What Sports Leagues, Broadcasters, and Media Are Providing Fans During the Coronavirus Crisis

| March 20, 2020 2:37 am PDT
Sky Sports, NBA League Pass and NFL Game Pass Logos

Most of our planet is on lockdown because of the coronavirus nowadays, and we’re in desperate need of some positive emotions and distractions. Unfortunately, the sporting world can’t provide much right now because most events are canceled for safety reasons.

It’s hard for sports fans, but some leagues, broadcasters, and media have stepped up by providing free access to otherwise paid content. That’s a nice gesture that can help you watch classic games, highlights, and more.

On this page, I provide a list of the latest free passes and subscriptions for sports content, and I will make sure to keep it updated with fresh information in the near future.

Free NBA League Pass

One of the sporting leagues that took the heaviest hit because of the coronavirus is the NBA. The regular season was just reaching its climax, and the best teams were preparing for the playoffs when the campaign was disrupted.

Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, and the NBA had no choice but to suspend the season until at least April. We have no idea what will happen in the time being, but you can at least watch everything available on the NBA League Pass for free during the hiatus.

This tweet from the official NBA account provides instructions on how to take full advantage and watch games or highlights from the current season and previous years.

It’s not the same as watching live encounters, but it’s good enough to fill the void for the next month or so. Furthermore, this can help you study all teams and improve your betting strategy by the time the NBA returns.

Free NFL Game Pass

The NFL quickly followed suit, and you can now access the NFL Game Pass for free. That will provide you the opportunity to watch countless games and highlights from the league’s previous seasons, including past Super Bowls.

With the XFL down because of the coronavirus and the NFL on a break until September, this is probably the best option for football fans to enjoy their favorite sport.

The official NFL site provides instructions on how to use the free NFL Game Pass, so make sure to check them out and relive some of your favorite moments from past seasons.

Pause Your Sky Sports Subscription for Free

The English Premier League is suspended at least until the end of April, which is a big hit for soccer fans. Many of them from the United Kingdom use the services of Sky Sports to watch the games, and the company showed some understanding of the tough situation.

It was announced that every member can pause his subscription free of charge during the coronavirus crisis. There are other perks available that will provide some entertainment for the tough weeks or months ahead of us. You can see them on Sky’s official website.

Try TheAthletic.com 90 Days for Free

You can now enjoy one of the best online sports magazines out there for free for the next 90 days. TheAthletic.com offers quality content on various sports and leagues such as the NBA, NFL, the English Premier League, and much more.

You can access the publications of top-notch sports journalists, enjoy interesting data, and find out exclusive news thanks to the insider sources of some of the magazine’s authors.

Usually, the initial trial is worth $1, but The Athletic decided to remove the fee during the coronavirus crisis.

If you’ve always wondered if the magazine is worth it, you can now find the answer without paying a dime. In case you like the experience, you can then subscribe permanently for $60 per year.

Free Access to Ken Burns’ Documentary “Baseball” on PBS

I’m sure that the baseball fans among you are devastated by the delay of the MLB regular season. The new campaign was supposed to begin on March 26th, but it was pushed back to the middle of May, best-case scenario.

That’s a real bummer, and PBS is trying to soften the blow with a cool promotion. You can now watch the documentary series “Baseball” by Ken Burns for free on the PBS official site.

The movie is focused on the story of the game, and it covers many decades. It’s a fascinating production that won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series.

The overall running time is over 18 hours, so you can at least have some fun and learn more about the sport that you love until the MLB season starts.

Final Words

My colleagues and I will keep our eyes open for more free content during the coronavirus outbreak and add everything we find here.

If you discover something interesting that deserves to be on the list, make sure to mention it in the comments below, and we will include it as well.

And if you’re interested in additional reading material, check out what we have available on our blog.

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