Why I Prefer Online Craps to Playing Live Games

By Beverly Greer in Craps
| May 21, 2018 12:00 am PDT

Everyone who has ever been to a casino has seen the ruckus around the craps table. The rules of the game allow for everyone to win on each other’s turns, which creates a pack mentality that turns strangers into friends very quickly. The community spirit is one of the reasons why live craps is so popular.

That community spirit is what initially drew me in and made me a craps player in the first place. My first time at a casino, I was casually playing some slots, but I couldn’t help but notice all of the yelling and excitement coming from the craps table.

It was like a television sitcom, where everyone laughs at the same time, boos at the same time, and collectively groans when everyone loses. So, I went to check it out.

At first, I just sat back and watched, but I quickly learned the rules and began making some place bets. After a few losses and some remarkable wins, I cashed out and went back to my hotel room.

I did some internet research to learn the basics of craps so that I could play again the next day. I certainly didn’t win big during my next few games, but I was hooked anyway. I couldn’t resist celebrating and mourning with my fellow players.

For many years, I was adamant that live craps was the best way to play. I scoffed at my friends who told me to try to play online and stubbornly refused to consider it. But one night, I got tired of my online slots and decided I wanted to try something new.

So, I played online craps for the first time. It took some getting used to, but eventually, I realized that there are some things about online craps that make it more appealing.

Formats of Craps Games

Before I jump into all of the reasons I enjoy the online game, let me first clarify some information on each version of craps.

What I refer to as live games are games of craps played, in person, in a brick-and-mortar casino. The online version of the game is an automated version of the game where you are the only live player, and you play using your computer.

There is one more format of craps that I am not focusing on in this article: online live dealer games. These games primarily use video technology to link your computer to an actual table with a live dealer in a casino.

Live online games may be the perfect blend of the other two formats, so you should give them a try. But for this blog, when I refer to online games, I am talking about computerized versions without a live dealer.

Tipping and Bonuses

The best part of online craps is that you can keep more of your money, even when you are losing. Live craps etiquette requires that you tip the dealer. Often, this is done as a part of your wager.

For example, you might place $5 on the pass line for yourself and an extra $1 bet for the dealer.

In online craps, there is no one to tip, so you are already saving money.

Another way that online craps keeps you more money than the live game is through bonuses that are offered by the casino. Bonuses are similar to live casinos’ loyalty programs, but you can earn online rewards a lot faster than climbing the loyalty tiers.

In fact, almost every online casino gives you a bonus just for signing up.

One of my favorite things about bonuses is that you can often earn and use them in different games. For example, you can earn bonuses while playing slots but spend the bonus money on a game of craps. Just be sure to read the fine print to make sure you know if there are any regulations on which games you can play.

Everything Is Automatic

Another reason that I prefer online craps is that everything is automated. This automaticity is especially vital with the bets that you are placing. Online wagers are calculated automatically, and your wins are paid immediately back to your account.

You place your bets by clicking on the exact type of wager that you are making. If you want to play a parlay bet, you have to choose that option specifically.

When you are playing live, there are so many people playing and so many options for wagers that it is easy for you to get the wrong payout. It is also easy for the dealer to get confused on whose bet is placed where.

You have to keep your wagers in front of you if you are making a place bet, but for every other type of wager, you have to inform the dealer.

Parlay bets are another example of how live betting is more complicated. You have to pick up stakes that you don’t want to parlay.

If you don’t pick up your chips, the dealer will assume that you are parlaying, and that could lose you some money very quickly.

The dice throw is another area where automatic systems make playing craps easier. In live craps, you have to throw the dice with one hand, and you have to make sure that they hit the back wall of the table. Online craps has just one click of a button, and you get the perfect toss every time.

Etiquette and Lack Thereof

There are a lot of etiquette rules that you have to follow when you are playing live. For example, it is considered rude to buy in when the puck is off.

If you choose to bet against the shooter, you are betting on the dark side, and you don’t get to celebrate when you win. Saying the word “seven” is considered a jinx, and you should never call for it when the dice are being thrown.

There is no etiquette when you play online because there are no other players involved.

It’s just you and the dealer online, so the game doesn’t start until you start it, you get to choose your own jinxes, and betting on the dark side is just a bet against yourself.

Online craps allows you the freedom to play without worrying about offending anyone.

I’ll never forget the day that I realized my losses weren’t all caused by bad luck. As I was celebrating a victory, I turned to give the guy next to me a high-five.

When I turned back to the table, I caught someone else stealing some of my chips off the table while my back was turned. Unfortunately, I saw the same thing happen again and again to myself and other players.

The sad reality is that you can’t always trust the people you are playing with when you play live.

It may seem like you have made friends with the strangers at the table as you celebrate together. But those strangers might pat you on the back with one hand while using the other to line their pockets with your chips.

It has happened to me enough times that I believe my money is more secure when I gamble online. You have to guard your chips against thieves when you are playing live and keep track of your payouts to make sure that you aren’t losing your money without realizing it.


The last reason that I prefer online craps to live is that it is so much faster. When you have fifteen to twenty people all playing craps at the same time, it takes a while to get everyone’s bets before anyone can make a move.

Online craps is as fast as you want it to be because you are the only one playing.

Payouts are automated, and every step is as quick as the click of a button. The speed allows you to play several online games in the time that it would take for one turn in a live game.

Cons of Online Craps

The most obvious reason that many people prefer live craps is the buzz of the social excitement of the game.

If you are an extroverted person who loves hugging and high-fiving strangers or just having a reason to talk to that cute girl who is already at the craps table, the atmosphere of live craps is undeniably gravitating.

However, there is one other part of live craps that makes it better than the online version. In certain casinos, usually the ones found in Downtown Las Vegas, you can find some odds bets with 100x limits. Most online casinos only offer odds bets at 3x or 5x limits.

If you regularly play these types of bets, this will probably make a big difference for you. But for the average player, the odds on these bets won’t make a big enough difference in your overall payout to convince you that live games are better.


Because my first experience with craps was a live game, I will probably always have an affection for the live version. But the qualities of online gaming have won me over, and I am glad that I finally gave them a chance.

My friends who remember my die-hard crusade in favor of live games have thoroughly enjoyed their opportunity to tell me “I told you so,” and they will never let me live this one down.

Both live and online, craps is still craps, and my love for the game itself will never fade.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose. The best way to play craps is to play it however and wherever you want, incorporating both online, live dealer, and live games. There is no reason that you can’t play both live and online versions of the game.

If you have been playing online for a while, I would recommend that you plan a trip to a casino to experience the excitement of a live game.

If you are a live player stubbornly refusing to play online, give it a chance, and you might find that you like it as much as I did. If you haven’t tried an online live dealer game, try that out as well. No matter which way you choose to play, good luck on your next game of craps!

One final point. For the best experience possible when playing online, it’s important that you choose the right gambling site to use. Check out our list of recommended online casinos for some help with this.



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