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Why Johnny Weir Won’t Win Dancing With the Stars

| October 15, 2020 2:30 am PDT
Dancing With the Stars Betting Season 29

Dancing With the Stars season 29 is alive and well. If you don’t try too hard to look for flaws, it’s been another amazing season, and we’re well on our way to crowning a new champion.

It’s quite arguable the winner of season 29 is already pretty obvious. That’s none other than prized figure skater Johnny Weir.

The 36-year old has dazzled on the ice, but this time he’s impressing with his moves on the dance floor. He’s wowed America and the judges, while the best entertainment betting sites also peg him as the favorite to win.

But if you’re betting on Dancing With the Stars, you may not come away enamored with Weir’s -125 odds. That’s a fine price for a favorite, but you still have to put in some money to get anything back.

Every other option offers at least $175 for every $100 you risk. There is value in looking for reasons not to bet on Johnny Weir.

Whether you think he’s a lock or not, take a second to read these 4 reasons why Johnny Weir won’t win season 29 of Dancing With the Stars.

He Has a Top Challenger

Her name is Kaitlayn Bristowe. In my original Dancing With the Stars season 29 predictions, she was my pick to win.

Bristowe is an ABC darling thanks to her Bachelor ties, she’s a likable personality with a nice following, and she grew up with dancing in her blood.

The pedigree has been there for all to see, but Bristowe has also proven to be more than a memorable face with dancing chops. Weir was basically perfect this past week, but Bristowe finished just two points behind him.

Just watch how she shined in her Tango performance.

Bristowe has excelled in this competition and sits right behind Weird (+175) in terms of betting odds at top sites like BetOnline. If there’s a top reason not to bet on Weir, Bristowe is it.

There is Value in Looking Elsewhere

Bristowe has to be seen as Johnny Weir’s biggest threat right now, and if you’re banking on betting odds (and my original prediction), that’d certainly be the case.

But there could be upside in plunging further into what entertainment betting sites are saying in terms of odds. I wouldn’t go too far, but Nev Schulman (+700) has impressed and has the third-best Dancing With the Stars odds at most sites.

Schulman is coming off a strong performance where he tied for third.

Skai Jackson (+800) is right behind him, and actually surprised with the top score two weeks ago.

Backstreet Boys legend AJ McLean was one of my original Dancing With the Stars sleepers, and he comes in at a cool +2000, too.

I don’t know how great I’d feel about chasing anyone priced longer than that, but sleepers have been known to rise up before. Weir has emerged as the dancer to beat, but there could easily be a value bet lurking in this competition.

Weir is Dancing With an Injury

To me, this is probably the second biggest reason to not bet on Johnny Weir to win season 29 of Dancing With the Stars.

Injuries can be brutal in sports, and if they’re not managed right – or somehow get worse – there can be compensation, poor performance, or even further injury.

He discussed his ailment in this video.

I don’t wish any of that on Weir, but anyone looking to bet on him has to factor in that he is operating on what is said to be a broken toe.

It is unclear just how bad the injury is, how worse it can get hurt, how much pain Weir is in, and how it may eventually impact his dance routines.

All we know is it is a disclosed injury, and that it could possibly play a hand in performances (and his ultimate scoring) going in a direction that is not expected.

He Isn’t a Fan of “Unfair” Expectations

I’m not here to challenge the mindset of an Olympian. Johnny Weir doesn’t come off as a weak or fragile person in any regard.

That said, he did admit in an interview that he felt it was unfair that he was projected as the favorite to win season 29 of Dancing With the Stars.

Former skaters and Olympic athletes have won, and there is a supposed misconception that skating skills seamlessly translate to the dance floor.

So far, so good. However, Weir hasn’t been too keen on being anointed a title he hasn’t earned yet, and he’s been forthcoming about the difficulty of perfecting a brand new craft.

Whether these comments are made out of doubt or not, it’s interesting to note the favorite didn’t initially like the idea of being the one with a target on their back.

Who Will Win Dancing With the Stars 29?

Weir has the odds of a winner, he has the flair of a thrilling performer, and he certainly has the skill. Heck, he may even have the following and form to go the distance.

The top online betting sites paint him as the top contender, and from top to bottom, he looks the part.

But hey, I predicted Kaitlyn Bristowe would win this thing before it started, and that was when her price was sitting around +1200 at Dancing With the Stars betting sites.

Since then, Bristowe has looked every bit the contender I thought she’d be, and quite arguably, she may very well be the best dancer in this competition.

Bristowe has the ability to get the job done, she’s performed well to this point, and she offers a little more value than Weir. I’ll stick to my guns and ride Bristowe to the finish line.

Agree or disagree? Add your thoughts on season 29 of DWTS, and whether you think anyone can upset Weir in the comments below. Then consider betting on who you think takes home the top prize this season.

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