 Super Bowl MVP award.


Nick Bosa is far from a lock to win the Super Bowl MVP award, but he has compelling odds, an endless motor, and a possible game script working to his advantage.

Bosa has also left his mark on both playoff games so far this year, while defensive coordinator Robert Saleh will not hesitate to use him in an effort to get to Patrick Mahomes.

If you think the 49ers win this game — and keep the Chiefs grounded in the process — Bosa and his +1800 Super Bowl MVP odds should be on your radar going into the big game.

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