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Team WE vs. Samsung Galaxy: Matchups In Every Single Lane

By Jackie Shelton in Sports
| October 28, 2017 12:00 am PDT

Yet again, the Chinese-Korean rivalry has been renewed. With Royal Never Give Up facing South Korea Telecom on the other side of the bracket, China’s Team WE will be facing off against Korea’s famed Samsung Galaxy.

Both teams have defied the odds, taking down their opponents in the regional qualifiers and then proceeding to dominate their respective groups in the Play-In. However, that wasn’t the stop for both Samsung Galaxy and Team WE.

Team WE dominated their group, taking down top opponents like Flash Wolves, Team Solo Mid, and Misfits to secure themselves a strongly earned spot in the Knockout Rounds. As for Samsung Galaxy, faced against opponents like Royal Never Give Up, G2 Esports, their victory was a hard-earned one.

Now, with the two powerhouses facing each other in a crucial match to decide the finalist, matchups are vital in every way. The risks are higher than ever, and every individual performance is important. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Top Lane: Team WE 957 vs. Samsung Galaxy Cuvee

The top lane has seen a large transition in terms of their significance in team fights. With tanks having the ability to soak up large amounts of damage while outputting the same amount in response, the best top laners have been the biggest threats this year at worlds.

So far, both 957 and Cuvee have shown their dominance through tank champions. 957 is considered a master on Cho’gath and holds a 6.83 KDA through strong performances on Cho’gath, Rumble, and Maokai.

His ability to engage at the perfect time and split up the enemy’s backline has proved vital to their team’s success in keeping the team same from opposing damage output. During their match against Cloud9, 957 played a large part in every victory Team WE secured because of his strong Cho’gath gameplay.

On the opposing side, Samsung Galaxy’s Cuvee is one of the most notable names in the Korean region for top lane legends. While Cuvee’s considered to be one of the best Shen players and is so far undefeated on Cho’gath, he’s not afraid to pull out a Kennen or Camille pick every once in a while.

In fact, it was Cuvee’s strong Kennen plays which helped them upset fan favorites Longzhu Gaming. His ability to consistently show up and perform to his highest ability with life-saving taunts, stuns, or even engages which can keep his team from dying, Cuvee has been highly regarded on every scale.

While 957 has been showing a talented arsenal of champion play, Cuvee has been consistently performing for the past two weeks on his signature picks. Because of this, as long as Cuvee knows what he’s doing, Cuvee will come out the victorious top laner.

 Jungle: Team WE Condi vs. Samsung Galaxy Ambition

Jungle is one of the most crucial roles in the game itself. With the role of jungle comes the expectation to secure objectives, obtain kills, and eventually out-scale your opponent through a rigorous chess-like playstyle that can test anyone’s limits.

Team WE’s Condi is not a selfish jungler. He’s willing to hand over almost anything other than his jungle camps over to the carries of Team WE. Though he has shown inconsistency on champions outside his regular arsenal of picks, anytime Condi is on Gragas, Sejuani, or Jarvan IV, you can expect him to be a major threat in every way.

As for Samsung Galaxy, Ambition has been showing up on his Sejuani. He’s used his strong picks to contest every objective, kill, and fight. Whenever there was a kill for Samsung Galaxy, Ambition was most likely behind it.

On top of that, if the team itself hasn’t been doing as strong as it usually does, Ambition can pull out a Kha’zix, Elise, or Rek’sai to secure the game through his own carry-skills himself. With such a versatile champion pool and playstyle, there’s no wonder as to why Ambition has been considered one of the best.

Though Ambition is one of the top faces of the Korean region, with the meta favoring the carries of the bot lane and mid lane, Condi’s selfless playstyle of handing over kills and helping engage through his signature Gragas and Sejuani will definitely help Team WE in the long run. As long as Team WE Condi can stay on his game, the jungle’s presence will be dominated by him wholeheartedly.

Mid Lane: Team WE Xiye vs. Samsung Galaxy Crown

Both Team WE Xiye and Samsung Galaxy Crown have shown great dominance in their lanes. The two have been vital parts of their team’s success and have contributed in more ways than one. For Samsung Galaxy Crown, it’s his ability to play control mages. For Team WE Xiye, it’s his ability to work around anything from a damage-soaking Galio to a burst mage Corki

Crown’s no stranger to the large powerhouse faces which inhabit today’s world of League of Legends. He’s taken down Bdd of Longzhu Gaming with ease, held his ground against South Korea Telecom Faker, and didn’t hold back against Royal Never Give Up’s Xiaohu.

He holds a strong roster of champions that can be used in almost any situation, whether it be to output a large consistent amount of damage or zone off enemies with potential game-changing threats. Crown may not be the most mechanically amazing mid laner out there but his game-knowledge and consistent performance on his specific roster of champions leave him a threat to anyone who challenges him.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Xiye is the complete opposite of Crown. His wide range of champions he can play with ease leaves him to be one of the most mechanically sound mid laners in all of China. He’s shown prowess on Jayce, Corki, and Galio, dominating on every single one of them.

However, if he has to, Xiye has been willing to pull out uncomfortable picks. He’s destroyed matchups with unfamiliar picks to him like Taliyah, Lucian, and Leblanc. His ability to play almost anything perfectly due to mechanical skill has left him a threat on any mid lane champion possible.

Because of this, Samsung Galaxy’s inability to truly ban out a pick of Team WE’s mid lane arsenal can leave them vulnerable. However, even though Xiye can play almost anything with great success, SSG Crown’s consistent arsenal of control mages has led to his team being able to consistently build a team revolving around him, thus giving Samsung Galaxy Crown the advantage in the end.

Bot Lane: Team WE Mystic vs. Samsung Galaxy Ruler

The AD Carry of a bot lane is expected to be the main damage dealer of the team. Armed with a support that is always by their side and a trusty team expecting the most out of them, the pressure expected by the bot lane is immense.

Team WE’s Mystic has always faced the pressure with a high chin. This is especially impressive due to his favorite picks being scaling champions whose power doesn’t truly come until the late game. Armed with a strong Kog’maw and Caitlyn, both of which need time before they can truly make an impact in the game, Team We’s Mystic has shown that though he takes high risks, he knows how to get the rewards as well.

Armed with a strong 6.50 KDA, Mystic has shown that he knows how to deal damage and stay behind his team. During their hard-fought battle against Cloud9, Mystic’s Kog’maw showed up in Games One through Four. His ability to shred through the team’s frontline without taking any damage whatsoever was key to Team We’s victory at such a crucial moment.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy’s Ruler has been the complete opposite of how Team WE’s Mystic plays. His enjoyment of playing snowball AD Carries like Tristana, Twitch, and Varus have led him to be a large threat even if he is given one kill.

Because of his preference of snowball-heavy champions which can perform well in almost any stage of the game provided, they have a good start, Samsung’s strategies have usually revolved around Ruler himself. This strategy, which was used against Longzhu Gaming, landed them a spot in the Worlds Semifinals.

Looking back, Ruler has been having a breakout season with his Tristana and Twitch. However, due to Team We Condi’s strong Sejuani picks, which can counter SSG Ambition’s jungle presence, Ruler’s ability to snowball will be much harder to attain. Because of this, Team We Mystic’s slow and steady scaling champions will have a much larger presence later on in the game provided his team can do their part of the job.

Support: Team WE Ben vs. Samsung Galaxy CoreJJ

Behind every successful AD Carry, there’s always a strong support behind them. For Team WE, this has been breakout success Team WE Ben and for Samsung Galaxy, it’s been the famed CoreJJ. However, though both have been showing prominence on the meta champions of today, only one of them has truly shown the extent of their power.

Team WE’s Ben has been showing the powers of backline supports. With only a few months ago being the ages of tank supports like Nautilus, Alistar, and Thresh, there has been a large shift in meta to backline mages who can heal, shield, and peel their way to victory given the right circumstances.

For Team WE Ben, this has been no problem. His signature Janna, Lulu, and Karma have all showed this. He’s even pulled out a tank Taric that pulled a game-changing ultimate in their fight against Team Solo Mid. He’s been able to shield his carries at the proper time, hold down the line with crucial crowd control, and his high utility has been a large asset to Team WE’s success.

However, Samsung Galaxy’s CoreJJ has been a whole different story. Unlike Team WE Ben, CoreJJ has been a name known across the world, especially for his strong performance in the 2016 Worlds Championship in which he helped his team reach the Worlds finals only to lose to South Korea Telecom in a crushing 2-3 loss against the titans.

Like Team We Ben, CoreJJ can play mage supports in the backline but at the same time, he can range from a support that sits in the back, healing and shielding their allies from start to finish to a support that can disrupt the backline through hardcore crowd control.

CoreJJ has played excellent on Janna and Lulu but at the same time, he’s been a threat on Rakan, Taric, and even Alistar. His large range of champions and consistent results on them has led to him being one of the top names in South Korea.

Though Team WE Ben may be a rising name and his strong performance on mage supports have helped his team seem almost invincible, Samsung Galaxy’s CoreJJ can not only play the exact same thing but he can also switch to a threatening Rakan pick that will destroy the backline if he’s given the chance. Because of this, Samsung Galaxy’s CoreJJ is expected to be the stronger pick this year.


The Worlds Semifinals is almost here. On one side of the bracket, Royal Never Give Up will be facing against South Korea Telecom in a battle that’s sure to be written down for the ages. However, at the same time, on the other side of the bracket, two names which have been threats for as long as they’ve been on the scene will be going at it as well.

Team WE and Samsung Galaxy’s match will not only be crucial to who makes the finals but also crucial to the other side of the draw. If Royal Never Give Up can pull out a victory against South Korea Telecom, then this could potentially be the first time China has won a Worlds Championship.

However, on the other side of the bracket, if Samsung Galaxy wins, it could be a repeat in history of the 2016 Worlds Championship and this year, it could be Samsung Galaxy as the victor. Though the possibilities are endless, it first starts in the games and with that being said, it will come down to the performance of the individuals.

For Team WE, they’ll need every player on their game which hasn’t been a problem at all for the past two weeks. As for Samsung Galaxy, they’ve lost to Chinese teams before but with their performance against Longzhu Gaming, it’s positive that they’re not looking to go home this year.

No matter what happens, we know one thing for sure. No one’s playing to lose.



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