Which Singer Will Win American Idol 2020?

| May 15, 2020 2:48 am PDT

Now is the time for entertainment. Everyone is stuck inside, fighting off boredom, trying to figure out their next step in life.

Movies and TV shows to the rescue, indeed.

It’s nice to have that escape, but turning that venture out of one’s own mind into some side money is the real dream. Thanks to reality TV show competitions like American Idol, you can make that dream a reality.

The top American Idol betting websites have not issued odds for season 18 yet, but with the top 7 announced and Sunday’s finale naming a winner, logic suggests we’ll see some soon enough.

Whether that happens or not, it’s worth taking a look at who made the final cut as I make my American Idol grand finale prediction for who will win season 18.

Who Is Still Competing to Win American Idol?

  • Arthur Gunn
  • Julia Gargano
  • Louis Knight
  • Just Sam
  • Dillon James
  • Francisco Martin
  • Jonny West

These are the seven remaining singers in season 18 of American Idol. Arthur Gunn has been my favorite to win ever since the auditions, and he’s stood the test of time.

I also wrote about some American Idol sleepers way, way back, and both Francisco Martin and Dillon James are still alive and well.

Gargano and Knight were two of my other favorites to give this thing a go, with Just Sam and Jonny West being the only real surprises along the way.

There were also a few shocking eliminations, both during the audition process and after the live shows began.

It all gets real serious in a hurry come Sunday, when two singers will get bumped en route to American Idol’s top five.

Before we can reach an ultimate winner for American Idol 2020, we’ll have to drop those two singers, and with seven very talented and deserving artists, it won’t be easy.

To get us to the top 5 and to ultimately help us predict who will win season 18 of American Idol, let’s take one last look at each singer and state their case to advance (and win).

Arthur Gunn

If the best entertainment betting sites did offer American Idol betting odds, I have no doubt the soulful Gunn would be the heavy favorite to win.

Gunn has surprisingly displayed solid versatility, has serious charm, and has the type of grit and tone you simply can’t teach.

Julia Gargano

I read somewhere that Gargano is a heavy favorite to be among those initial two cuts, but I am not seeing that at all.

Blessed with a beautiful tone, excellent control, and terrific power, Gargano is the total package and even offers some star potential. Maybe she doesn’t win, but not even getting to the top 5 would feel like a huge gaffe.

Louis Knight

One of my early contenders to win season 18 of American Idol, Knight has lost steam over recent weeks. He’s getting by on being a heartthrob and having a unique tone, but it’s worth wondering if that will be enough.

Knight is an emotional singer, and he can be extremely moving, but he isn’t all that versatile. Take him away from the piano, and I’m not sure we have a legit star.

Just Sam

It took me far too long to get on Team Sam, but here I am. I’m not sure she has the star power or versatility to actually go the distance, but her voice is pure sweetness.

Sam is very technically strong with her vocals, and it’s a smooth, piercing tone that is honestly almost too perfect. It’s so inviting that you can quickly forget just how good she is.

Dillon James

The case is similar with James. Yes, he was among my early sleepers to win this year, but I got away from him. It’s because what he does is so effortless.

James is a unique talent. He can strip songs down and make them his own, and he sounds like he’s been singing country rock for 30 years. I don’t know if he’s good enough to win, but he’s certainly not out of the running.

Francisco Martin

Martin was one of my initial sleepers, but I’ve gotten off of him since. He’s got a nice tone, sings with emotion, and puts clever spins on his covers. But he’s not ready just yet.

Much like Louis Knight, Martin seems to be benefiting from some suspect voting. He’s had some technical issues with his singing, he’s had some nerve problems, and some of his performances just fell flat.

He’s talented, but he’s young and doesn’t quite measure up to some of these other singers.

Jonny West

West is one of the purest voices remaining on American Idol. Each take on his song of choice is done brilliantly and virtually flawlessly.

Unlike Louis Knight, West can survive if you take him out from behind the piano. He has a more natural, gentle tone, and his unassuming personality makes him endearing for viewers.

He’s a bit of an underdog story, as the show slowly chipped away at a diamond in the rough.

Who Will Win American Idol 2020?

I got six of seven correct in my last attempt at American Idol predictions, so hopefully, I can carry that momentum into a big win for entertainment bettors.

If you’re looking for top 5 predictions to get the party started, here’s who I have advancing to the finale.

  • Just Sam
  • Arthur Gunn
  • Julia Gargano
  • Jonny West
  • Dillon James

When you think American Idol, you need to think beyond just the voice. These artists typically get a nice backing through the voting process, and having a good backstory helps.

Sam and James will get boosted because of this, even though they both could advance on talent alone. Louis Knight almost makes the cut and might be the total package, but he and West are too similar, and West feels more refined and a little more versatile.

The other singer being shown the door is Martin, who I just don’t think has what it takes to win.

Ultimately, a five-singer race is probably more like a two-singer race. Gargano and Gunn are the two singers to beat going into Sunday.

There are singers with better singing on a technical level and others with better stories. It’s not about any one thing, however. It’s about the total package.

All things considered, I’ve been on Gunn from the beginning, and I don’t see much reason to shy away from him now. Whether you get the chance to bet on it or not, Arthur Gunn is going to be the next American Idol winner.

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