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Why BetUS is a Legit Online Sportsbook in 2020

| November 7, 2020 6:01 am PDT
Why BetUs.com Is a Legit Online Sportsbook in 2020

The online gambling scene is full of all sorts of betting sites, casinos, and poker rooms. Some operate a shady business that revolves around the idea of scamming as many people as possible, while others run a legitimate platform and keep their promises to the customers.

For years, BetUS has been somewhere in the middle and we refused to recommend the company because of various complaints by users. And yet, there are reasons to believe that a recent change in the management and some fresh investments have transformed the bookmaker.

The sportsbook looks to be on the right path in 2020 and the company is now a legit player in online sports betting. I explain why BetUS can be trusted nowadays and share my opinion on the previous issues with the internet bookmaker.

What Was Wrong at BetUS Before?

I don’t believe that BetUS was designed and operated as a scam because there were plenty of satisfied customers. On top of that, no fraudulent company can survive for more than 25 years in an industry like online gambling where trust is essential.

And yet, some BetUS users reported various issues such as delayed payments, canceled bonuses, and similar complaints.

My personal opinion is that the betting site had problems with the management team and cash reserves.

It seems like the business wasn’t being running especially well and there wasn’t enough available money at times. That basically caused all the issues.

That’s obviously bad, but certainly better than a scam that’s designed with the goal of stealing the players’ funds from day one. Simply put, BetUS was trying to run a legit business but lacked the resources and competence to do so.

I believe that’s changed in 2020 and let’s see why.

Change in the Management and New Investment

We learned that the whole BetUS management was changed in September 2020 and the company received fresh investments. The early signs are that the online sportsbook has resolved many of the complaints from the past and is ready to rebuild the brand’s reputation.

The signals that the new management is sending to the whole industry and the desire to work hard and improve have got our attention. Our team spent plenty of time researching the bookmaker and we have reasons to believe that BetUS is a legit option for players in various countries, including the USA.

We will continue monitoring the development of the company and will instantly ring the alarm if we have any doubts about the sportsbook’s integrity.

Final Words

My opinion is that BetUS deserves another chance and I will certainly be trying the services of the betting site. It features plenty of interesting promotions and offers high odds for various events, but most importantly, the problems from the past are now gone.

If you want to learn more about the sportsbook, check out our complete BetUS review. It includes information about the features of the platform, the gambling license, the security measures, and other important factors.

Jerry Summer
Jerry Summer

Jerry Summer has a wide-ranging interest in gambling and the gambling industry. He's made a living out of both playing poker and betting on sports.

The English Premier League and the NBA are among Jerry's primary areas of expertise. He's knowledgeable about many other sports, too, along with poker and several casino games.

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