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Why the 2020 Super Bowl May Be One of the Best of All Time

| January 30, 2020 11:34 pm PDT
6 Reasons Why Super Bowl 54 Will be the Best Ever

Super Bowl 54 has been sold as one of the best matchups of all time. If all goes well, this epic showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will actually exceed expectations.

The potential certainly is there, and that’s probably why this game has already garnered more betting action than any other Super Bowl in history.

Wild, but shockingly true.

But will Super Bowl 54 really deliver the goods? In at least some capacity, I think so. Here are 6 reasons why Super Bowl 54 will be the best Super Bowl ever.

The 2020 Super Bowl Isn’t Lacking Star Power

This game has all of the stars. I’m not even talking just on the field, either.

Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce headline a truly dangerous Chiefs offense, while Richard Sherman and Nick Bosa hope to challenge them defensively on the other side.

Beyond what goes down on the field, this game is also saturated with outside influence when it comes to politics, media, and entertainment.

Have there ever been so many Super Bowl prop bets that dealt with the National Anthem, President Donald Trump, or the Super Bowl halftime show?

I’d assume not, but when you start cramming iconic names like Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Donald Trump into the storyline, things get pretty busy in a hurry.

Patrick Mahomes Is a Living Legend

Mahomes is such a massive star that he demands his own section in this post. Yes, all of the other big names are worth keeping tabs on, but most will flock to watch the 2020 Super Bowl because of Mahomes alone.

The 2018 NFL MVP, Mahomes is king of the no-look pass on a football field, and at just 24 years old, he’s already a legend. Throwing for 50 touchdowns in just your second NFL season will do that, it seems.

Mahomes has already accomplished so much in such little time. This year handed him his second AFC West crown, his second AFC title game appearance, and his first attempt at a ring.

Even if Mahomes can’t get the win, his exciting style of play will make Super Bowl 54 worth watching, and it’s very possible he ends up setting a record or two. If he actually does win this game, it’ll spark conversation over Mahomes’ bright future.

This isn’t even touching on all of the Patrick Mahomes prop bets that are out there. See? I told you Mahomes was a big reason to get excited about this game.

The Sportsbooks Can’t Pick a Side

Mahomes is a huge reason to tune in for Super Bowl 2020, and the star power that surrounds him is undeniable. But what’s more interesting to me is that the top sites for Super Bowl 2020 betting have struggled to really pick a side in this game.

Of course, to this point, they probably haven’t had any incentive to.

The betting public hasn’t gone so hard to one side to force major line movement, and virtually everywhere you look, the 2020 Super Bowl point spread is at worst a 2-point difference.

That could tell us the sportsbooks are just drumming up interest in both sides, or it may truly reflect on how evenly these two teams are matched.

If the latter ends up being the case, this tight spread could be an indicator that we have a truly special Super Bowl on our hands.

The Super Bowl 54 Total Is Lit

This game is also going to have a bunch of points. That’s what the best Super Bowl sportsbooks say, at least.

Super Bowl 54 opened with a pretty high 52.5 total, but betting action and two explosive offenses have upped it to 54.5, depending on where you bet on the Super Bowl.

It makes sense, too. The 49ers ranked second in scoring during the regular season, and KC is about as potent offensively as anyone. If this gaudy total holds firms, we could have a shootout to cheer on.

San Francisco’s Defense Is Legit

Of course, we can’t ignore an elite defense when we see one. It’s possible the presence of the 49ers nasty defense (1st against the pass, 5th in sacks) renders this hopeful total as another pipedream.

San Francisco does not give up big plays, and Kansas City’s offense craves them. If that’s a total clash in philosophies, over 80% of the betting public hitting the Over like the X button in a Mortal Kombat tournament could come away disappointed.

Andy Reid Just Might Get That Ring

Narratives are like eating Cheetos on a couch while watching The Office. We lust for them, we eat them up with mindless indulgence, and when they’re gone, we wonder why our fingers are orange.

But really, they are the lifeblood of sports. They’re also traps. Even so, this whole “win one for Andy Reid” take is captivating, and even non-Chiefs fans want to see this guy win his first Super Bowl.

Heck, even Reid has seen the overwhelming support, and he’s touched by it.

I don’t think Reid failing here would put a damper on Super Bowl 54, as long as it’s a good game. But if this is a great contest and that mustachioed football savant finally gets his ring, well, that’s just gravy.


There you have it. Super Bowl 2020 still has to enter and exit our lives before we put anything to pen, but the pillars are in place to prop up one of the best Super Bowls in NFL history.

From dramatic narratives to star power to betting interest and just good old-fashioned football, Super Bowl 54 really does appear to have it all.

Of course, games with tight spreads, superstars, and compelling narratives have disappointed in the past. I doubt this year’s big game falls short, but you may have your own opinion on where it already ranks among the best Super Bowls of all time.

Regardless, you can still profit from this game. To do so, hit up the best Super Bowl betting sites and consider some of the best 2020 Super Bowl bets to give yourself a chance to win big.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

Noah Davis is one of the more diverse writers at GamblingSites.com. Like many of his colleagues, he's a huge fan of both football and basketball. But he also writes about box office records, TV show prop bets, DFS, and all kinds of other subjects.

When it comes to the NFL, Noah's favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys cheering them on with his wife and daughter.

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