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What Happens if Trump Loses? Five Scenarios Ranging from the Likely to the Bizarre

| October 30, 2020 1:40 am PDT
What Happens if Trump Loses in 2020?

Some political pundits believe that we are in for strange days if Donald Trump loses the 2020 US presidential election.

If he does lose, will the 45th president of the United States pack his bags and leave the White House, offering Joe Biden a handshake and a fare-thee-well? Unlikely, but not exactly out of the question.

But let’s talk about the lame-duck period that could be one of the strangest periods in American political history. Remember, Trump might lose the election as soon as November 4, but the incumbent president will still have 77 days to serve until January 20.

More than this, what will become of the most talked-about man in modern history if Biden gets into power? Will Trump return to his former business dealings, or launch a reality TV show? What about the aliens?!

Let’s examine some of the more interesting scenarios should Trump be defeated on November 3.

Could Trump Pardon Himself?

The POTUS has the power to issue pardons like they are going out of fashion.

By that measure, pundits are expecting Trump to go helter-skelter when it comes to pardons for his family, friends, and close circle. He could use his executive powers to protect those he has an interest in looking after, as well as those who could potentially scratch his back on his way out of the White House gates.

But what if Donald Trump went one further? Hear me out here. What if Trump pardoned HIMSELF? A wacky, weird, and downright wild idea, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. It’s certainly not another liberal conspiracy theory.

If Trump issues the first-ever presidential self-pardon, it would protect him from anything that has been done in the past. That means that anything he has done that could come back to bite him in the tender regions would not apply.

According to Justice Department Policy on indicting sitting presidents, Trump is safe as long as he remains in office. If he has been beaten to the presidency by Biden, he might think about whether the numerous powerful enemies he has made, within the system and beyond, might go after him when he leaves.

Gerald Ford issued a blanket pardon on Richard Nixon when Nixon resigned, and that was not without controversy. But just imagine how many of Trump’s detractors would lose their minds if he decided to do the unthinkable and pardon himself.

It would be crazy.

Will Trump Attack China?

How likely is it that Trump wages war on China? I don’t mean a war of words via Twitter, I mean an actual full-on battle with Beijing.

Well, it’s about as likely as stapling wool to your butt and turning into a sheep.

Of course, Trump has a long history of beef with China. The trade war he started, for example, being the most notorious of them all. But he has relented in his efforts to wind up the Chinese Communist Party in recent times.

Earlier this month, Trump claimed that China would “pay a big price for what they’ve done to the world.

What does he mean by that? Is it an empty threat, or something more sinister? Given the fact Trump has proven to be anti-war throughout his first term, even though any kind of campaign could have massively improved his chances of winning in 2020, it’s highly unlikely.

I remember the social media meltdown in 2016 very well. Some anti-Trump hotheads known to me assured me that Trump would do all kinds of crazy things like cause a nuclear war, invade Iran, and round up particular groups of people and have them executed. I wish I was joking.

So, to those of you worrying that Trump will invade China if he loses — you can sleep well tonight because it is NOT going to happen.

But what about Aliens?

Trump Could Release Files on Aliens and UFOs?

Now, this is something that does have a better chance of happening.

Aliens. UFOs. Lizard people. Whatever lies in the deepest pockets of the universe, we don’t really know much about it. Still, these are topics that are always exciting to see in the mainstream media, right?

I think so. I’m no alien nut, but to think that there is nothing but us talking monkeys in this Solar System is hard to believe. We don’t know much about it, but if anyone does, surely it is the American government.

Absolutely. And as the commander in chief of the greatest power in the world, Trump might know a few things we don’t. But don’t take my word for that when you can take that of the president.

Trump admitted in an interview this summer that he would “think about” declassifying files on Roswell, which is the scene of the most talked-about alien conspiracies of all time.

If he loses, can we expect more files about alien visitations? Will find out details of what those pesky extraterrestrials have been up to over the years? A little election meddling, perhaps?

Will Trump Go Into Reality TV?

Some will refer to Trump’s tenure in office as the first-ever reality-TV presidency, so why not?

After all, it was Trump’s appearances on The Apprentice that are credited with boosting his public image enough to run for the presidency in the first place.

If Trump loses, will he return to reality TV? It’s not out of the question at all. I’m not sure The Apprentice would be the right format for an ex-president of the US. But there are surely hundreds of executives and showbiz goons preparing concepts to offer to the POTUS if Biden beats him in 2020.

I’m not sure a similar concept to The Osbournes would be the best fitting, but there is scope to get a man who clearly likes attention back in front of the cameras once again.

Failing that, just let him host Jeopardy! or something. That would be hilarious.

Could Trump Disappear if he Loses?

Let’s say Trump loses the election and has just simply had enough of the noise. He packs his favorite clothes into bags, gets into the back of a limousine, and is never heard from again.

He deletes his Twitter account on the way to a private airfield, hops on his private plane, and moves to an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. There, he lives out his days sipping piña coladas and smoking cigars.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen at all. There is no way Trump would delete his Twitter account. He is also teetotal and does not smoke. But more importantly, he could never leave the craziness behind because he loves it.

If Trump loses in 2020, you will still see and hear a lot of him. But in what capacity is something that remains to be seen.

You Can Bet On Trump Doing What he Wants

I don’t think Donald Trump is concerned with what anyone has to say about his future. Especially not me.

You can bet on him to choose his own path and stick to it. Well, you can bet on plenty of things when it comes to Trump, period, especially the pressing matter of how he will fare in the 2020 presidential election.

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Good luck with your bets!

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