What Type of Act Will Win America’s Got Talent 2020?

| May 28, 2020 4:45 am PDT

Just when you were starting to sink into American Idol and Survivor withdrawals, America’s Got Talent swooped in to save the day.

While singing “Viva La Vegas” and juggling three flaming torches after being shot out of a cannon, of course. Oh, and there’s no net.

Oh, AGT. You do you.

But really, America’s Got Talent is back and ready to fill our entertainment void, as season 15 is already tugging at the heartstrings and showing us that, well, America has some talent, people.

Early indications are that this will be a stacked season, with some really emotional performances leaving lasting impressions. Archie Williams, anyone?

The guy spent 37 years in prison after being wrongly convicted. Now he’s here to make up for lost time, win crowds over, and maybe even win a bunch of cash.

He doesn’t need to win for you to win some money, though. That’s right, America’s Got Talent betting websites are offering odds for what type of act will win the show this season.

Let’s take a look at the odds for each act and break them all down before America’s Got Talent season 15 reaches episode two on Sunday.

Odds for Winning Performance in America’s Got Talent 2020

Music Act -190
Any/Other Act +250
Magic Act +450
Ventriloquist Act +600
Dance Act +900
Comedy Act +2200

Archie Williams stole the show for the first episode of America’s Got Talent 2020 auditions, but he didn’t get the Golden Buzzer. That went to Voice of Our City Choir, which saw a team of homeless individuals band together to deliver an emotional performance.

The crowd loved it, and AGT host Terry Crews took it upon himself to ensure these relentless singers advanced to Hollywood for the live shows.

We can’t know what the final shows will look like this year, but two powerful acts are in the music genre, so it isn’t shocking to see that act lead the way at entertainment betting sites like BetOnline.

But this all deserves a closer look, and we need to keep in mind that more audition episodes will unveil other worthy candidates that could win season 15 of America’s Got Talent.

Let’s explore the past success of these genres and see if any early candidates could make one act stand out more than the rest.

Music Act (-190)

This makes sense as the favorite. There are already two acts that have incredible narratives that will get serious support from the fans.

Voices of Our City Choir are literally into the live shows already, while we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of the music act genre.

Because, ya know, there’s also this.

Oh, and in the previous 14 seasons of AGT, we’ve seen seven singers or musical acts win. Darci Lynne was an exceptional ventriloquist that sang beautifully, so you could even push that number to eight.

Any/Other Act (+250)

It’s America’s Got Talent, not America’s Got Singing or America’s Got Magic. Literally anything goes on this show. If it’s displaying a talent, wowing and captivating the judges/audience, it has a shot.

There haven’t been that many acts to go on to win that don’t fit in a regular category, but some have blurred the lines.

Olate Dogs won for a dog show back in season seven, though, and could serve as a perfect example of what obscure acts can win AGT.

Magic Act (+450)

While they don’t always win, the high-end magic acts are often the most impressive and entertaining acts seen on America’s Got Talent.

Magic acts always have a chance to survive the auditions and go far, especially if they can really keep the judges in awe. It’s pretty arguable that there have been a few that should have won, but didn’t, too.

Still, two magic acts have won AGT, and it’s entirely possible a third rises to the challenge in 2020.

Ventriloquist Act (+600)

There have been three ventriloquist acts to go the distance in AGT history. Not every ventriloquist act is impressive, but it’s a dying trade that deserves recognition.

America’s Got Talent has paid its respects to this talent genre, although Darci Lynne probably goes down as the best ventriloquist act the show has ever seen.

Three have won, but are we sure we’re getting a fourth this season? I’m not sold.

Dance Act (+900)

A long line of worthy dance acts have made it far in America’s Got Talent, only to lose out to singers and magicians.

These elaborate group performances never seem to get the credit they deserve on AGT, with a dance act shockingly winning the show just once.

That may be generous, as Kenichi Ebina’s versatile act can hardly be classified simply as dancing.

Other impressive dance acts like the Silhouettes and Zurcaroh made it to the end as the runner-up.

Comedy Act (+2200)

Comedians don’t win America’s Got Talent very often, and when they have, they’ve at least dabbled in ventriloquism.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make the judges laugh all the way to the finale, but history doesn’t do comics any favors. Comedy is very specific to each audience, person, and judge, so for a comedian to be successful, they need to find a way to check every box in every single performance.

Due to that underrated difficulty, it’s a poor bet to bank on a comedian winning AGT.

America’s Got Talent 2020 Prediction

Right now, the odds favor a singer or musical act winning America’s Got Talent 2020, and I can’t help but agree.

Do I actually believe that Archie Williams or the Voice of Our City Choir are the best this season has to offer? No, but they both have powerful narratives behind them, the fans will be rooting for them, and one of them is already guaranteed to be at the live shows.

That, and we’re just getting started. Several other opera singers, pop stars, rappers, elite vocalists, and any number of music-centered acts could emerge over the course of the remaining audition episodes.

With half of AGT’s winners being from the music act genre, it makes sense to target it if you’re betting on America’s Got Talent this season.

As noted, though, there is so much more to come. Once we have actual America’s Got Talent odds for specific acts (and possibly even before), we’ll crank out more content to help you place wagers.

For more entertainment betting market updates, odds, and predictions, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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