Who Will Win Super Bowl 54? – Early Odds, Predictions, and Betting Picks

By Noah Davis
Published on February 05, 2019
Super Bowl 54 - Early Odds, Predictions, and Betting Picks

Super Bowl 53 is officially in the books, and while it wasn’t at all what anyone expected, it will never be forgotten.

For now, it registers as the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history. It showcased some ridiculously impressive defense on both sides of the field, and it also earned New England their sixth Lombardi Trophy.

I’m not entirely sure viewers are thinking, “Let’s do that again,” but hey, I enjoyed myself. No, it wasn’t the crazy shootout a lot of people expected, and anyone betting on the Rams came away disappointed.

However, it was a close game filled with tense plays, elite defense, and brilliant coaching.

Needless to say, the way that game played out has many looking to Super Bowl 54 right away.

Some just want to get the taste of an otherwise uneventful Super Bowl out of their mouths. Rams fans just want their team to get back to work, and others are just hoping this is finally the death of the Patriots dynasty.

Early Super Bowl 54 Odds

Nobody knows for sure how things will unfold, as the 2019 NFL season (or offseason, rather) is not even a full day old as I sit down and look ahead to the immediate future of pro football.

That plight begins with a look at the latest Super Bowl 54 odds, as Vegas already has a pretty good idea as to how next year’s big game will shake out. They certainly pegged this one correctly before the season, as the Pats were the title favorites, and they lived up to that billing.

Let’s see how Bovada.lv and the top NFL betting sites grade out next year’s top contenders with a fresh look at the latest Super Bowl 54 betting odds.

New England Patriots+650
Los Angeles Rams+700
Kansas City Chiefs+800
Los Angeles Chargers+800
New Orleans Saints+1000
Indianapolis Colts+1100
Chicago Bears+1200
Pittsburgh Steelers+1600
Green Bay Packers+1800
Minnesota Vikings+2000
Dallas Cowboys+2000
Philadelphia Eagles+2000
Atlanta Falcons+3000
Baltimore Ravens+3000
Cleveland Browns+3000
Houston Texans+4000
Seattle Seahawks+4000
San Francisco 49ers+4500
Carolina Panthers+5000
Jacksonville Jaguars+5000
New York Giants+5000
Tennessee Titans+6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6500
Arizona Cardinals+10000
Buffalo Bills+10000
Cincinnati Bengals+10000
Denver Broncos+10000
Detroit Lions+10000
New York Jets+10000
Oakland Raiders+10000
Washington Redskins+15000
Miami Dolphins+30000

This is a pretty interesting list of odds for betting on Super Bowl 54, and there are a few surprises to note.

What isn’t shocking are the top contenders to win the 2020 Super Bowl, while most of the teams boasting the worst Super Bowl 54 odds are deserving of that dishonor.

Miami comes in as the very worst bet to win it all next year, and it’s hard to go against that logic. They operate in the same division as the defending champs and don’t even know who their quarterback will be for next year.

Before we dive too much into everyone else, though, let’s first consider what will happen with the teams that just got done playing: the Patriots and Rams.

Can the Patriots Repeat as Super Bowl Champions in 2020?

Uh, yeah, of course they can.

Nobody knows how to repeat or at least get back to the big game as well as the Pats, who have literally gotten to the promised land in each of the last three seasons.

The Pats could still get back and lose like they did two years ago and thrice before, but getting there is half the battle. Bettors should factor in the potential retirement of Rob Gronkowski, any other pending roster changes, and the age of star quarterback Tom Brady.

All of that aside, though, nobody has a better system than the Pats.

You probably would have wanted to hop on their +1000 Super Bowl 54 odds from a couple weeks ago, but +650 for the team that seems to get there every year looks awfully nice, too.

Will the Rams Win Super Bowl 54?

This one, oddly enough, is tougher to answer.

New England has a proven track record of high-level success. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the collective GOATs at head coach and quarterback, and the Pats will largely look like they did this year.

The Rams, I’m not so sure. Head coach Sean McVay runs a brilliant system, and the offense will get underrated slot receiver Cooper Kupp (knee) back next year.

But they have to answer questions about Todd Gurley’s decreased usage and Jared Goff’s steady decline down the stretch.

If Gurley and Kupp are at full strength and Goff can get over a brutal Super Bowl 53 performance, then sure, the Rams still have everything you need to be a champion. However, this was a team that averaged 33 points per game and got utterly dismantled in scoring just three in the biggest game of their lives.

One big thing I’d be worried about is the “Super Bowl Hangover.”

The Rams barely showed up for this one and now have to start from scratch in an increasingly loaded NFC. Their own division is far from a cakewalk, with the Seattle Seahawks looking to make a run and the 49ers getting Jimmy Garoppolo back under center.

The Rams can definitely get back and make a bid for the franchise’s second-ever Super Bowl win, and their +700 odds are certainly fun. I’m just not sure they’re the team I’d be betting hard on next year.

Other Super Bowl 54 Favorites

Regardless of your takes on the Patriots or Rams, they both just got done playing in the Super Bowl and are in the mix to do so again next season.

They’re just not the only teams you should be betting on when it comes to Super Bowl 54.

Here are the other top Super Bowl 54 contenders in my eyes right now.

Kansas City Chiefs

If you’re not betting on the Patriots or Rams to win Super Bowl 54, the next best bet has to be the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes just got done torching the league, and if it hadn’t been for a weak defense, he may have led them to a title this year.

Mahomes might be getting even better going into next year, and his elite supporting cast isn’t going anywhere.

Kansas City remains the class of the AFC West, so they have a clear path back to the AFC playoffs, and this time around, I’d have to imagine they get the best of New England or anyone else they run into.

The Chiefs can outscore anyone, but if they actually improve a shaky defense, they might be unstoppable in 2019. With their sweet +800 odds to win next year’s Super Bowl, I’m not sure there is a better bet on the board at Bovada or anywhere else.

New Orleans Saints

Has anyone had worse luck than the Saints? Two years ago, they had a trip to the NFC title game locked up and ran into the Minnesota Miracle. This year, they had a clear path to the Super Bowl, and a botched non-call by the referees kept that from happening.

Despite the best efforts of the football gods, the Saints will be back and hungrier than ever in 2019, and I’m not too excited to bet against them. Drew Brees is another year older, but he’s shown very little signs of slowing down, and he still has a stacked offense.

If New Orleans can continue to have the defensive bite we saw the past two years, there’s little reason to expect one of the best teams in the NFC to regress. My Super Bowl 53 pick for the longest time, I fully anticipate the Saints bouncing back and giving it one last serious go next year. Bettors should as well.

Chicago Bears

The Chargers have nice +800 odds, and the Colts also hold better Super Bowl betting odds at the moment, but one of my top Super Bowl 54 favorites is still going to be the Bears.

Chicago may have been the best team in the NFC this year, but we’ll never know thanks to Nick Foles once again pulling magic out of thin air, as well as Cody Parkey’s double-doink missed field goal.

The Bears had a nasty defense in 2018, and that won’t be going away. Head coach Matt Nagy is also ambitious and unafraid to take chances, while the Bears should continue to be aggressive and look to add more talent on both sides of the football.

Their future really is tied to the development of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, but he showed enough last year to have me think the Bears can accomplish big things. At +1200, the Bears feel super sneaky and almost border on a sleeper team in terms of price.

Super Bowl 54 Sleepers

I don’t know what a true Super Bowl sleeper looks like, but you tend to know it when you see it. For the most part, that’s going to be anyone that has a solid argument to be considered in the mix but hasn’t exactly been priced like it.

Vegas hasn’t completely ruled these teams out with their odds, but they’re not favorites, either. With that said, here are some of my favorite sleeper teams that could win Super Bowl 54 if things break just right.

Atlanta Falcons

The NFC’s best team just three years ago, it’s possible the Falcons can finally shake the horrors of Super Bowl 51 and make another run at that elusive title.

Matt Ryan still leads a very deadly Atlanta offense, one that features the most unstoppable wide receiver in the game in Julio Jones and also knows how to utilize their running backs.

The offense has really never been in question, though.

The thing bettors need to wonder is if that once-aggressive Falcons defense can’t get nasty again and be an asset for this team. If so, the Falcons could be a steal at their current +3000 price tag.

Seattle Seahawks

I don’t know why the Seahawks are graded so poorly. They did over-achieve during the 2018 NFL regular season, but that’s a testament to great coaching, an underrated roster, and the refusal to quit.

Russell Wilson is without a doubt a top-ten quarterback in the league and has already led this team to a title and two Super Bowl appearances. I don’t think for a second he’s done doing that, and he’ll have a strong running game and hopefully a collection of explosive weapons at his disposal next year.

Seattle’s defense remains tough, but if the Seahawks can keep adding the right pieces on both sides of the ball, they can get Wilson the help he needs to push this team back over the top. Seattle is already close, so this +4500 price tag feels quite disrespectful.

San Francisco 49ers

One reason some of the top pro football betting sites are a bit down on the Seahawks is because the NFC West can probably only produce two playoff teams next year.

The Rams are likely one of them, and that has the Niners and Seahawks duking it out for the other spot. If you’re souring on Seattle, then you need to give the 49ers a look as that next team that may be able to rise from the ashes.

The Eagles did it two years ago, the Bears did it last year, and someone else will do it again in 2019. San Francisco very well could have done that in 2018, but injuries to Jimmy Garoppolo and Jerick McKinnon proved catastrophic.

Now healthy, the Niners could be loaded on offense and mature enough defensively to suddenly be a very tough out. Head coach Kyle Shanahan kept this team afloat with third stringers for much of the year. Just wait until he has actual talent to work with next season.

Three Teams That Won’t Win Super Bowl 54

You can dream up all of the sleepers and favorites you want. Half the battle when it comes to Super Bowl 54 betting, however, will be knowing which teams not to waste your time on.

The Browns, Titans, and so many others are middle-of-the-road teams you probably don’t need to bet on, but there’s also a handful of teams that just truly are uninspiring.

Here are the three I wouldn’t touch with a 20-foot pole when it comes to their title chances next season.

Oakland Raiders

I could touch on several teams I don’t think have a chance to win a championship next year, but let’s isolate three and start with the Raiders.

I’m not of the belief that head coach Jon Gruden is completely lost and/or can’t win, but he is undergoing a severe rebuilding project, and the Raiders literally don’t have a home right now.

Those are two major problems, plus there are constant rumors surrounding the future of Derek Carr, and when stars like Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper get dealt, you can’t rule anything out. The Raiders are an absolute mess right now, and them even being competitive next year would be shocking.

Betting on the Raiders to win Super Bowl 54 feels like a huge mistake.

Washington Redskins

I actually liked the Redskins as one of my Super Bowl sleepers going into last year. They had some nice veteran talent and underrated coaching. Through a solid 6-3 start, they had me looking somewhat smart for a while there.

The problem is that Washington doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing under center next season.

Alex Smith (leg) may not play in 2019, and his career in general is in doubt. The Redskins are also in a loaded NFC, while the NFC East alone features two teams in the Eagles and Cowboys that are pretty tough.

Washington could be a team to watch in 2020, but I won’t be betting on them to win it all next year.

Miami Dolphins

Lastly, why not throw in the Dolphins and their league-worst +30000 Super Bowl 54 odds? Miami doesn’t have a quarterback going into next season, seeing as they’re expected to part ways with Ryan Tannehill.

That kick starts a new search for a franchise passer, while rookie head coach Brian Flores is also unproven. Miami doesn’t have enough talent on either side of the ball to survive both issues, and they also face New England twice a year.

It’s possible the Dolphins could be competitive and make a run in 2-3 years. I just need to see a stable quarterback situation and make sure Flores wasn’t a bad hire first.

Early Super Bowl 54 Predictions and Picks

There is a lot of uncovered ground here, to be sure. The Green Bay Packers (+1800) are very interesting if their big changes up top actually work out, while everyone is going to be pulling for the Cleveland Browns (+3000) to make a playoff run.

The moving pieces in the league are endless, and it’s admittedly rather early to conduct any firm betting on Super Bowl 54. Free agency could play a hand in altering the odds a bit, while the 2019 NFL Draft may also change your perception of a few teams.

Still, even this early in the process, I’ve got my main Super Bowl 54 picks in place for next year.

Top Super Bowl 54 Pick

My top pick is going to go right back to the well with the New Orleans Saints. If you need a second pick, it’s a tie between the Patriots and Chiefs. New England’s price isn’t great, though, while KC obviously still needs to get past the Pats.

The Saints do face a pretty loaded NFC, but they got burned the past two years and are going to be out for blood. More than that, they’re simply the most balanced team in the conference.

Drew Brees remains an elite quarterback even at 40 years old, and head coach Sean Payton is as good as anyone at game-planning and adjusting in games on the fly.

Barring something crazy, the Saints will be back near the top of the NFC, and I believe they’ll finally finish the job and get back to the big game and win Super Bowl 54. The best part is they’re one of the best overall values at +1000 at Bovada.

PICKNew Orleans Saints+1000

Best Super Bowl 54 Value Bet

While it’s certainly important to pay attention to the favorites, past seasons have allowed for teams to come out of nowhere to either give the Super Bowl a strong push or even win it.

The value up top really isn’t bad, and technically, the Saints might offer the best price. However, you can get even more bang for your bucks if you drop down to the Eagles at +2000.

What is the main reason for not betting on Philadelphia? Because they’ll be getting a healthy Carson Wentz back and will probably trade Nick Foles out of town? I don’t buy that.

The Eagles still have an elite franchise passer, they still have terrific coaching, and they have a talented defense. If Philly can bring in a deep threat and bolster their running game, they’ll be right back in the thick of things come playoff time next year.

A recent champion and playoff participant in each of the last two years, the Eagles feel like an elite betting value at +2000.

PICKPhiladelphia Eagles+2000

Most Interesting Super Bowl 54 Long-Shot Bet

Bettors like to aim high, so let’s get weird with it and target the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was a team on my sleeper radar in each of the past two years, and while their offense has been very good, they just underperformed as a whole.

Jameis Winston had been busy being an awful human being, but if he can stay out of trouble, this Bucs passing game could continue to light up the league. I’m largely high on the hiring of new head coach Bruce Arians, though.

Arians turned the Arizona Cardinals into yearly contenders, and his system could be a ton of fun with the weapons Tampa Bay already has in place.

The Bucs still have to shore up their running game and address areas of their defense, but they look like a fun long-shot bet at +6500.

PICKTampa Bay Buccaneers+6500


There is a lot to consider before you bet on Super Bowl 54. It’s so early in the process, but sometimes the best way to maximize value is to do a bunch of research right now and place a flier bet or two well before things look more concrete.

I’d certainly wait on teams like the Patriots and a few of the top contenders, just because their odds should drop as big changes hit.

For the most part, I’m eyeing the Chiefs and Saints and perhaps looking at a few Super Bowl sleepers that could be worth my time. There is a lot that can happen between now and the start of the NFL Draft – let alone between now and the start of the actual 2019 season.

It’s sad to see the 2018 NFL regular season draw to a close, but we are now one step closer to another pro football season. Good luck with all of your bets, and thanks for stopping by throughout the year!

Who Will Win Super Bowl 54? - Early Odds, Predictions, and Betting Picks
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