Which MLB Teams Can Win the AL Pennant in 2020?

By Noah Davis in MLB
| April 9, 2020 7:09 am PDT
2020 MLB AL Pennant Winner

The race for the 2020 AL Pennant could be delayed thanks to our global crisis, but at some point, baseball will be back.

Will there be a baseball season in 2020? I tend to think so, and if you agree, you can bet on when MLB will return.

There’s plenty of other ways to cash in on the (hopefully) coming 2020 MLB campaign, too, and one is betting on who will win the AL Pennant.

I’ve done the groundwork for this wager by breaking down each AL division race, and that points to a select few teams that can reach the 2020 World Series.

Let’s take a look at the latest 2020 AL Pennant winner odds and see which teams are worth your time this year before I make my prediction.

Odds to Win the 2020 AL Pennant

The Yankees went out and got the biggest free agency signing of the offseason in Gerrit Cole, so a team that was already near the top of the AL has become the favorite.

New York is picked by many to win the 2020 World Series, but they aren’t alone. Houston won the title just a couple of years ago, and despite a cheating scandal, they offer insane value at their +400 price.

One could argue the dissection of the AL Pennant truly ends there, but the top MLB sportsbooks have the Twins, Angels, and Rays priced as viable challengers.

I don’t view them all that way, as only a handful of teams really have a shot at emerging out of the AL this year. As far as the top favorites go, let’s break them down and come away with a prediction.

New York Yankees (+150)

The Yanks can launch bombs with the best of them, and they just got one of the best pitchers in baseball. Gerrit Cole enters 2020 as the favorite to win the AL Cy Young award, and if he comes remotely close, New York will be tough to beat.

That’ll probably be the case even if he doesn’t. New York needs to work on whiffing less, but their offense alone can get them to the title series this season.

Houston Astros (+400)

The Astros are a team full of cheaters, but they’re still as talented as anyone. Houston lost nothing in the way of key bats, while Gerrit Cole’s departure clears up space for a talented pitching rotation to round itself out.

There is now more uncertainty in Houston than there was a year ago, but the Astros still have a great pitching staff and one of the deadliest offenses in baseball.

They look like locks to win the AL West and will probably be the team New York needs to fend off last to reach the World Series.

Minnesota Twins (+800)

The Twins have a nasty offense that can get hot and send balls deep at any time, but they continue to be held back by their defense.

Minnesota did take measures to improve on the mound this year, but are the likes of Kenta Maeda and Rich Hill really going to put them over the top? In a league with the Astros and Yanks, I somehow doubt it.

Tampa Bay Rays (+1000)

I’ll take the Rays at +1000 over the Angels at the same price. They have way better pitching, as Blake Snell is an elite ace if he can return to his 2018 form and Charlie Morton is a fantastic second option behind him.

Tampa Bay’s offense still has some work to do, but the Rays were a problem in the AL East last year and appear to be trending in the right direction. If the offense can keep getting better, Tampa Bay could ride an elite pitching rotation very far.

Who Will Win the 2020 AL Pennant?

The Halos will have to prove themselves. They weren’t close to being a playoff team last year, so while their pitching and hitting got upgrades, they have some work to do.

I’d certainly keep an eye out for some AL Pennant sleepers, but the race for a spot in the World Series out of the American League undoubtedly comes down to the Yankees and Astros.

Houston is no longer the easy call. They have the weight of public scrutiny weighing on them, while one of their best arms is now in New York.

Provided the pinstripes can stay healthy for a change, I think they finally have the tools needed to get back to the World Series. Their +150 odds aren’t amazing, but they’ll do.

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