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Which Acts Will Advance to the 2020 AGT Final?

| September 12, 2020 12:48 am PDT
2020 America’s Got Talent Final

The first five acts have gone through to the America’s Got Talent season 15 finals. A surprise cut came this week, though, as the Spyros Brothers didn’t advance.

Maybe I was too impressed by their act? I had them coming in second in my America’s Got Talent rankings, but clearly I got it wrong.

At least my top pick and AGT season 15 predicted winner Roberta Battaglia is safe, along with Broken Roots, Brandon Leake, Alan Silva, and Archie Williams.

Those five acts are through to the finals, but voters aren’t done just yet. The remaining 11 acts will duke it out next week, with the last of the finalists announced on Wednesday.

So, who makes the cut? First, let’s take a look at the latest America’s Got Talent odds and gauge which acts are safe to make it to the live finals.

Odds to Win America’s Got Talent Season 15

The first three acts with the best odds to win America’s Got Talent are already in, which makes sense. My initial America’s Got Talent season 15 predictions pegged Battaglia as the winner, and even after mild wavering, I’ve been back on her for some time.

Battaglia is the act to beat, but she does have some competition. Still, getting her at +250 feels like a steal.

If you’re not sold, the next best bet really is Leake at +300. He is so powerful and in our trying times, he might be just what the doctor ordered.

The third act is Williams, who has a compelling story but doesn’t measure up to a lot of these acts when you look at actual talent. He could win on story alone, but he probably shouldn’t.

Until next week, we have 16 acts you can bet on to win season 15 of America’s Got Talent. The next decision, before placing those bets, is to try to project which of these acts will make the finals.

Five are in, but 11 more need to figure things out.

Which AGT Acts Will Advance to the Finals?

After those top three, things get dicey. Even the two other acts that are in the finals don’t really wow you, as I don’t view Broken Roots or Alan Silva as legit threats to win this season.

Then again, I was a big fan of the Spyros Brothers, and look where they are.

The AGT odds can do some of the talking for us, but with another episode of semifinals performances to go, we should break down the five acts most likely to make the cut next week.

Cristina Rae (+800)

One of the Golden Buzzer winners, Cristina Rae has been a real threat to win since her killer audition. She crushed two songs for the judges prior to getting her ticket punched to the live shows, and she’s only kept on turning heads ever since.

Rae has an emotional backstory, as well as the talent to go the distance. She’s not my top pick in the music genre, but her power, range, and underrated tone give her a shot. While she probably won’t win, it’s hard to imagine her not at least advancing to the finals.

Celina Graves and Kenadi Dodds are great, but they aren’t as good as Rae.

Daneliya Tuleshova (+1400)

Want to hear something crazy? Graves and Dodds aren’t as good as Daneliya Tuleshova, either. Heck, neither is Rae.

Rae has superior odds, likely due to earning a Golden Buzzer, and also having a much better story. Some fans may also be hesitant to vote for someone who isn’t actually from the United States. I personally don’t see the problem, but the title of the show does begin to mislead the audience.

That said, this show is about finding the best talent out there, and when looking at the remaining acts going into next week’s live show, Tuleshova may be the best of the rest.

A music act is probably winning this season, and Tuleshova adds to the elite depth there. She’s better than Rae, and her odds are to die for.

Max Major (+1200)

Major is a big favorite of the judges, while his mental magic and ridiculous accuracy has left fans wanting more every time out.

This is not your usual tired magic act, as Major pushes the envelope and makes it harder on himself with each successive performance. He’s not my favorite, but he’s one of the few non-music acts that can win America’s Got Talent.

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew (+1400)

This eccentric dance group is another dark horse to win this competition, and they’re appropriately priced due to the uphill climb they have in front of them.

That isn’t a knock on their talent, showmanship, or creativity, though. W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew has surprised and raised the bar each time out, but it’s worth wondering just how far they can take this thing.

To the finals, at least, is what I’d say. They’re another Golden Buzzer winner that deserved it, and answered the call each time out since then. I doubt they win, but I’d be a little shocked if they didn’t advance to next week’s final.

Brett Loudermilk (+3300)

I will admit that this final slot is a bit difficult to decide on, but I can really only go off of the talent at hand, my personal opinion, and how the judges and fans have responded to this point.

Nothing about Brett Loudermilk’s seemingly predictable act has ever been mundane. The guy has the audience in the palm of his hand, he has excellent comedic timing, and he puts on one of the best sword swallowing shows I’ve ever seen.

Sword swallowing isn’t for everyone, so the question is if people can appreciate what this guy is doing and at least let him get to the finals. I’ve had him on my radar since the beginning and put him among my favorite America’s Got Talent sleepers, so I won’t quit on him now.


Your next five acts into the America’s Got Talent season 15 finals have been laid out for you. If I had it my way, that would offer some nice value via acts like Daneliya Tuleshova, W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, and Brett Loudermilk.

At this point, anyone who makes the finals can win this thing, though.

I’ve said all along that a music act is probably a lock to win this season. The pricing for that wager got to be a bit obscene, so I am quite pleased to see the top America’s Got Talent betting sites issue individual bets for who will win.

Roberta Battaglia is unsurprisingly the top favorite, and I’ll stick with her until the end. As stated, Brandon Leake is an exceptional pivot, however, and does offer a bit more betting value.

All that’s left for us now is to sit back and enjoy the show!

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