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Who Will Win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize?

| September 25, 2020 4:22 am PDT
2020 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predictions

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the highest honors any person or organization can receive, and the 2020 winner is on its way.

It will be an exciting time for those respected individuals that put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, which largely has been devoted to making the world a better place.

So, who did it best in 2020, and which person or group should you bet on to win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize? If you’re ready to place a bet, just check out the best Nobel Peace Prize betting sites below.

Not sure who will win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize? Hit the pause button on any wagers and join me as I break down the latest odds, and the best bets to win this year’s coveted award.

2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds

The odds to win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize have changed greatly. You can see that pretty easily by looking back at our breakdown in March when Greta Thunberg was the obvious favorite to win.

The Swedish environmental activist has been extremely vocal in her fight for climate change, and her message has been rather powerful.

A lot has happened since those odds came out in March, though.

Black Lives Matter has exploded in the face of racial injustice, Donald Trump has been doing Donald Trump things, Joe Biden has been fighting to win the presidential seat, and the WHO has fought to protect us all from COVID-19.

The latter’s undying plight to help all of humanity stricken by this pesky virus has thrust it into the top spot when you look at the latest Nobel Peace Prize odds at BetOnline.

Right behind the WHO is Jacinda Ardern, who has done a great job with the coronavirus crisis in New Zealand, while also implementing strict gun laws.

Big names like Trump, Bill Gates, Putin, Biden, and Obama litter the latest 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds, but fans of entertainment and political betting want to know where to turn here.

For an idea as to how you should bet on the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, read on.

Top Favorite to Win

If we look at the odds, the World Health Organization has overtaken Thunberg as the clear favorite. The race is still fairly tight, of course, and +200 odds don’t guarantee a thing.

That said, the WHO has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 outbreak from the very beginning, alerting the masses about this virus, digging deep to discover how it spreads and impacts society, and also working toward appropriate protocols.

A vaccine is on its way and we’ve managed to bust through a quarantine and get back to some level of normalcy, largely due to the WHO’s efforts. In a trying time where the entire world has been put on hold for portions of an unforgettable 2020, the World Health Organization has been holding our collective hands every step of the way.

The WHO is absolutely a threat to win this award, and given everything that has transpired – and how COVID-19 has at some level impacted everyone – nobody else deserves to be called the favorite.

Sleepers Worth Betting On

There are honestly several Nobel Peace Prize sleepers to consider, and you can start looking at any of the options beyond the +1200 pricing.

I wouldn’t seriously consider a lot of the big names, however, as Donald Trump has faced serious criticism in 2020, and a lot of the other recognizable faces just haven’t had the global touch that the WHO has had.

The only person or group that comes close is Black Lives Matter, which has taken the message Colin Kaepernick tried to get across with a kneel and ran with it. Public protests have spearheaded a true movement across the United States, with a plea for equality, justice, and an end to police brutality.

I’m not here to play the political game, of course. Regardless of what side of the fence you lie on in regards to Trump, Biden, BLM – or whatever else – there is no denying how much this group has accomplished in the past year.

At +1600, Black Lives Matter is a very intriguing bet to stage the upset and win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

BLM is probably my top sleeper pick here, but it’s possible you could get a little more bang for your buck. Two other options that stand out, whether due to pricing or their case to win, are the UNHCR (+1200) and Julian Assange (+3300).

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (try saying that three times fast) has actually claimed this high honor twice before, and it’s not impossible they could do so again in 2020.

You’re actually losing a little value with them as a pivot away from BLM, but the work they’ve done with the refugee situation in Europe can’t be ignored. I’d take Black Lives Matter over them in 2020, but they’re certainly worth mentioning.

If you want to go with the “go big or go home” Nobel Peace Prize betting strategy, don’t overlook Julian Assange.

Assange is a controversial pick, as many will recall he was behind Wikileaks, which can have him seen as a traitor, or a pioneer of modern liberation.

2020 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prediction

So, who will win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize? I think it’s down to three possible people or groups.

The World Health Organization is the top favorite when you look at the latest Nobel Peace Prize betting odds, and considering their work during this crazy pandemic, nobody will argue that.

The other option is Thunberg, who has been a candidate for the last two years, opened as the favorite for this prop back in March, and has done amazing work in the name of climate control.

There’s also Black Lives Matter, which has arguably made the greatest impact of anyone this year. The fight against racial injustice and police brutality has been dominating the headlines for years now.

It’s only really gone mainstream in 2020, however, as a global pandemic shut society down and gave a stage to a glaring problem. Black Lives Matter didn’t just arrive in 2020, but their message and their outreach has grown visibly over the past year – so much so that I think they’re a value bet worth targeting here.

Ultimately, we could have a tie here. It has occurred numerous times before, and literally just happened in 2018.

Black Lives Matter and the World Health Organization have both done so much, and both have seemingly been mentioned or even trended on social media almost every single day.

If you have to pick one, though, go with the value bet. Black Lives Matter has pushed for major change, and the outreach has even seeped into the sports realm. At +1600, this is a fun wager for entertainment and novelty bettors.

For a little more insight as to how to bet on the Nobel Prize, check out our Nobel Prize betting guide.

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