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Tom Brady Odds and Predictions – Which Team Will Tom Brady Play for in 2020?

| January 7, 2020 11:04 am PDT
Robert Kraft, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick What Team Will Brady Be On Next Season

Now that the Patriots season has ended and the dust has started to settle, it’s time to assess the future of New England’s 42-year-old quarterback. Rumors are swirling that he could be on his way to the west coast, while some think retirement is squarely on the table. Others think all this talk is blasphemous and just assume he’ll be under center in Foxborough when training camp opens in July.

What about you? Do you think that Brady has played his last game in Gillette Stadium as a member of the Pats organization?

Noah Davis assessed some Tom Brady odds back in November, but it’s time to take a fresh look at the situation now that we have updated odds for betting on Tom Brady’s future.

Which Team Will Tom Brady Play for in Week 1 of 2020?

Not all of the top football betting sites have introduced this Tom Brady prop bet, but the folks at BetOnline made sure to keep things interesting. You won’t see a price for the New England Patriots, but the oddsmakers did provide lines for 21 other franchises he could play for in 2020.

A handful of the teams on this list aren’t even worth considering for various reasons. For example, the Browns spent the first overall pick in 2018 on Baker Mayfield and are in the process of interviewing head coaches and GMs. While Tom would be an obvious upgrade over Baker, Brady is a family guy. Do you really think Giselle would be on board moving to Cleveland?

New Orleans and Philadelphia would never happen, the Cardinals are building around Kyler Murray, and the Bengals are all but certain to draft Joe Burrow with the #1 pick in April. So while there are certainly a group of teams that won’t even sniff the GOAT’s radar, I’ll showcase four teams that might.

Los Angeles Chargers

Questions are circling around the future of Philip Rivers in Los Angeles. The Chargers are set to open the 2020 campaign in SoFi Stadium — the nearly $5 billion complex situated just three miles away from LAX. The chatter in La La Land is that the Chargers will be the “little sister” in what will be known as the Rams building, but oh, how that would change if Tom Brady played for the Chargers.

Quite frankly, here’s what I would do if I was Tom Telesco.

I’d show up on Brady’s doorstep with a blank checkbook and a pen and just tell Tom to name his price. Los Angeles has a terrific defense in place and two capable running backs. They also have a top-tier tight end in Hunter Henry and two really solid wideouts in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

I’m not entirely convinced Tom would be ready to move cross-country and play for Anthony Lynn, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chargers end up making the phone call to find out.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders season ended in a mess, and the franchise can’t get out of Oakland soon enough. The excitement surrounding the team’s move to Sin City is already palpable, but Tom Brady to the Raiders would make the team the talk of the NFL.

Derek Carr may have had one of his best statistical seasons in 2019, but he crumbled down the stretch when the team needed him most. If Jon Gruden’s plan is to contend with the likes of Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the AFC West for years to come, I don’t think he can do it with Derek Carr leading the way. On top of that, moving the franchise to a new city seems like the perfect time to start off on a clean slate at the quarterback position.

Las Vegas would embrace Brady like he’s one of their own, and Mark Davis has deep enough pockets to make this thing happen. Whether or not the Raiders would be high on Tom’s list for potential landing spots isn’t something I can confirm, but I know Coach Gruden would welcome him with open arms.

Indianapolis Colts

Chris Ballard’s recent comments about Jacoby Brissett leave the door wide open for Tom Brady to come to Indianapolis.

“The jury’s still out. That’s why we did the short-term deal with Jacoby, to have the security of a player we liked and to find out if he can be the guy.”

That’s not exactly what I would deem a vote of confidence. Indy’s roster is more than capable of winning right now, and adding a proven commodity like Brady could be the missing piece to the puzzle. Remember, the Colts have arguably the best offensive line in football, Marlon Mack is a beast in the backfield, and weapons like T.Y. Hilton and Eric Ebron will return healthy in 2020.

I should point out that Philip Rivers has been linked to Indianapolis given his existing relationship with Frank Reich, as the Colts head coach was Philip’s offensive coordinator in San Diego in 2014 and 2015. He was also his QBs coach in 2013. Nevertheless, moving his wife and nine children to the Midwest at this point in his career wouldn’t exactly be a seamless transition.

Brady to the Colts might not seem like an ideal fit, but what if it ended up being a match made in heaven?

Carolina Panthers

Fresh off of hiring Matt Rhule to be the Panthers head coach, Carolina owner David Tepper might not be done making drastic moves to his organization. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Cam Newton won’t return, and Kyle Allen was benched after a succession of dismal performances.

It was a small sample size for Will Grier late in the year, but the Panthers saw enough to understand that the former West Virginia signal-caller isn’t the answer moving forward. So where does Carolina go from here?

Sure, they could draft a rookie in 2020 and begin the grooming process. However, Luke Kuechly isn’t getting any younger, and it’s clear as day that Christian McCaffrey is in the heart of his prime. Why not try and make a push to win a Super Bowl in the next two years?

If Tom could warm up to the idea of heading to Charlotte on a short-term deal, we’d see Carolina shoot up the board at the best NFL sportsbooks as one of the favorites to win Super Bowl 55.

Tom Brady’s Next Team Prediction – Final Destination

With Brady set to turn 43 in August, wondering how long Tom Brady can keep playing is a fair question to ask. I showcased four NFL franchises that could end up knocking on the GOAT’s door pleading for his services, and I mentioned that retirement could be a legitimate option.

With that being said, here’s why the Patriots are still the frontrunner to be Tom Brady’s team in 2020.

Brady is a simple guy who loves playing championship-level football, and he loves spending time with his family. Well, staying in New England gives him the best of both worlds.

Will Tom really want to go to a new team and play in a new system? Does he want to try and reinvent himself at age 43? Brady has gone on record raving about the Patriots’ front office and how blessed he is to be the Patriots’ starting quarterback.

As tempted as he may be to bounce from Foxborough, Tom is a very wise man who preaches the teachings in The Four Agreements. He’s fully aware that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

That’s why I firmly believe that Tom Brady will be playing for the Patriots in 2020.

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