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Who Will Win the Season 15 Finals of America’s Got Talent

| September 18, 2020 6:38 am PDT
America's Got Talent Predictions Season 15

The America’s Got Talent season 15 finals are set. More acts were eliminated on Wednesday’s show on September 16th, cementing the final stage with 10 acts remaining to fight it out for the top spot.

The live finals kick off next week on Tuesday, September 22nd, and we’ll find out the season 15 winner of AGT the very next day.

But who will win America’s Got Talent? That’s been the question all season, and my initial answer in my first edition of America’s Got Talent predictions pegged Roberta Battaglia as the victor.

Almost three months since season 15 began with auditions on May 26th, Battaglia is at least very much in the running, with the top America’s Got Talent betting websites pricing her as the favorite.

Let’s see what the odds look like and then try to gauge if Battaglia really is the runaway winner for season 15.

America’s Got Talent Season 15 Winner Odds

  • Roberta Battaglia (+400)
  • Brandon Leake (+400)
  • Cristina Rae (+500)
  • Daneliya Tuleshova (+500)
  • Archie Williams (+700)
  • Broken Roots (+900)
  • Alan Silva (+1200)
  • Bello Sisters (+1400)
  • Kenadi Dodds (+1600)
  • BAD Salsa (+2000)

Battaglia has the soul and voice of a seasoned singer, and she’s just 11 years old. Her audition displayed her vulnerability and lack of experience, but she’s overcome that to rapidly develop into a brilliant performer.

She’s come so far but was always impressive despite any limitations due to her age. The sky’s the limit for her, and since she was my pick, to begin with, I obviously think the +400 odds make her a steal.

She is tied for the lead at the top America’s Got Talent betting websites, though. Brandon Leake is a devastating spoken word talent who can move you with his emotional depth and delivery.

It’s hard to envision Leake selling out seats in Las Vegas and putting on a feature show with this act, but in terms of sheer ability to hold an audience hostage, few do it better.

Rae is probably the next best bet beyond the top two AGT favorites, and Tuleshova may be the only other music act that really makes sense at this point. They are both excellent singers with very different skills.

Rae may hold the edge in terms of narrative, but the younger Tuleshova has a better tone and is more versatile.

Everyone else made the America’s Got Talent finals based on elite ability, so you absolutely need to consider some of the America’s Got Talent sleepers when placing your bets.

To guide you through the madness, let’s break down the top 10 America’s Got Talent acts as we look to predict a winner for season 15.

Roberta Battaglia (+400)

Battaglia has been more impressive each time out. It’s impossible to consider, seeing as her audition was so good that it earned her a coveted Golden Buzzer award.

The hype could have ended there for the 11-year old, but she’s since crushed renditions of “What About Us” and “You Say”. The only knock against Battaglia is her youth, but her inexperience and age only make her talent more impressive.

Brandon Leake (+400)

I was initially reluctant to buy into Leake beyond maybe a semifinalist, as this competition isn’t really built to be dominated by a poet.

That was before Leake arrived, it seems.

Leake’s delivery, emotion and unique messages each time out somehow get more profound and they always leave a mark. His powerful and flawless spoken word act is absolutely an elite talent, while his voice is also incredibly captivating.

Leake’s talent knows no bounds, and he swings in gut punches even when the content is seemingly unrelatable. That is not just a talent. It’s a gift.

Cristina Rae (+500)

Rae rocked the house with two different awesome performances during her audition, which earned her a deserving Golden Buzzer.

That alone has kept Rae in play, along with her emotional backstory. She once again reminded us all of her actual talent, though, as her cutting voice was perfect in her take on “Jump” during the semifinals.

Rae isn’t my pick out of the music genre, but she’s still the total package. When you’re looking for tone, power, range, emotion, and narrative, she really offers it all.

Daneliya Tuleshova (+500)

One of my favorite value bets left is Tuleshova, who doesn’t really have the narrative edge everyone else above her has, but she absolutely has the talent to shock and win this thing.

We saw that again with her rendition of “Who You Are”. Tuleshova’s as versatile and as talented as any singer left, and this +500 price feels a bit too good to be true. Still, she was at one time among my best America’s Got Talent bets, so you know the talent is there to make a late run.

I’d rank her ahead of Rae, but behind Battaglia as we approach the AGT finals.

Archie Williams (+700)

Archie Williams isn’t a bad singer for a man in his 50’s, but he’s never really blown me away from a technical perspective. Is he good? Of course. Is he “winner of America’s Got Talent” good? Not in my opinion.

That said, Williams was a wrongly convicted man who never had the opportunity to show his talents at a younger age, so on narrative alone, he’s a value at +700. An emotional performance in the semifinals keeps him in the running, but I don’t see him winning.

Broken Roots (+900)

This is another act that has never really had me convinced they can go the distance. Broken Roots is a solid duo that works well together and offers some fresh takes in the country and rock n’ roll genres, but nothing they do is overly unique.

I predicted before things really got going this season that a music act would win, so that alone could keep Broken Roots on your radar at this fun +900 price. I don’t like their chances of staging the upset, though.

Alan Silva (+1200)

Once you start getting away from all the top contenders, you start thinking about America’s Got Talent sleepers that could surprise in the finals.

One may be Silva, who is a non-music act that performs with grace and emotion. His act is daring and poetic, and it’s one that could easily headline shows in Las Vegas.

For that reason, Silva is still on the table as a fun +1200 value bet.

Bello Sisters (+1400)

The same goes for the Bello Sisters, who have impressed with beautiful choreography, timing, and strength from the jump.

I was a bit worried they couldn’t up the ante after a couple of performances, but they showed in their semifinals performance that they are not afraid to take on a challenge.

The Bello Sisters aren’t a great bet to win, but if we’re supposed to be looking for a thrilling Vegas-style act that can wow you and keep you engaged, they continue to fit the bill.

Because of that, bettors need to keep them in mind at their +1400 price.

Kenadi Dodds (+1600)

Far down the list is Dodds, who for a brief moment caught my attention as a potential contender to win this thing. I still see her talent as being deserving, especially after she knocked another one out of the park in the semifinals.

Based on sheer talent, Dodds has a chance and would return immense betting value.

My issue with her is that some of her original work hasn’t landed as much as you’d like. If she can do something a bit more mainstream and remind everyone of how good she really is, she could be someone to watch out for.

BAD Salsa (+2000)

Lastly, we come to BAD Salsa, who I’ve admittedly overlooked through this competition. I just didn’t see how this act could really go the distance, and really never gave them a chance to even reach the America’s Got Talent finals.

I may have sold them short.

The talented duo delivered an exceptionally upbeat (and difficult) routine in the semifinals, punching their ticket to the final stage. There probably isn’t enough here to get them the win, but they do have that Vegas feel.

America’s Got Talent Season 15 Prediction

As the finals approach us next week, I can’t help but isolate three acts to win this season; Battaglia, Leake, or Silva.

Everyone else is in the finals for a reason, so you can absolutely talk yourself into some killer value, or just any other contender. Literally everyone has pretty alluring AGT odds at this point, after all.

However, Battaglia, Leake, and Silva just stand out the most. If you look at the singing talent, Battaglia is the most impressive music act. She’s been consistently great, and she’s doing this at just 11 years old.

She’s my predicted winner for season 15, as has been the case throughout this season.

If she doesn’t win, the most likely winner is Leake. His win would be a first for the show, while it’s a really emotional and powerful act that would be fitting for our current time. Leake is also just immensely talented with his creativity, voice, and delivery.

Looking for an even more shocking win, though? I’d highlight Silva. Of the true “Vegas-type” acts left, he seems to be the best bet. Even better? He’d pay off in a big way.

All roads still lead to Roberta Battaglia for me, however. She has an exceptional tone, fantastic power, and she’s only going to get better from this point on.

  • Roberta Battaglia
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