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Which NFL Teams Could Return Value as Division Winners?

| December 12, 2019 8:32 am PDT
NFL Division Betting - Every Value Bet Remaining You Need to Consider

Time is running out on taking advantage of in-season NFL bets. That includes all of the player props like predicting who will win the NFL MVP, Rookie of the Year, and so much more.

It also means if you want to bet on NFL division winners, now is the time.

The favorites have shown themselves, and some divisions are already wrapped up. But most of the divisions are still somewhat up for grabs, and with the door not closed on a few teams, there could be crazy betting value to be had.

You can refer to our NFL division predictions over in our NFL Betting Headquarters for the latest picks, but I thought I’d point to some solid value plays that just might be worth your time.

AFC East – Buffalo Bills (+700)

The New England Patriots are once again big favorites to hold onto the AFC East for what feels like the millionth year in a row. But should they be?

It’s fair to ask. Caught up in another potential cheating scandal, the Pats have dropped two games in a row and no longer look invincible.

That mighty defense has been exposed in recent weeks, while New England’s offense has had public problems for the entire season.

Oh, and the Bills gave them quite a fight in a close 16-10 loss earlier this year.

Josh Allen provides the Bills with a dynamic presence under center, Buffalo can run the ball, and their defense has proven they can compete with just about anybody. With a second showdown with the Pats looming in week 16, Buffalo controls their destiny.

Don’t let past results completely keep you off of an alluring +700 price tag.

AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers (+4000)

If you wanted to bet on the Ravens to win the division and were waiting, I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve missed the boat.

You can bet on Lamar Jackson to win NFL MVP this year, but the Ravens are a waste of time at their insane -15000 price tag over at BetOnline.

I am in the camp of firmly believing the Ravens will hold on to win this division, but what if they don’t? There actually is still a path to Baltimore faltering here, so bettors who like to aim high should at least consider it.

Is it a realistic path? No, definitely not. But it does exist.

Here it is: Baltimore loses out, and the Steelers win out.

That involves losing three straight games, with the first coming on TNF against the New York Jets. You can take one look at Michael Wynn’s week 15 Thursday Night Football preview and know that almost certainly isn’t happening, but you just never know when it comes to pro football.

It’s a short week, Lamar Jackson is hurt, the Jets have nothing to lose, and so on. If the Ravens somehow blow that game, they’d wrap up the regular season against a Browns team that beat them earlier this year, and their season finale is against — you guessed it — the Steelers.

Pittsburgh is a major long shot to win the AFC North. But this +400 price tag and the mere possibility of this type of collapse by the Ravens is what NFL dreams are made of.

AFC South – Tennessee Titans (+120)

You can go the extra mile here and bet on the Indianapolis Colts (+5000). They’re really not any more outlandish than the Steelers, but I just happen to think they’re not quite as good.

With Indy on a downward trend and the Colts and Titans facing off in two of the season’s final three games, the AFC South is surely down to one of two teams.

I favor the Texans due to the impact Deshaun Watson has on games, but you can get a little more value with the Titans at +120. The question is if you believe the career resurgence of Ryan Tannehill is here to stay.

Tennessee is neck and neck with Houston, as both teams are 8-5. If the Titans win even one of the two games in this season series, they’ll end up being a solid bet.

NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles (+105)

I don’t know what to believe in the NFC East. All I know is that the Giants and Redskins can’t win the thing. It’s officially down to just the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys, which is what we all begrudgingly admitted before the season even started.

Seriously, the league has major problems with their playoff seeding process, as one of these two awful teams (both presently sitting at 6-7) is going to be hosting a playoff game.

That is, in a word, disgusting.

Dallas holds the edge right now thanks to a win over the Eagles earlier this year, so they’re the understandable favorite. But Philly showed life with an overtime win last week, and they still control their fate.

It doesn’t feel amazing, but the Eagles offer a better price than Dallas, and it’s arguable they’re the more reliable team based on what has transpired in recent weeks.

NFC North – Chicago Bears (+5000)

The Green Bay Packers were my preseason pick to win the NFC North, and I still think they can get the job done. They were a fun bet before the season began, though. Not so much as -330 favorites with some really key games remaining in the stretch run.

Minnesota is still lurking as the likely contender (+270) for the division, and if you want some realistic value, they’re the pick.

If you want to get really crazy with it, though, why not aim even higher and bet on the Chicago Bears?

Mitch Trubisky seems to be confident, the Bears are willingly running the football, and their defense is still an asset. Better yet, Chicago has a huge week 15 showdown with Green Bay and a second meeting awaiting with the Vikes.

If the Bears win out, Green Bay loses out, and the Vikings lose two games (one of which would come by the hands of the Bears), this could still be Chicago’s division.

It’s crazy and not realistic, but at +5000, it’s all of the fun.

NFC West – Los Angeles Rams (+5000)

Lastly, let’s take a breath and imagine if more chaos unraveled in the uber-stacked NFC West. Our own Michael Wynn brought up the idea that the Rams could still win this division, and I scoffed at him.

I shouldn’t have.

LA has had a tough year, but they’re rounding into form with two straight wins, and they close out the year with two winnable games and an epic clash with the 49ers.

Should San Francisco lose that game (and their other two), the Rams would have a small chance at staging a crazy rise back to the top of the division.

There’s also the annoying Seahawks to worry about, but Seattle can play a helping hand by downing the Niners in the season finale. For this Rams dream to manifest itself, of course, those helpful Seahawks need to find a way to cough up losses to the Panthers and Cardinals.


The AFC West belongs to the Chiefs, and the Saints own the NFC South. Every other division in the NFL remains up for grabs, and most of them are slated to go down to the wire.

The NFL decision-makers knew what they were doing when they started scheduling these divisional games to close out the year. A good chunk of them will make the final weeks — week 17 in particular — must-see television.

It also makes for pretty interesting sports betting, and if some crazy magic is going to happen, bettors just might be able to profit from it.

Noah Davis

Noah Davis is one of the more diverse writers at GamblingSites.com. Like many of his colleagues, he's a huge fan of both football and basketball. But he also writes about box office records, TV show prop bets, DFS, and all kinds of other subjects.

When it comes to the NFL, Noah's favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys cheering them on with his wife and daughter.

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