Where to Bet on Game of Thrones Season 8

| March 24, 2019 12:00 am PDT
This is where you should bet on Game of Thrones season 8

The final season of Game of Thrones is almost here.

In less than a month, we finally learn the fate of Jon Snow and all of our other favorite characters, putting the finishing touches on one of the greatest television shows ever made.

It’s bound to be epic.

Some powerful villains will undoubtedly meet their inevitable demise (looking at you, Cersei), some of our favorite heroes will be necessary casualties of war, and we’ll finally gain some closure on a story that has ebbed and flowed as beautifully as any I can remember.

Game of Thrones has been notorious for masterful storytelling, perfectly crafting a series that staggers plots just as well as it intertwines them. It’s all coming to a head in the final six episodes, though, with the action set to touch down on our screens on April 14th.

I know I’m excited, but beyond the show itself, there are more reasons to amp up for one last run with our favorite Westeros icons. Game of Thrones betting is certainly one of them, so let’s dive into the best wagers and where to bet on them.

Note that I’ve focused on US-friendly betting sites here. If you live outside the US, please check out our full list of safe entertainment betting sites for localized recommendations.

Best Game of Thrones Betting Sites

The night is dark and full of Game of Thrones prop bets. I’ve written a lot about HBO’s hit show, and I probably have used a line similar to that, but I can’t help it. It’s just so fitting.

While there are a lot of ways you can bet on Game of Thrones, I’ll admit it’s not exactly easy to always find said wagers. It’s even harder to figure out which Game of Thrones betting sites are better than others.

Any entertainment betting site can offer props and futures, but can you actually trust them? Do they offer the most wagers and competitive odds? That’s where I come in. I do the grunt work and rack up the GoT betting sites that should be high on your list.

Here’s the best of the best online right now.

These are some of the most reputable online betting websites you can come across, so it’s an added bonus that they all happen to offer Game of Thrones wagers as well.

What you’re probably wondering, though, is which site is head and shoulders above the rest. More specifically, where should you bet on Game of Thrones props? Let’s dive in and answer that question.

Which Site Has the Best Bonuses and Promotions?

Before we get into which is the best site to bet on Game of Thrones, you might be interested in which sites offer the best bonuses and promotions.

All of these sites are trustworthy, reliable, and offer great customer service, so there are only a few things that can truly separate them and help you decide where to play.

A big thing bettors look for is a place where they can be rewarded, both for that initial deposit and with bonuses, promotions, or reward/loyalty programs they can tap into down the road.

All of the entertainment betting sites you ever come across will have something, but if they’re neck and neck in regards to wagers, odds, and everything else, sometimes the little extra things they offer can set them apart.

I like what every site mentioned has to offer, but your best options look to be Bovada.lv, SportsBetting.ag, and MyBookie.ag.


Of that trio, Bovada may take the cake with their absurd $5,000 Bitcoin welcome bonus.

You just need to use bonus code BVSBITCOIN50 (50% match up to $500) for sports betting or BVSBITCOIN150 for casino betting (redeemable three times for up to $1,500).

That’s not all, either. Bovada also caters to online poker players (100% poker welcome bonus), casino players ($3,000 casino welcome bonus), and sports bettors ($250 welcome bonus).

No matter your betting specialty, Bovada.lv has you covered, and they also offer a sick Refer a Friend bonus ($100) as well as an awesome rewards program.

Bovada covers all the bases, and while you admittedly have to do a little digging on their site to find exactly what you’re looking for, nobody offers more.


A site that comes in as a close second might be MyBookie.ag. Their promotions page is loaded with all kinds of incentive to bet, starting you off with a 50% sports sign-up promo, a $20 risk-free bet, and a sweet 150% casino bonus up to $750.

MyBookie users are also granted access to a nice 25% reload bonus (up to $500), an 8% rebate for horse racing betting, and a 100% referral bonus.

I do give Bovada the overall leg up just because their initial sign-up bonus is better than anyone’s, but as far as bonuses, promotions, and incentives go for existing members, I don’t know if anyone can top MyBookie.

The list of fun, entertaining, and profitable features they have to offer is exhausting.

  • Rebate Special Mondays
  • Mega Tuesdays
  • Free Spin Wednesdays
  • Raffle Thursdays
  • Pick’em Bonus Fridays
  • Casino Reload Weekends
  • Kings of Spades Friday
  • Steam Your Streak
  • Snap Your Skid
  • 10 Is the Magic Number
  • MMA & Boxing Bad Beat
  • No Fun Refund
  • Superman
  • Fresh Start
  • Triple Diamond 21
  • Show Me the Money
  • Get Paid on the 21st of the Month

Seriously, if ever there was an online betting site that cared how you bet and what you get out of it, it’s MyBookie.


There is also SportsBetting.ag, which might take the cake if you’re just looking at depositing with the best cryptocurrencies right now. Their 100% first-time crypto bonus is pretty fantastic, and that includes deposits using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, or Litecoin.

You can also take advantage of their 35% crypto reload once you’re an existing member, so it clearly pays to use cryptocurrency at SportsBetting.ag. Since that’s the best, easiest, and fastest way to bet online anyway, that could be a pretty big deal for a lot of bettors.

The welcome bonus (50%) isn’t quite as alluring as some other online betting websites, but it’s still plenty good and goes up to $1,000 (promo code: SB1000). Perhaps the more intriguing offer is SportsBetting.ag’s cool 25% bonus “for life.”

Bettors just have to use promo code “FORLIFE” when reloading with at least $50. This bonus can return as much as $1,000 as well.

Obviously, all of these sites have pretty great bonuses and promotions. If you want one that just throws a ton of different options at you, MyBookie looks pretty great. If you want the most bang for your buck, though, I think Bovada is the call.

Which Site Has the Best Wagers?

This part is obviously pretty subjective. I guess which site has the best promotions or bonuses is, too, so I encourage you to go check these Game of Thrones betting websites out yourself to see which you prefer.

But that’s what I’m here for — to cut out the work and help you decide on a site in time to actually place these bets and make some cash.

The bets are the next thing you’ll want to consider. Game of Thrones season eight is going to be a fun and wild ride, but it’ll be that much better if you can bet on a slew of props and win some money.

It’s going to be difficult to do that if you can’t find a good website with a lot of betting options. There are plenty of places to bet on Game of Thrones online, but this list cuts out a lot of bad sites you shouldn’t want any part of or options that just don’t have much to offer.

Deciding which Game of Thrones betting sites have the best wagers is definitely opinion-based.

However, I can point to which sites presently flat-out offer more bets. Here’s the current rundown.

  • Bovada: 12
  • SportsBetting.ag: 6
  • MyBookie: 24
  • BetOnline: 6
  • XBet: 24

If you’re looking for pure quantity here, MyBookie and XBet are the winners, hands down. The quality is pretty great at both sites, too, although you should keep in mind a good portion of those wagers deal with character death matchups (A vs. B to die first).

I have to give the win to MyBookie here. Playing a sheer numbers game, they just have more bets to offer, and they’re all pretty engaging.

XBet technically ties for first, while Bovada comes in next. Again, this goes just off of the number of Game of Thrones prop bets being offered.

If you take a closer look at the actual wagers, though, I’m still going right back to MyBookie.ag. Not only does MyBookie offer the same bets as everyone else, but they offer additional wagers you really can’t find anywhere.

Which Site Has the Best Odds?

One more thing to factor in how you decide where to bet on Game of Thrones props is which sites actually offer the best odds.

Which specific wagers you can bet on is one thing, but if a lot of the best Game of Thrones betting sites share the same bets but have very different lines, that’s something to note.

After all, if every site allows you to bet on who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of season 8, you probably want to just target the website that gives you the most bang for your buck. As I said, all of these websites are trustworthy, so the final bit of criteria — which one allows for the most betting value — may be the deal-breaker for most bettors.

To get a rough idea of that, let’s go over the two most popular Game of Thrones wagers and check out the pricing differences at the top sites.

Who Will Die First in Game of Thrones 8?

One of the main wagers you’ll find everywhere is which main character will be killed off first in season eight.

It’s always possible that someone not even listed at the top novelty betting sites dies on screen and nobody wins, but if we’re going off of options listed online, Euron Greyjoy looks to be the favorite to get the axe early.

There has been some movement with these odds, though. Not only has the price for Euron dying first changed in some spots, but at SportsBetting.ag, he’s no longer even the favorite.

Let’s see how the death odds differ from site to site.

Website Favorite to Die First
Bovada Euron Greyjoy +155
SportsBetting.ag Yara Greyjoy & Tormund Giantsbane +225
MyBookie Euron Greyjoy +150
BetOnline Yara Greyjoy & Tormund Giantsbane +225
XBet Euron Greyjoy +150

There are immediately some interesting notes at the top, and I promise you discrepancies litter these odds from site to site. The point is if you don’t think Euron dies first, you could soak up some serious value betting on someone else.

Theon Greyjoy becomes a hero by killing off Euron in one of my many Game of Thrones predictions, so placing that bet on Euron at SportsBetting.ag or BetOnline may not be a bad idea.

Who Will Rule Westeros?

You can look at the other main shared prop between all of these sites, which is who will sit on the Iron Throne once the dust settles.

Bran Stark is the consensus favorite, but his odds of being the ruler at the end aren’t the same everywhere.

Website Favorite to Sit on Iron Throne
Bovada Bran Stark +300
SportsBetting.ag Bran Stark +150
MyBookie Bran Stark -130
BetOnline Bran Stark +150
XBet Bran Stark -130

It’s very important to consider that as you go down the options for these two bets (and all others, really), you’re going to notice that some websites will offer options not seen elsewhere, and the gap in pricing can get pretty wild.

This just goes to show that while sites tend to mirror each other up top, they really do price things independently when looking at the less likely options.

All things considered, though, the site offering the best Game of Thrones odds for this wager is quite clearly Bovada. That’s assuming, of course, you like Bran Stark to rule when the series ends.

Looking at two great betting examples, though, it’s clear that one site isn’t the preferred choice for both. That inconsistency makes it a little difficult to peg the best site to bet on Game of Thrones when it comes to the odds.

What Is the Best Site to Bet on Game of Thrones?

This is actually a very close call when you look at everything, and I can say with confidence that anyone doing any Game of Thrones betting has plenty of solid options to work with.

If you want a bunch of wagers with solid odds and killer promotions, I really like MyBookie.ag. They rank number two for me, however.

After looking at everything, I feel Bovada comes out on top as my favorite one-stop shop for betting on Game of Thrones season 8.

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