Why the Brooklyn Nets Won’t Win the 2021-22 NBA Finals

By Dan Vasta in NBA
| August 17, 2021 9:13 am PDT

The Brooklyn Nets came up just short of winning their first-ever NBA title since joining the league in 1976-77. The level of stars this team has at their disposal will be fun to watch especially since we’ll be back to an 82-game season.

The past two seasons have been chaotic in terms of scheduling the games without players being healthy. The postseason took a toll on their bodies.

If they can get back to being healthy, they should be better than ever before in the Eastern Conference. However, that still may not be good enough to win it all.

My Brooklyn Nets 2022 NBA Finals odds analysis should detail why they may be a poor bet this year.

Brooklyn Nets 2021-22 NBA Final Odds

Brooklyn Nets Team Logo

Brooklyn is currently favorited to win it all and capture their first-ever NBA title.

It’s been that way for a while, as they entered the summer as the top contenders for the 2022 NBA Finals, and their price has actually only managed to improve for bettors.

Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving will all be at 30-plus years of age when the postseason rolls along next season.

They may not have many more opportunities, so the time is now for this trio. Brooklyn had challenges staying on the court together last season.

The expectations are loftier than ever before, and they will have redemption on their mind after suffering a humbling Game 7 loss to the eventual NBA champions.

Many argued (including myself) before the playoffs began that the winner of the semifinals matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks would end up winning it all.

The Nets will have a championship on their mind in 2021-22, and if you look at the top NBA betting sites, MyBookie figures to give bettors the most bang for their bucks right now.

Why Are the Nets Favored?

Brooklyn has three of the top 15 players in the NBA, and all three will be first-ballot Hall of Famers.

According to basketball reference, they are all mortal locks. Kevin Durant and James Harden are at 100% Hall of Fame probability, and Kyrie Irving is at 83.7%.

Suffice to say, this is easily the most talented team in the NBA in terms of star talent.

Durant is getting close to becoming one of the ten best players to play the game at this rate. He is already firmly in the discussion of the Top 25 best to ever lace up. Adding a third title would add another layer to his career.

Many former players like Scottie Pippen have been critical of his postseason play, but we have not seen many offensive weapons like KD.

James Harden is another player that loves to take control of an offense. The creativity and alpha-dog mentality make him unstoppable.

Harden led the NBA in free-throw attempts for six straight seasons (2014-20) before this past season. That is incredible for a guard that often runs his offense. Throw in Kyrie, and this offense is hard to limit.

The ability to hit daggers from beyond the arc is what has driven this team towards excellence.

The NBA has changed so much over the years. The number of shooters on the floor is staggering. Some teams will consistently throw a small-ball lineup on the hardwood with five elite shooters. The Nets are one of those teams that have that in their arsenal.

Look at where they ranked in key shooting and scoring categories in 2020.

  • 39.2% from three (2nd)
  • 14.2 threes made per game (7th)
  • 49.4 FG% (1st)
  • 118.6 points per game (2nd)

Joe Harris was a sniper last season that can bring solid production at the wing, but the recent acquisition of Patty Mills was crucial.

Mills is already among the Top 100 three-point shooters in NBA history. Another solid year off the bench for Mills will put him in the Top 50 with well over 1,300 career-made three-point field goals.

He also reminded everyone of what he can do when he went off during the Olympics.

This team should be the top offensive team in the NBA, or at least right there with the defending champions.

Being elite defensively will not be mandatory due to the lethal skills they bring to the offensive end.

Why the Nets Won’t Win the NBA Finals

The offense will keep the Nets in any game that the Hall of Fame trio suits up. They are easily a top-five choice to win it all, but that is far from a sure thing.

The offensive weapons for Brooklyn were on display last season, but the fireworks did not always light up together.

The number of missed games in the NBA due to load management has been taken to a whole new galaxy these past few seasons.

The Covid-19 shortened season in 2019-20 was an issue for players to properly heal and rest up for the 2020-21 season. I am all for players resting, because the bevy of injuries in the 2021 postseason was alarming. Star players dropped like flies.

That is not good for the fans and the game in general. The Nets were one of the most impacted, especially from their superstar Hall of Famers.

Just look at how much time this trio spent apart in 2020-21.

Missed Games from Nets’ Big 3
Kevin Durant James Harden Kyrie Irving
113 (missed entire 2019-20, Achilles) 190 141

Harden has been the only consistent player in terms of his health.

Durant missed an entire season due to his devastating Achilles injury, but Irving has been one to come up lame on several occasions in a season.

The toll that an NBA season takes on the body is grinding, but the Nets are a shell of themselves without their three stars.

They are perhaps the top team in the NBA that is reliant upon their stars. The Lakers can make a case for their big three this upcoming season, but the Nets have been injury-riddled for years. Battling their health might be the biggest hurdle they face.

Staying healthy is easier said than done for most athletes, but Brooklyn has lofty expectations. Anything short of a championship is considered a disappointment, and another loss in the conference semifinals will be an absolute disaster.

Should You Bet on the Nets in 2021-22?

This franchise has loads of talent, and they are the odds on favorite to win their first-ever championship. At +220, the value is solid compared to the rest of the NBA. However, there are a few other teams that have just as good or perhaps better superstars.

I introduce you to the lovely Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook should all eat next season. While the West is considered the more competitive conference, the Lakers have done just fine for themselves as of late.

Westbrook has been perhaps the most consistent player in the NBA these past six-plus seasons when you look at his bill of health. The lack of a point guard was their undoing as a team, but having Brodie run the ship could be perfect.

Many believe we are on a collision course between the big three of the Lakers and the Nets.

The more suitable wager would be to focus on the Eastern Conference odds.

The Nets are listed at -120 to win the East, and those odds will shorten once the season is underway.

Barring catastrophic injuries, the Nets are the clear-cut favorite in the East. They just might not get it done once they run into the Lakers.

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