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Why Cam Newton Will Play for the Los Angeles Chargers in 2020

| December 7, 2019 7:25 am PDT
NFL Player Futures Betting on Where Cam Newton Plays in 2020

The times, they are a-changin’. That’s the nature of the NFL beast when you’re not winning, and it’s become a harsh reality for the Carolina Panthers.

The franchise recently moved on from longtime head coach Ron Rivera, and a dramatic in-season firing like that understandably clouds the future of the team.

One pending situation that has yet to be decided? The future of star franchise quarterback Cam Newton.

The 30-year-old dual-threat passer will reportedly undergo surgery to repair his broken foot, which could complicate matters even more. For what it’s worth, however, the Panthers brass has suggested that they won’t make an official decision on Newton’s future with the team until they know more about his health.

Could he stay on in Carolina? Or is Newton better off transitioning to a new NFL city? I’ve written this post for those of you who are interested in betting on where Cam Newton plays in 2020 and other NFL futures.

Odds for Where Cam Newton Will Play in 2020

Carolina Panthers +150
Chicago Bears +250
Cincinnati Bengals +500
Denver Broncos +500
Miami Dolphins +500
Los Angeles Chargers +900
Pittsburgh Steelers +900
Tennessee Titans +900
New England Patriots +1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200

Fortunately, Cam Newton’s future and what happens to the Panthers isn’t just sports entertainment. It’s also something you can bet on.

BetOnline offered the most recent Cam Newton betting odds. They’ve pulled this exact wager since, but this is sure to be a burning question going into the offseason. Undoubtedly, you’ll see this prop bet pop back up on your favorite NFL sportsbooks.

When that happens, you should be prepared to pounce. Perhaps by then, we’ll see other teams like the Jaguars, Colts, Raiders, or even the Rams enter the conversation and receive odds.

For now, bettors just have to work with what they’re given. Here’s a quick rundown of all of the above teams, their quarterback situations, and why Newton could make sense (or why he wouldn’t).

Carolina Panthers +150

Cam Newton staying with the Panthers is still an option. It’s certainly not ideal that Newton lost his head coach, and major coaching staff changes could be on the horizon. But that doesn’t mean he’s a goner, either.

Carolina still has Newton under contract through next year. They have options in Kyle Allen and Will Grier, but if they want to give Newton one last crack at competing for a title, they can just stand pat. Right now, that’s the option the top football betting sites are favoring.

Chicago Bears +250

This one was quite popular just weeks ago, but Mitch Trubisky has upped his play a bit. Considering he’s still young and offers upside, it’s worth wondering just what it’d take to force the Bears to move on from him.

Missing the playoffs and added struggles during the stretch run just might do the trick. And for what it’s worth, Cam Newton has suggested this year that Chicago wouldn’t be a bad place to play.

That said, the Bears seem to like Trubisky, and it’d take a huge investment to bring Newton in. There’s reasoning for why Newton to the Bears doesn’t add up.

Cincinnati Bengals +500

The Bengals are really bad, so provided Newton has a say in anything, this isn’t where he’ll wind up. That said, Cincy did bench Andy Dalton earlier in the year, so it’s likely they’ll be very interested in moving in a different direction.

Could that direction be a pivot to a more talented (but unhealthy) quarterback who is roughly the same age? Perhaps, but Newton makes a lot less sense if the Bengals hold onto the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and select Joe Burrow.

Denver Broncos +500

John Elway has been searching for a franchise quarterback since the beginning of time. Ever since his feverish attempts to kill Tebowmania, he’s been on the prowl for a long-term solution.

Peyton Manning was an awesome stop-gap that got Denver to two Super Bowls (winning one) and understandably bought Elway some time. But the clock is ticking given so many failures under center.

Assuming he has at least one more year to find a new way to mess things up, we can’t rule Newton out. He’d be Denver’s best bet at quickly turning things around in 2020 and beyond.

Miami Dolphins +500

Miami is in a similar situation as the Bengals, but they fell into some wins and won’t have the #1 pick this year. Maybe they don’t care, since they can just drop in the draft and still get the guy they covet in Tua Tagovailoa.

All I know is that they don’t like Josh Rosen, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is a failed rental. Cam Newton could be a major upgrade, whether he’s a rental or someone the Dolphins think could be “the guy” for the next 5-6 years.

If Brian Flores is interested in being anything other than a head coaching statistic, he may want to think about this one. Then again, Newton would take big money, and his injury history is rather troublesome.

Los Angeles Chargers +900

The writing has been on the wall that the Bolts wouldn’t mind moving on from Philip Rivers. Could that lead the Chargers to swapping one established veteran quarterback for another?

It’s not that wild, seeing as the Chargers are already internally talking about benching their former savior, and the future under center in LA is incredibly murky.

This would figure to be one of the more attractive destinations for Newton, too. Whether he gets traded or released, he could prove his worth in 2020 and sign a major deal to bring a nice combination of flash and substance to La La Land.

Pittsburgh Steelers +900

The demise of Ben Roethlisberger came quickly, but the Pittsburgh Steelers gutted out wins. As things stand, they have a shot at the playoffs even though Big Ben is handcuffed to a clipboard on the sidelines.

Pittsburgh doesn’t have an answer for life after Ben, though. Mason Rudolph was an abject disaster, while Devlin Hodges is a replacement-level talent.

The team is going to be excited to get a healthy Big Ben back, but if they’d rather take a chance on a younger (and similar) passer, Newton could be on their radar.

Tennessee Titans +900

The Marcus Mariota era is fortunately over in Tennessee, but Ryan Tannehill has played so well that the Titans have to think long and hard about keeping him around.

The problem is that might not be easy. Or the smart move. Tannehill has been good, but he’s shown flashes before, only to get hurt or drown in a sour-tasting pool of mediocrity created by his own tears.

Tannehill could be the answer, but the Titans are in a position to think about this. If Tannehill gives them any reason to waver down the stretch, the idea of bringing in the superior Newton becomes more appealing.

New England Patriots +1000

Is Tom Brady going to retire? I doubt it, but he is scheduled to hit free agency this offseason, and until the Pats lock him back up, who knows what will happen?

That could crack the door open for a major shift under center in New England. I don’t pretend to know what the great Bill Belichick would do here, but ignoring a 30-year-old dual-threat passer like Cam Newton should be filed under the “foolish” category.

Newton is the antithesis of Brady, but there’s little denying he’d make the Patriots more dynamic and (gulp) possibly better than ever.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200

Lastly, we have the Bucs, who are dangerously close to jettisoning Jameis Winston into the sun. Not only has Winston historically been a bit of a turd in the morale department, but he’s also turned the ball over at an alarming rate.

Seriously, it’s like he read the tutorial on how to be the worst rendition of Brett Favre that’s humanly possible.

Even so, Winston is still talented, and for all of his flaws, he has upside and now knows Bruce Arians’ system. Tampa Bay has also found quite a bit of success through the air, so if Winston can progress and cut back on his turnovers, the Bucs may still have something here.

Of course, Winston hasn’t shown he can be that guy yet, and the fact that he enters free agency in 2020 may make things tricky for all parties involved.

Could that have the Bucs pivot to Newton, who is six years older but significantly more talented and more controlled? Well, sure.

Where Will Cam Newton Play in 2020?

Nobody knows what will happen this offseason. Heck, most don’t even know how the regular season will end. Or what will go down in the NFL playoffs.

The NFL is relentlessly fluid and unpredictable. That’s why we love it and also why we often hate it.

Usually, these NFL player prop bets feel pretty straightforward, but this Cam Newton situation is weird. On one hand, the Panthers have little incentive to move on. If Newton is healthy, just eat the last year of his deal and cross your fingers he can stay healthy and lead you back to the playoffs.

If all goes well, you can have some success and consider paying Newton his last major NFL contract. If not, you can confidently tell the Carolina fan base you did all you could, but it was time to part ways.

Or you could just cut your losses now.

Newton is already in his prime, and due to his many injuries he’s dealt with, he may exit it at an increasingly rapid rate. Considering so much of his effectiveness has stemmed from his athleticism and physicality, it’s possible everything has piled on and he’ll just never be the same dominant player again.

That’s probably something Panthers fans can also logically get behind.

Carolina offers solid value at +150 just because team owner David Tepper suggested that Newton staying in town is still possible. It’s also very difficult to just let a proven franchise quarterback go, but let’s not ignore the third-round pick spent on Will Grier, the firing of Rivera, or the impact a new regime coming into town could have on this decision.

For those reasons, I’m willing to take the bait and assume Newton is done in Carolina.

I still think there is a path to Newton staying in town for 2020 and perhaps even years to come, but there is enough damage here to just rip the band-aid off and have everyone start over.

If that happens, the spot I like the most is actually Los Angeles. Philip Rivers is a free agent this offseason, and there have been whispers from all sides that this could be it for him in LA.

Assuming the Los Angeles Chargers are ready to move on, I doubt they’ll be content with Tyrod Taylor or whatever rookie falls to them in the middle of the draft.

Instead, they could swing a trade with the Panthers or scoop Newton up in the event he’s released. The Chargers have struggled to really formulate a consistent fan base since arriving in Los Angeles, but a flashy player like Newton could change that in a hurry.

Newton would probably hold the Chargers in high regard compared to the other options available to him, too. I mean, who doesn’t like LA? That, and the Chargers are a season removed from competing for a trip to the AFC title game, so if winning is high on his list of priorities, this may be his best bet.

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