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Why Anthony Lynn Is the Next NFL Coach to Be Fired

| November 20, 2020 10:17 am PDT
Anthony Lynn Next NFL Coach to Be Fired

The Los Angeles Chargers haven’t gotten the job done under Anthony Lynn’s watch. It hasn’t been all his fault, to be fair.

Not only did Lynn watch veteran quarterback Philip Rivers leave town in free agency this past offseason, but he also lost his replacement due to a collapsed lung.

In came rookie franchise quarterback Justin Herbert, and nine weeks later, the Bolts are struggling at a paltry 2-7.

This take could age extremely poorly. Herbert was quite the find and looks like a superstar in the making, while there’s no denying the talent around him.

But the writing is seemingly on the wall for Lynn. He’s had his chances to right the ship, and I tend to think it’s possible the Chargers brass is growing impatient.

You can bet on Lynn’s fate, and/or which NFL head coach you think will get fired next. Here are four reasons why Anthony Lynn will be the next NFL head coach fired.

The Chargers Are About to Lose to the Jets

I mean, maybe. We’ll know in a matter of days, and if so, yeah, that’d do as far as the old “final nail in the coffin” adage goes.

Do the Chargers really need more incentive to move on from someone, beyond the fact that they couldn’t beat the only winless team left in the NFL?

I’d think not.

New York has been really bad in 2020; so bad that some love their chances to finish the season 0-16. I provided a relatively compelling case for them winning this week in my week 11 NFL upset picks, though.

If I’m right, it could easily be the last game Lynn coaches with the Chargers.

The Odds Suggest He Could Be Fired Soon

When in doubt, take a gander at what the top NFL betting websites think. As things stand, Adam Gase is the frontrunner to be the next NFL head coach that gets fired.

They’re winless and positively awful, so that makes sense. But look at who stands in with the second-best odds to be fired next, per BetOnline.

Adam Gase-175
Anthony Lynn+350
Doug Marrone+500
Matt Patricia+650
Matt Nagy+700
Vic Fangio+900
Mike McCarthy+4000

Hey, it’s Anthony Lynn!

I mean no disrespect, to be honest. Lynn is a sound offensive mind, he enjoyed two very good years to start his Chargers career, and he has to get some credit for the success of Justin Herbert in this potent L.A. offense.

But this is year four.

NFL coaches don’t always make it four years. It’s even harder to make it to a fifth when you’re failing to make it to the playoffs in three of those four seasons.

It has to be compounded by the way the Chargers are losing, too. Their most recent loss wasn’t necessarily on Lynn, but his questionable game management and decision-making was once again brought into question.

Those types of things are problematic for a team that plays in eight different one-score games and owns a 2-7 mark after nine contests.

It isn’t anything new, either. The Chargers have made collapsing into an art form. Lynn isn’t to blame for their year’s of failures, but he has to shoulder some blame for not correcting it.

Overall, Lynn has a decent enough body of work.

He has two winning seasons, and he went 12-4 in 2018. But his teams have regressed markedly since then. The Chargers went 5-11 with an aging quarterback in 2019, and a changing of the guard hasn’t corrected those issues in 2020.

The best online betting sites aren’t ignoring any of this, as Lynn’s resume is likely baked into his pricing.

Lynn May Not Be the Right Coach For Justin Herbert

L.A.’s offense has been very good. However, a lot of that has to do with the surprisingly great play out of Herbert.

The Chargers have inexplicably gone more conservative even after Herbert has built leads, or they didn’t call the right plays to maximize their position late in games.

Some of it’s on Herbert, but ultimately it falls on Lynn.

This is compounded by the fact that it didn’t seem Lynn was initially on board with starting his rookie passer. He’s the coach that was there when Herbert was drafted, so at least to some degree, you’d have thought he supports the kid fully.

And just as bad, was that it took us this long to get here.

Lynn went into the season with retread Tyrod Taylor as his top quarterback. Even after Taylor had a health scare, Lynn still refused to back his first-year passer.

There was even a point where Lynn kind of threw Herbert under the bus, saying there were a lot of things he could do better. It’s a subjective take, and we weren’t in the Chargers war room, so who is to say whether or not Lynn loves Herbert or not.

But the early signs weren’t all that encouraging, and if there’s even a shadow of a doubt that Lynn is the right coach to be by Herbert’s side, it would be in the franchise’s best interest to find an upgrade.

The Chargers Struggled Last Year, Too

I touched on this when looking at Anthony Lynn’s odds to be canned, but it deserves it’s own section.

This also plays into a much bigger issue that I alluded to, as well, and that’s Lynn’s poor game management.

Heck, even he knows it’s a thing.

It’s not always just on Lynn, but as the guy overseeing everything that’s happening, I’m not sure who else there is to blame. I mean, in the name of Jason Garrett and all things that are holy, how does this dude keep giving games away?

Lynn has been doing this for some time now, but given L.A.’s horrific 7-18 record over the last two seasons, it’s only just now really started annoying Chargers fans.

In that span, the Chargers have enjoyed 19 games (out of 25) being decided by eight points or fewer. Those are all one-score games – and most of them much less than eight points – for those keeping score at home.

Eight of them occurred this year, with L.A. winning just one.

They had 11 such games in 2019. They won two of them.

Oh, and the only other win this team has is a home game against the Jaguars, and even that came by just 10 in a 39-29 shootout.

The Chargers have had one amazing year under Lynn’s watch. The rest of his tenure has been mediocre-to-bad, and the entirety of it has been littered with a lot of questionable decisions in tense moments.

Will Anthony Lynn Be the Next NFL Coach Fired?

Yep! I hate to say it, but I really think he’s the next guy to go.

Hey, maybe the Chargers don’t have to endure the embarrassment of losing to the Jets. I like the upside there, but I’ve been wrong before.

The reality, though, is Lynn carries the second-best odds to be the next NFL coach fired, and it’s for good reason. I’ve detailed the main reasons above, and he doesn’t need to get canned this week or next to convert the bet.

He just needs to be the next NFL head coach that gets fired, is all.

That list above shows you his competition, with Adam Gase being the only guy that seriously can give him a run for his money. And at this point, why fire Gase now? What purpose does that serve?

The Jets already seem to be knee-deep in the “suck for Trevor Lawrence” sweepstakes, so if they hate Gase, wouldn’t keeping him on to ensure this ship sinks make more sense than firing him?

L.A., on the other hand, may get fed up with Lynn failing to get through winnable games, and saving their franchise quarterback from further losing (and a coach they don’t want long-term) may be another reason to rip the band-aid off quicker than expected.

Lynn isn’t a terrible coach. However, he didn’t get the job done last year, and 2020 has been a disaster. He has some excuses, but a potential loss to the Jets would do him in, and I’m not sold he has a very long leash far beyond that, as it is.

If you care to bet on Lynn’s future, NFL games or whatever else, be sure to use the best US betting websites you can find online.

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