Week 7 NFL Betting Lines Released – Top Picks Based on Early Odds

| October 14, 2019 1:36 pm PDT
Early NFL Odds Week 7

The NFL betting scene didn’t go quite as expected in week 6. The Dallas Cowboys lost for the third week in a row (to the Jets, mind you). The Kansas City Chiefs proved to be human for the second consecutive week, too.

The Los Angeles Chargers were the final nail in the coffin for most bettors, failing miserably in what should have been a prime spot against Pittsburgh’s third-string quarterback.

That trio of games alone handed most bettors a rough 0-3 start, while I personally went just 6-7 on the week. Unsurprisingly, home teams went just 6-7 through the week’s first 13 games, while favorites went 6-7 straight-up and 4-9 against the spread.

I will be the first one to tell bettors that they can’t just blindly trust favorites or home teams. But it’s never encouraging to see home teams and favorites alike struggle like they did in week 6. It’s even tougher to comprehend when three of the “safest” plays of the entire slate blew up in everyone’s face.

While it wasn’t a winning week across the board, there were still some nice spots to take advantage of. We’ll dive more into that throughout the week for week 7 in particular, but like always, let’s get our foot in the door and check out the early week 7 NFL odds.

Week 7 Early NFL Lines

No matter how you bet or which wager type you prefer, it always pays to go value-hunting at your favorite football betting websites.

Preferably, you can start that process on Sunday following the main slate of games or early Monday once the top NFL sportsbooks begin their never-ending process of line adjusting.

There is a nice spot between those two periods, though, and that’s where I put together my take on how the new week’s pricing could shape bets for the week.

Here’s how things are looking from a price perspective for week 7 over at SportsBetting.ag.

  • Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) -105 @ Denver Broncos (+3.5) -115
  • Arizona Cardinals (+3) -125 @ New York Giants (-3) +105
  • Houston Texans (+1.5) -105 @ Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) 48.5
  • Miami Dolphins (+16.5) -115 @ Buffalo Bills (-16.5) -105
  • Minnesota Vikings (PK) -110 @ Detroit Lions (PK) -110
  • Oakland Raiders (+6.5) -105 @ Green Bay Packers (-6.5) -115
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) -113 @ Cincinnati Bengals (+3) -107
  • Los Angeles Rams (-3.5) +105 @ Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) -125
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+2.5) -110 @ Tennessee Titans (-2.5) -110
  • San Francisco 49ers (-9.5) -110 @ Washington Redskins (+9.5) -110
  • Baltimore Ravens (+3.5) -105 @ Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) -115
  • New Orleans Saints (+3.5) -105 @ Chicago Bears (-3.5) -115
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+2.5) -103 @ Dallas Cowboys (-2.5) -117
  • New England Patriots (-10) +105 @ New York Jets (+10) -125

I marveled at the tight pricing last week, and eight games ended up within a touchdown. The top NFL betting sites don’t have things priced in as encouraging of a matter in week 7, with three games touching on 10-point spreads or more.

This could still be a plenty competitive week of football, though, and it also may be very difficult to peg. There are several intriguing matchups, with a few teams struggling and looking to regain footing and other teams trying to prove recent momentum is legit.

Denver and Arizona fit in the latter category, while the Cowboys and Rams are two teams that sorely need a win. Showdowns between the Texans/Colts, Vikings/Lions, Ravens/Seahawks, and Saints/Bears serve as pretty crucial week 7 tilts where both sides of each matchup will want to come away victorious.

That may feel obvious, but not all 32 teams have displayed great execution or transparent urgency to this point. Things are getting a little more serious as we approach the mid-way point of the 2019 NFL season, and several teams should start to see that time could be running out for them.

Who actually responds to that the right way could shape week 7 for a lot of bettors. You also will simply want to hop on the right bet at the right time. As of Monday morning, these are my favorite wagers for each game this week over at SportsBetting.ag.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

The Chiefs fell to Houston in week 6, handing them their second straight defeat. KC has looked very human for large portions of 2019 now, quite arguably playing poorly enough to lose each of their last three games.

Patrick Mahomes and co. will get a chance to shrug off this little dip in play, though, as they suddenly have a pretty meaningful game in Denver. The Broncos have leaned hard on their gritty defense to punch out two straight wins and could be a bit of a handful in front of their home crowd.

I respect Denver’s home field edge and defensive bite, but the better team is going to prevail here. If they don’t, Kansas City risks allowing the Raiders to take over the division. I just can’t see that happening, while this line feels like a steal.

  • Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5)

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants

The battle for 2019 NFL Rookie of the Year could be decided in week 7, as dynamic first-year quarterbacks face off for bragging rights.

Daniel Jones has not looked great since a brilliant debut, but he still has a chance to fend off the Cardinals at home and get his G-Men to 3-4.

Kyler Murray is the man on the other side, as he has his Cardinals headed in the right direction behind two straight victories. I think Arizona offers nice value here, but neither of these teams will be easy to trust.

What we probably can rely on, of course, is a lack of defense from either team. Both offenses have flashed pretty nice upside, too, so I think a tense game with two young teams trying to prove their worth could ultimately produce fireworks.

  • Over 49

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

More fireworks are likely to come in Indy in week 7, where the Colts host the rival Texans. Both of these teams are feeling awfully good about themselves these days, as each team upended the mighty Chiefs in their last contest.

NFL bettors will see which team is ready to take over the NFC South in this one. Indianapolis has shown tremendous heart ever since the abrupt retirement of Andrew Luck, but the Texans are admittedly the more explosive offensive squad.

Houston has a great chance to take a sizable lead in the division and never look back. After allowing the Colts to stampede them last year, I think they’re up for serving a nice cold dish of revenge.

  • Houston Texans (+1.5)

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

If there is a game to stay away from in week 7, it’s this ghastly affair in Buffalo between the Bills and the Dolphins. Miami just blew their (possibly) only real opportunity to avoid going 0-16, and it remains abundantly clear that they don’t actually care about winning.

That will do just fine for the Bills, who are 4-1 and still right behind the Patriots in the AFC East. Getting to 5-1 should be a cinch here, but the question bettors are faced with is how you actually bet on this contest.

My first play is to avoid this game, but there is enough defensive fortitude and offensive embarrassment to assume precious few points bombard the scoreboard.

  • Under 40

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

This game won’t be very easy to project, as I’m looking at week 7 NFL odds before the Lions even face the Packers on Monday Night Football. If you want to bet on that game, though, be sure to get all of the advice you can handle in Michael Wynn’s week 6 Monday Night Football preview.

I don’t know if the outcome of that game will have a huge impact on how I look at this game, though. No matter what, the Vikings have still won two games and will need to put their latest explosion to the test on the road.

Regardless of what Detroit shows bettors in a primetime road game, they’re better than their record has indicated to this point. I rarely enjoy betting against them at home, and I do like the idea of them being priced as the underdogs if they lose to the Packers.

This game is presently being treated as a true pick’em, though, and in this case (and most cases), I’ll side with the home team.

  • Detroit Lions (PK)

Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

Jon Gruden sure is fun to watch, and while his methods are always up for debate, I’m personally rooting for him and the Silver & Black to succeed. I doubt their solid 3-2 start takes them very far, though, especially since the league’s toughest schedule hits a likely speed bump in week 7.

Oakland has had a brutal stretch to start off 2019, and it won’t get any easier this week. They do not have an elite defense, yet it’ll be tasked with slowing down an Aaron Rodgers-led offense that seems to get more cohesive with each passing week.

Green Bay has also been menacing on defense, so I’m slow to believe in Derek Carr in such a hostile road environment. Whether the Packers take down the Lions or not, I love them to get the win here, and this spread isn’t big enough to scare me off.

  • Green Bay Packers (-6.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals

This is a weird spot, as the Bengals are surely getting hungry after a nasty 0-6 start. The trouble is that they’re at home and have come awfully close to getting their first win.

Seriously, they lost by one in week 1 and probably should have stolen a tense road game in Seattle. They’ve gotten worked a couple of times but have otherwise been pretty competitive.

This is definitely a matchup that favors the Jaguars in every way, but Jacksonville has dropped two straight, and winning on the road isn’t easy. I do think Gardner Minshew II works his magic to score the win, but don’t be surprised if this trappy game is a nail-biter.

  • Cincinnati Bengals (+3)

Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are completely toast at this point, and I’ll be shocked if Dan Quinn isn’t fired in the not too distant future. They did give a valiant effort in week 6, but their defense remains abysmal and can’t be trusted.

Normally, I’d at least lend the Falcons a cursory glance at home, but the Rams are the better team and need this one in the worst way. LA has dropped three in a row, and they are just too talented to let this unravel much further.

Atlanta might put up a fight due to their offensive ability (the over is very much in play), but the Rams are being disrespected by the looks of this point spread.

  • Los Angeles Rams (-3.5)

Los Angeles Chargers @ Tennessee Titans

The Bolts dropped to 2-4 with a dispiriting loss to the Steelers in week 6, and it’s becoming quite clear that they are not the team that felt like a title threat in 2018.

Philip Rivers doesn’t have much time to throw, the running game has evaporated, and even the Chargers’ defense is having issues. That all sounds awful and like I’m leading into picking against the Bolts, but I’m not.

Tennessee’s even worse off. They can’t do anything offensively (0 points in week 6) and just benched starting quarterback Marcus Mariota. If the Titans genuinely think things will get better with Ryan Tannehill under center, they’re in for a rude awakening.

LA is better than this, and week 7 stinks of desperation. I’ll take the points with the Chargers.

  • Los Angeles Chargers (+2.5)

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins

The Niners are one of two undefeated teams. After soundly slapping around the Rams, they now seem to be rather legit. Their defense is flat-out elite, they can run the football, and I’d imagine in that due time, Jimmy Garoppolo will be a real asset, too.

San Francisco will almost certainly be 6-0 after week 7. The question is if they’ll bludgeon the Redskins to death or let them hang around. Judging by the mean streak they possess, my heart goes out to Redskins fans. Week 7 won’t be one to remember.

  • San Francisco 49ers (-9.5)

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks

This may be the toughest game to call this week. On the surface, both of these teams are very good in the sense that they can run the football, play defense, and burn you over the top. They’re also extremely well-coached, and they know how to execute to pull out tight wins.

It’s also possible both are somewhat fraudulent, but in week 7, they both have a game that can serve as a measuring stick. Earl Thomas also faces off with his old team, and while Seattle feels like a tough team to bet against at home, something tells me Thomas and the Ravens have the last laugh.

Ultimately, I’m not even picking a winner here. I just think this game will be painfully close from start to finish, and Baltimore at +3.5 gets me more than a field goal to work with.

  • Baltimore Ravens (+3.5)

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

If Drew Brees were on hand for this one, I’d have a lot more confidence in the Saints, especially since they’re walking into the lion’s den against a hungry Bears team.

Of course, Chicago is in the same exact situation as the Saints. They’re down to their backup quarterback as well, but so far in just one game their team hasn’t responded nearly as well as New Orleans has.

Can the Saints keep this insane run going? I don’t think it really matters. The Bears haven’t looked quite as dominant defensively as they need to, while the Saints are pretty sound in that department themselves.

Whether the Saints pull off the upset or not, I love them to keep it close and beat this spread. This one is coming down to a field goal, and I doubt we get many points.

  • New Orleans Saints (+3.5)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

I pegged the Ravens vs. Seahawks game as the most impossible game to pick in week 7. This NFC East clash between the Eagles and Cowboys falls in line right behind it.

Nobody knows what they’re getting with either of these teams. The Eagles have run hot and cold all year, showcasing the ability to go into Lambeau Field and hand Green Bay their lone loss, then later getting blown up by Minnesota.

Dallas, meanwhile, went 3-0 and proceeded to lose their next three games. Their offense has disappeared, and a once-proud defense has been extremely shaky.

All of that said, this is a rivalry game with first place on the line. The Eagles may end up proving they’re the better team, but the Cowboys get this one in their place. The Cowboys get the edge in meeting number one.

  • Dallas Cowboys (-2.5)

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Lastly, we cap week 7 with the scary notion of betting against the Patriots. I don’t think I’d actually entertain a true upset pick here, but it’s worth noting that the Jets have Sam Darnold back, and they just took down the Cowboys.

Maybe that doesn’t matter depending on what you think of Dallas, but New York needs to start making up for lost time in a hurry. I don’t think they win, but with Darnold back in the saddle, I tend to doubt this ends up being the 30-14 debacle it was in week 3.

Tom Brady and co. have actually looked pretty human on offense, while Josh Gordon is banged up. New England’s defense can only dominate for so long, which leads me to warming up to the Jets at +10.

While true, the real wager here is the over. New England is always capable of getting you this all on their own, but I think they get a mild fight with a healthy Jets offense standing tall after a big showing in week 6.

  • Over 43


If you’re betting on week 7 NFL games this early in the week, it’s all about opportunity and value. There are several games on the docket already that qualify as legit steals in betting circles, while there are a handful of situations that probably deserve the pause button so you can monitor them a bit.

I did point out that I don’t love a single bet for the Bills/Dolphins game. I’d say anytime you can get a tight line against Miami, take the opponent to win or cover. But the Bills aren’t always the most reliable team offensively (or just in general), so buying them to win by almost 17 points feels like a reach to me.

Other than that, week 7 has a lot of winning paths to it. Either use my advice here, jump on some wagers going against me, or just slow-play it until the perfect bet/price pops up later in the week.

Whatever you decide, I hope my week 7 early NFL betting lines breakdown helps you in some way. For more week 7 NFL betting advice, head over to our NFL betting headquarters for the latest NFL odds, expert picks, and much more.

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