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Who Will Make the Final Four of March Madness 2021?

| March 17, 2021 10:51 am PDT

The biggest tournament in college basketball begins this week and we already know how the March Madness 2021 bracket looks like.

There’s a clear favorite in three of the regions this year, but you almost never see all the top seeds go all the way. I don’t think this will be the case in 2021 either, as you can see in my March Madness Final Four predictions.

In this post, I analyze each region of the bracket and share my thoughts on who is making the Final Four this season. I’ve also included the odds from some of the top March Madness betting sites as a starting point.

2021 March Madness West Region Odds and Analysis

Many experts believe that Gonzaga should destroy the competition in the West and the latest March Madness 2021 Final Four odds confirm that.

The Bulldogs are leading the way and only Iowa is given a realistic chance by the best betting sites. Let’s try to figure out if that’s truly the case.

The Final Four Favorites

Was anyone surprised when Gonzaga was given a top seed in March Madness 2021? The Bulldogs were topping most power rankings before the start of the college basketball season and they went on to win every single game so far.

The team has one of the best offenses in the NCAAB Division 1, a bunch of efficient players, and a solid defense. The only concern, in my book, is the pressure that comes with being such a huge favorite.

The last college in a similar position was Duke when Zion was around and the Blue Devils struggled in many of their games, eventually going out just before the Final Four.

That doesn’t mean that Gonzaga will do the same, but the path of the favorite won’t be easy. At the very least, Iowa will be lurking.

The Hawkeyes just failed in the Big Ten final, but they have a strong offense led by the exceptional Luka Garza who recently stated that the team is going after the title.

The big man will be a problem, and Iowa should be able to outrebound Gonzaga if it comes down to the top seeds in the Elite Eight. That might make the clash more competitive than most people expect.

Let’s see if some of the other teams in the West can make the 2021 March Madness Final Four.

The Rest of the Bunch

It is hard to back anyone else to win the West in my March Madness Final Four predictions. Kansas is not a bad team by any means, but the recent health problems are a huge concern.

It’s unclear if this team can get it going, and the potential meeting with USC in the second round could be the end of the road for the Jayhawks.

Virginia is another decent team, but the Cavaliers looked hopeless against Gonzaga back in December, losing by more than 20 points.

As for the rest, a run to the Elite Eight would be a surprise, so backing them to reach the Final Four would be a stretch.

March Madness 2021 West Prediction

I believe that the top two seeds in the West will meet in the Elite Eight and Gonzaga is obviously the more likely winner. And yet, Luka Garza should be able to trouble the favorite, so it won’t be easy for the Bulldogs.

They are the team to beat, but the price of -200 for Gonzaga to make the Final Four is just too low, so I don’t recommend it.

2021 March Madness South Region Odds and Analysis

Predicting the March Madness Final Four contestant from the South is much harder, as you can see from the latest betting odds.

Baylor is the favorite here, but there are a bunch of teams that could upset the Bears. Let’s take a look at all contenders.

The Final Four Favorites

One of the strongest arguments against the top seed Baylor is that the Bears have not reached the Final Four in the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament in more than 70 years.

At the same time, Baylor might be the team with the strongest backcourt in the country. Guys like Jared Butler, Davion Mitchell, and MaCio Teague have been phenomenal on both ends of the floor. They are the backbone of this team and the main reason why the Bears have earned the top seed.

Butler has been especially impressive, and he looked even stronger when Baylor faced elite opponents. Just look at what he did to Kansas in January.

I might raise a few eyebrows, but I think the main threat in the South is Arkansas. The third seed is excellent offensively, defensively, and under the rim. If you add Eric Musselman’s coaching experience, the Razorbacks are a tough opponent for a knockout tournament like March Madness 2021.

The Final Four odds suggest that Ohio State should be the second favorite, but the team’s draw has been horrific. I see too many strong challenges on the road, so I believe that the Buckeyes will simply run out of steam at some point.

The Rest of the Bunch

The South region is full of tricky teams in 2021. Purdue, Texas Tech, North Carolina, and even Villanova, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, and Utah State shouldn’t be underestimated.

Each of these teams could have a decent run in March Madness 2021, but I don’t think they have the consistency to go all the way to the Final Four.

March Madness 2021 South Prediction

I really find it hard to go against Baylor, but I have the gut feeling that Arkansas might surprise us and make it to the Final Four from the South.

The pressure and the media attention will all be on Baylor in this quarter of the bracket. The Bears don’t have the pedigree required to deal with so much tension, so I expect them to eventually pay the ultimate price.

The odds for +800 for Arkansas to get out of this region are just too good to skip, and one of the best March Madness 2021 Final Four picks out there.

2021 March Madness East Region Odds and Analysis

Next in my 2021 March Madness Final Four predictions is the East. Many believe that’s the most uncertain region and the odds confirm it.

Michigan and Alabama are two top seeds, but at least three more colleges have legitimate credentials and should be in the mix. Here’s my analysis of their chances.

The Final Four Favorites

If I must pick the number one seed that’s most likely to crash out early in March Madness 2021, it has to be Michigan. The Wolverines will be without Isaiah Livers because of an injury and their recent form has been shaky.

The college has been losing games left and right in the past month or so. That’s not a good look ahead of March Madness, especially when your region includes several competent teams.

I believe that Alabama is the side with the highest chance of making the Final Four if Michigan doesn’t recover.

Crimson Tide has been consistent all year long. One of the problems is that the team’s offense relies too much on outside shooting. One bad game from behind the arc could be enough, but Alabama’s defense can make up for that.

Florida State and Texas are also in the mix and certainly have a shot at winning. What bothers me is the lack of leadership at times which could be a problem when the going gets tough.

The Rest of the Bunch

I would say that’s the region where a big surprise is most likely right now. All top four seeds are good, but they are not exactly exceptional, so the likes of Colorado, UConn, LSU, Maryland, and BYU can certainly dream for a place in the Final Four this year.

The Tigers are the most dangerous among them thanks to scoring machine Cameron Tomas.

The freshman has been amazing for LSU this season and he’s a projected first-rounder in the next NBA draft, so watch out for him and his team.

One of my colleagues shares more about Thomas and other potentially key young athletes in his post on the six players to watch during March Madness 2021.

March Madness 2021 East Prediction

The East should be the wildest region this year and anything is possible. The top seed Michigan is the best team on paper, but the Wolverines have all sorts of problems heading into March Madness 2021 and there are plenty of opponents that could beat them in one game.

If I had to pick the two teams that would meet in the last match in the East, it would be Alabama and LSU. The former strike me as the most solid team, while Cam Thomas could be the best player in this quarter of the draw.

From a gambling perspective, backing either at them would be a good idea when the latest March Madness 2021 Final Four betting odds are so high.

2021 March Madness Midwest Region Odds and Analysis

The Midwest is probably the most top-heavy region in March Madness 2021. The top two seeds are way better than anyone else and there are probably two or three more colleges that are competitive, at least on paper.

The rest of this quarter looks doomed, so let’s see if that’s really the case and who makes it to the Final Four from the Midwest.

The Final Four Favorites

Gonzaga is the undisputed top college team in the country, but Illinois is widely considered as the second strongest contender for the March Madness crown.

The Fighting Illini have been dominant throughout the campaign and capped their strong performance with a dramatic victory over Ohio State to win the Big Ten tournament.

This team has the quality and the depth to go all the way, so it’s hard to find worthy opponents in the region. The road to the Elite Eight should be relatively comfortable and I expect to see Houston there waiting for Illinois.

The Cougars are tough as nails on the defensive end and that’s certainly a huge factor during March Madness. They have solid scorers too and just got a boost by winning the AAC title.

This team is confident and can give Illinois a game, but I still believe that the favorite has more talent which should be the deciding factor.

The Rest of the Bunch

I don’t want to be disrespectful to the other colleges in the Midwest and anything could happen in a knockout tournament, but I don’t see how any of them could reach the Final Four.

Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Tennessee are the closest to the top two seeds, but even they would likely struggle when it’s all said and done.

March Madness 2021 Midwest Prediction

I have no choice but to go for Illinois with my March Madness 2021 Final Four prediction for the Midwest. The team has been excellent and most opponents in this region shouldn’t be a huge problem for the leading contender.

Sure, the Houston Cougars might be able to upset the odds, but the Fighting Illini will be favored against them too. That’s why the price of +130 for Illinois to win the region is quite tempting and worth a shot.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that my March Madness Final Four picks were helpful to you and I would love to hear your own predictions on who makes it to the Final Four. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

I also remind you that we have a section with college basketball betting picks where we will be publishing our best bets once the NCAA Division 1 tournament starts.

We also have prepared a detailed March Madness betting guide that can improve your chances to win money by gambling on the competition.

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