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Which Superhero Will Get Their Own Movie Next?

| June 30, 2021 10:10 am PDT

If you’re wondering what comes next in the world of cinema as it relates to comic book characters, your timing is impeccable.

Movie theaters are finally nearing a return to full capacity, and Marvel is preparing the launch of their first feature film in their much-hyped Phase 4.

Just like that, everyone is talking about the movies again, and the desire for big blockbuster flicks is only growing. That’s understandably magnified when you’re talking about superhero movies, as fans want to see characters on the big screen that they haven’t yet.

That, or they want a redo on past failures.

It’s one thing to talk about it on forums or cross our fingers, of course. It’s another to actually profit from it.

With the best entertainment betting sites offering odds for the next DC or Marvel superhero to get their own movie, I thought I’d take a look at which characters make sense.

Odds for Which Superhero Will Get Their Own Movie Next

The Question+2000
Doctor Doom+2500

These are the superhero characters with the best odds to be the central character in their own feature film, per Bovada.

The list only goes on from here, with two other characters (One Above All and Tigra) harboring +2500 odds and another eight superheroes trailing in terms of pricing.

Be sure to hit up Bovada for the full list and odds, but I’ll be touching on the best candidates in this post. First, let’s consider the odds for the top contenders above.

Spider-Woman is the leading option at +125, and I get the logic. There has been more of a push to prioritize female superheroes – and rightfully so – and the past onus has been put on the male character.

There has also been chatter that Olivia Wilde will be directing a Spider-Woman flick following the character Jessica Drew.

The big question, of course, is when will it drop?

Whenever it does, that would give fans a feature film they’ve never had before, it’d be a female spin, and it’d also be a totally different story. The same goes for the majority of these options, of course, but a female lead would certainly be refreshing.

If you’re betting on which superhero will get a movie next, though, I wouldn’t just stop at the option with the best odds. Superwoman, Batwoman, and She-Hulk all make plenty of sense, as well, while there is even a sleeper or two I’d have my eye on.

To come to a prediction, let’s break down the top favorites and some nice value bets to consider targeting.

Top Favorites to Get Their Own Movie

There are already some ideas being exchanged in Hollywood, and at least in the case of Spider-Woman, things are moving pretty fast.

With Marvel pushing out other big projects this summer, their next one is right around the corner, and Spider-Woman could be in. Understandably, it heads the list of favorites when predicting the next superhero character to get their own movie.

Let’s break down the best options to bet on.

Spider-Woman (+125)

As noted, Wilde is already attached to piece this story together, and there could be major hype brewing if/when pending Marvel releases such as Morbius and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The latter is coming this year, while Morbius is tentatively looking at a 2022 release. Does that also delay the much-talked-about Spider-Woman? It certainly could.

Of course, nothing has been announced officially about this project. Until real news breaks, it’s just speculation that the next superhero to get their own movie is Spider-Woman.

From the way Wilde has talked about this secret project, however, it sure sounds like something ground-breaking.

“We are seeing this incredible influx of female directors and storytellers getting to take hold of this genre. Not only do I get to tell this story as a director, but I get to develop this story.”

Wilde is taking this seriously, and anyone waiting to hear more about this project – whatever it actually ends up being – should be plenty excited.

If Wilde’s tortured work in A Vigilante is any indication, she’s going to be sure to leave her mark in the superhero realm.

Superwoman (+350)

If it’s not Spider-Woman, then Superwoman could make sense. It wouldn’t be penned or directed by Wilde since this would be a DCEU project.

Of course, that’s neither here nor there, and this would simply be about the DCEU producers beating Marvel to the punch.

Not only would they push out another big blockbuster flick they would feel had a real chance at success – as well as promote a big character – but they’d also prop up another powerful female voice in their own universe.

It worked for Wonder Woman, so there is plenty of logic to suggest Superwoman could thrive, as well. Past renditions of Superwoman as a movie have failed, but Supergirl has worked as a TV series, and there always seem to be endless interest in Superman-esque stories.

After all, the DCEU is currently in the process of deciding who will play Superman next.

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It’s been too long since this story was touched on the big screen, and Hollywood has to see that the loyal fandom surrounding Supergirl is beyond encouraging.

The odds suggest it’s a tougher sell than Spider-Woman, but this one still makes plenty of sense. The logistics would still need to be ironed out, of course, and the rumor mill isn’t quite hot enough for this one to be trusted just yet.

Batwoman (+500)

You can consider any of the options the top entertainment betting sites allow you to bet on, but one other top contender has to be Batwoman.

Much like Supergirl, this is another character already under the spotlight on television, with Batwoman airing on the CW since 2019.

The show was first made famous by Ruby Rose, but she stepped down after one season, giving way to Javicia Leslie.

Now die-hard Batwoman fans not only get an amazing origin story, a strong lesbian voice, and a black superhero.

The reach is off the charts here, and thanks to its small screen success – not to mention the undying interest in anything Batman-related – Hollywood would be wise to capitalize and move forward with Batwoman in a feature film.

Sleeper Bets to Consider

Realistically, if you’re betting on which superhero is featured in a movie next, the three characters mentioned above are the best place to start.

You might want to seek more value than that, of course, and/or you’re just crossing your fingers for a more obscure character to get the spotlight.

That wouldn’t even be illogical, either. Plenty of lesser-known superhero characters have been getting their own movies or TV series, so if the value speaks to you, don’t rule it out.

I’d start the high-aiming bets with these two superheroes, though.

Gambit (+3300)

The price for a potential Gambit movie is pretty intense, especially since this is a project that had been in talks for some time.

The X-Men had avoided inserting Gambit into their franchise too directly in the past, partially because his character is arguably too similar to Wolverine.

That said, Channing Tatum was tied to an original Gambit flick at one time, although it eventually fell apart.

While Tatum’s project never got off the ground, fans did get a sneak peek at the potential of Gambit at one point.

The interest is still there when you talk to X-Men fans, and the X-Men franchise has slowly been rebooting after the harrowing effects of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Could a Gambit movie be on the horizon as a tiny piece to the puzzle? Probably not, but hey, the conversation has been had, he’s an interesting superhero that hasn’t gotten a movie yet, and the +3300 odds are alluring.

Storm (+3300)

The odds are the same, yet a Storm movie feels much more likely than a Gambit movie. In fact, it’s quite arguable the buzz around a potential Storm flick is deafening, and bettors are getting a steal here.

There was chatter for years about a potential origin story for Halle Berry’s Storm, although that obviously never took off, and she’s no longer part of the X-Men franchise.

Even since then, talk of a Storm feature film has never stopped, and now that Marvel has the rights to the X-Men franchise, origin films could start popping out left and right.

Not only is this a popular, powerful character from a huge franchise, but this is another opportunity for a black female lead to get an opportunity.

Which Superhero Should You Bet On?

Numerous superhero characters should get their own movie. Once you realize this is something you can bet on, though, fandom probably needs to be checked at the door.

Why? Because what you want to happen isn’t always what is going to make you money.

When it comes to betting on which superhero character will get their own movie next, people need to think about the comic book characters being given voices right now.

Black Widow is launching Marvel’s Phase 4, and there has been a more concerted effort by the studios to give power to as many different voices as possible. This means creating characters and content that shine a light on people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community and also promoting more female-driven content.

That probably puts the focus on most of the potential films I’ve discussed here, but sometimes you just can’t avoid logic.

To me, that’s connecting the dots between what the studios want to do and what’s already out there. Timelines have been jumbled quite a bit lately, but Wilde being attached to a Marvel movie with a female lead cuts this up pretty neatly.

Spider-Woman stands out as the logical choice here, yet bettors can still get that option at a cool +135.

Storm is probably the best value bet to consider, but Spider-Woman figures to be the most likely superhero character to get a feature film next.
Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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